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Found 7 results

  1. Matt Ryan explains exactly what happened in the Falcons' Super Bowl collapse (CBS) He explains how Suckahan called plays in a way that made it hard to overrule him, and how Quinn never vetoed plays. Also talks about how hard the loss hit him.
  2. Ok fellow Falcons fans, I need a platform to vent here. Waking up this morning in Houston after this heartbreaker is just terrible. I thought getting over the 17 point blown 2nd half lead vs SF in 2012 was impossible but this takes the cake. Our guys played their hearts out. You couldn't ask for anymore from our D. 2 turnovers, 5 sacks, 86 yard TD - they were so gassed at the end of the game I don't put the blame on them. This is blame falls on Shanahan if you asked me. We have a 3rd & 1 with 8 minutes left and Shanny calls a pass out of the shotgun which leads to a fumble and a Pats TD cutting the game to 8. Then we answer back and Julio makes one of the greatest catches ever on the Pats 22 with 4:40 left. You'd of though Shanahan would of learned his lesson from the last drive and been terrified, NOPE - we line up one 3 straight shotgun plays resulting in a sack, 10 yard holding, incompletion, then punt. WORST CASE scenario if we ran the ball 3 times and didn't gain a yard we would of eaten the clock or forced the Pats to burn all their TO's and then kick a FG going up by 11 - two scores. Not only was this important to go up by what would of been almost an impossible deficit for the Pats it would of given our defense a couple minutes to rest. Those guys were getting burnt, instead of slowing the game, recouping momentum, were 3 and out with no time burnt off the clock and give the Pats the ball back with all TO's. Im 36, haven't missed a Falcons game since I started watching sports but this one tears your heart out. I won't give up on our team, but this is just hard to stomach or understand how or why common sense didn't prevail. God speed!
  3. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360/0ap3000000766246/NFL-360-Quarterbacking-101-with-Matt-Ryan
  4. Yesterday after watching the game, I was ranting and raving to my friends about how we need to get rid of Shanahan and that his offense was garbage. They rightfully pointed out that we scored 24 points and the main reason we lost was because we gave up 31 points. It was hard to counter this because though I saw that the defense played terribly in spots, I felt like the offense was worse and I actually put more blame on them. After thinking it over I realized why that is. It's easy to say we scored 24 points so you can't blame the offense too much but we only scored two TDs. One of them was set up by Tru's INT (points to the defense on that one). That play set us up nicely in the redzone and even then it was a struggle to get theTD that we did. The other TD came right after we went down 31-13 and Ryan went into the no huddle. We moved the ball pretty easily and I want to say part of that was because Tampa backed off a bit but I'll give credit where it's due, we got the TD. Aside from that, our offense was anemic. I think the drive that best summarized it was the final one. We had poorly thrown balls (the pass that Sanu got hurt on), drops, and stalled runs. It was all too fitting that it ended with a batted ball on the last play. So take away the gift the defense gave us and we have a near-blowout. I don't know if it's Shanahan's actual offense or his playcall (why the **** are you running a toss in the redzone), our offense isn't that good. Watching Dirk Koetter's offense carve us up yesterday **** near brought a tear to my eye because we used to look like that. Go watch highlights of the 2012 team, some of the play designs were amazing. The Lions game stands out particularly to me. We'd been running WR slip screens all season and when the Lions keyed in on it, we faked that and threw a bomb to Roddy. Right now all of our WR routes are crossing routes and ins where we hope for the WR to make YAC. Sorry to wax poetic about Dirk Koetter but having such a stark contrast in one game shows how weak our (Shanahan's) offense is. I hope we can turn it around at some point but I really don't think this offense is built for our personnel or even the NFL of 2016.
  5. All season the fans have been calling for us to use Roddy more. The calls became deafening enough that our coaches were asked about it in press conferences. Shanahan basically responded by saying he's all about forcing it to Julio and that Roddy isn't what he used to be. So what does he do on the first few plays of the game? Force it to Roddy. That whole sequence was just Shanahan basically saying, "This is what you wanted right?" We didn't mix in the running game or even target other guys and for someone who's been so enamored with Julio, I don't think this is a coincidence. What really drives this home to me is the fact that once again, we barely looked for Roddy after those first 3 plays. If those plays were indicative of Shanahan trying to better integrate Roddy into the offense, he would have gotten looks throughout the game. Instead, it was more forcing things to Julio and trying to make skillet hands Hankerson look like a legit receiver. Dan Quinn looks like he'll be a decent head coach but hiring Shanahan was a terrible decision which looks even worse now. That level of arrogance shouldn't be tolerated.
  6. Look at that red zone completion percentage. How freakin amazing!
  7. I haven't seen to many threads about this guy. I thought he called a pretty decent game against the E-gurls. I also thought when he had us rolling we had the E-gurls defense at our mercy. Loved the way he moved #11 around the formation which basically makes him undefendable. Gonads call of the night backed up on our own goal line calls the draw on 3rd down and gets the first.Having faith in giving Coleman the rock in that situation Iloved it and he was rewarded.
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