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Found 1 result

  1. Predraft some had speculated that the Falcons may draft a quarterback. Post draft, it actually may have been wise for the Falcons to not draft one. Looking at the coaching staff, the team definitely is not suited to develop a QB. Sure Arthur Smith was credited with turning Ryan Tannehills career around, but do realize that Tannehill was a long time veteran before he became a Titan, which is a much different ball game than coaching up a rookie. Not saying Smith can't develop a rookie QB, but there is no track record of doing so. Smith, also has an extensive background coaching TEs, and did a great job with making Delanie Walker a threat. Walker reached 1000 yards under Smith one year in just 15 games, while hitting over 800 yards in various others. Which makes the Pitts pick make sense. Had the Falcons drafted a QB the bulk of the work would fall into the hands Charles London (QB coach) and Dave Ragone (OC) and boy are we in trouble if these two guys had to develop a rookie QB. First off, London is RB coach by trade not a QB coach. In fact he has never worked with QBs (prior to the Bears he was RB coach for the Texans). He couldn't get Jordan Howard, a pro bowler to work for the Bears and so the Bears had to ship him off. Howard had the lowest YPC of 3.7 of his career under London. Bears ended up spending a third round pic on David Montgomery, who was ineffective his first year under London also averaging 3.7 YPC. And don't get me started on Dave Ragone. Ragone was the QB coach for the Bears and ended the careers of 3 QBs. Mike Glennon (signed a 3yr 45M contract), Nick Foles (a Superbowl MVP) and Mitch Trubisky (a second overall pick). That's a hat trick on ending careers and now he's our OC. Trubisky looked horrible out there and having Ragone definitely did not help. While Arthur Smith may be a good coach, the staff he assembled is VERY substandard. We have a lackluster RB coach as our QB coach and we have a terrible QB coach as our Offensive Coordinator. Both OC and QB coach are very important to the team more so than other coaches except for DC. Had we drafted Fields or another rookie QB, it almost certain we will run him to the ground. This team will live and die by Smith, we can only hope he's as good as advertised. The rest of the coaching staff are just sideline bodies.
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