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Found 12 results

  1. This is meant as perspective on the Julio holdout. Our players shouldn't need to hold out and our FO is known for paying players fairly. I do not advocate for these guys to hold out. Grady Jarrett is playing for peanuts on a 5th round rookie contract. Deion Jones is playing for peanuts on a 2nd round rookie contract. A serious injury could jeopardize their next deals, both of which will be several 10s of millions guranteed. These are the type of situations when players justifiably don't want to risk $50+ million to play out the last year or 2 of a small contract.
  2. Props to TD. If Deadrin turns out to be even half as good as Grady then we just gained so much flexibility moving forward. We snagged two very good players without breaking the bank. I was extremely impressed by TD this off-season. He made moves despite major cap concerns. Hopefully Sark won't disappoint.
  3. all clowning aside and with all the board experts we have, what moves would you make out of the gate and how do you think it would turn out? I would punt TD possibly Koetter too. Draft OL and DL send SJax home, sign a veteran free agent OL and TE maybe an edge rusher I conservatively get to 6-10 with a lot of help from the remaining coaching staff
  4. Hawley isn't the answer. Unfortunately he will have to be by default. Fact is, he's not nearly strong enough and does a poor job sustaining blocks. He's more of a get-in-the-way type of player. Konz is definitely not the answer. He's 3rd string depth at best. I doubt James Stone will be our starting center, sorry R, but man at this point I'm saying lets see what he can do with the first team. This offensive line looks like it can be pretty good. Run blocking has definitely improved, and Matt looked comfortable. But if we had a better center this line could be special.
  5. At this point we just need to protect our money... since were stuck with the choir boy....
  6. Did not see this posted. This was dug up on the internet. *I did not seek this out, so if it is wrong to post, feel free to remove it. https://gwcc.sharefile.com/d/s998bdf85088487cb
  7. Should be Steelers on top by a TD or two...refs are stealing this game and giving it to the Giants. Such garbage. Who's watching this?
  8. Same names, same arguments Days pass, weeks fade, months change The arguments remain the same So, how many hours?
  9. Stephen Hawking could burn this sorry excuse for a defense. Graham and Coulston are wide open on every play.
  10. The greatest thing about Turner was the fact that it took more than 1 defender to bring him down, he was able to break through 6 tackles in 1 run (Kansas City). But now all hes been able to do is be a downhill runner. The only time he gets more than 2 yards is when theres a huge hole, and even then he gets dragged down. I want people to actually watch a game, He isnt breaking tackles and hes cutting into defenders instead of cutting to make a hole. It takes him forever to reach the line of scrimmage. Look at Mike Tolbert, hes a fullback but he can do some things. BUT he is not the started, Rya
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