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Found 10 results

  1. Well done videos breaking by down the zone read and play action over the past two years. opinion: Ryan will thrive in this system. (Or new QB 🤪) We will also need a really good RB too. will be interesting to see who the new OC will be. The Titans o line is tough we will need excellent OG/C play in this scheme. TEs will need to block and catch. Hurst will thrive. take it all in pals. Thoughts?
  2. While a lot of people around here are saying Quinn will be calling the shots on defense, and he likely will most of the time - I think our DC committee will have a great deal of input, and wanted to see people's opinions on them. I feel like I understand Raheem Morris' angle pretty well. Good defensive mind from what I heard, had a good season as HC of the Bucs (10-6 I believe) and that HC experience, even if its a losing record, is invaluable. Not too familiar with the 'Skins secondary or defense or what he has put on the field. Richard Smith, I'm clueless on. I never kept up with Denver's L
  3. If anyone is to blame for the conservative play in halftime it is Dirk Koetter. He is our OC and he is calling the plays. Smitty haters please understand how a football organization works.
  4. Week 4 DNP Chris Owens Michael Palmer (officially out for game) Lousaka Polite Antone Smith Limited Jonathan Babineaux Tyson Clabo Julio Jones Stephen Nicholas Mike Peterson Nic seemed a bit slower last week (after being listed on the report) - hopefully he's healing. Hopefully Polite can go otherwise Snelling will see lots of FB reps (as we are down a TE anyway) Babs is new but Roddy, Spoon and Abe have all dropped off from last week.
  5. Some might say the 2008 off season and the 08/09 regular season would be the most important one under the current regime under TD, Smith, and Ryan, because they turned the franchise around from the Petrino/Vick fiasco. In the off season Blank had to find a GM, HC, and attempt to find a franchise QB in order to get the franchise on the right path for the future. But now the same regime that got the Falcons to 4 winning seasons in a row(3 playoff appearances), is under fire. People call for TDs head for signing players everyone wanted him to go sign during the off seasons, Smith for not having t
  6. The problem that I have with Mike Smith is plain and simple... He coaches this team the same way now as he did when he took over the position in 2008. Yes I know four years ago the Falcons franchise was a PR disaster and basically the laughing stock of the NFL. But that is long gone. I know it's still fresh in a lot of people's minds but it really is gone. Last decade gone! It's time to stop playing the PC(politically correct) game, and start coaching. This regime keeps saying they've taken the training wheels off and have higher expectations than just making the playoffs... but they don't act
  7. I've seen a lot of people calling Ryan the problem. Calling the coaches the problem, calling TD the problem, but the truth is, this thing is broken. The entire team from top to bottom needs to be reviewed and looked at, to see if we can move forward and finally create a winner that can also transfer that success to the Postseason. For me there is not one place that all the blame falls...it falls on this entire organization. The Falcons are the problem. To listen to Blank's comments after the game, TD and Smith are safe, so those arguments, no matter how valid can be put to rest, but no p
  8. Would you all like some grey poupon with that crow?
  9. Since Smith's been here all I've heard is this is a process.... The Falcons win this is part of the process... the Falcons lose it's part of the process... We're 3/4 into the 4th year of this TD, Smith, and Ryan regime, and I'm not seeing improvement. This team has regressed since 2009 when Ryan was a rookie.... The offense is more predictable now than when Ryan was a rookie, when they could catch teams off guard with a rookie and a relatively unknown running back. Turner is putting up good numbers but he looks nothing like he did in 2009. He's put on weight again and lost his break away speed
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