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Found 10 results

  1. Week 1 is here in Minneapolis, where this Falcons fan lives. I've been here for less than a year, and have been itching to get into U.S. Bank Stadium. I figured the Falcons wouldn't be here until 2020, so I'd have time to save up for a good seat--create an experience for myself, you know? My assumption, though, is that an away game this season means a home game next season when the Falcons play the NFC North. 2020 would've been enough time to raise the fundage for a lower level visitors' side seat. No way I can do it in less than five months, though. Oh well, just venting. Excited for the draft and the new season! Enjoy yourselves, folks! Much love from the Minnesota Chapter of the The Brotherhood.
  2. This is according to pro football reference, BTW, and we still have 4 more games to play. Also, for the 2016 season, I wonder if that was with the postseason games included or not, since 2016 is at #3 at 29 sacks which is shocking to me. Anyways, I'm not surprised with the bad O-line play this year, especially on this 4 game losing streak where we've haven't even reached the 20 point mark. Only scored 9 offensively yesterday. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=single&player_id=RyanMa00&year_min=1950&year_max=2018&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos[]=QB&game_type=R&career_game_num_min=1&career_game_num_max=400&game_num_min=1&game_num_max=12&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&c1stat=pass_sacked&c1comp=gt&c1val=1&c5val=1.0&order_by=pass_sacked
  3. Current NFC South standings Saints: 6-2 (2-0 division) Panthers: 6-3 (2-1 division) Falcons: 4-4 (0-1 division) Buccaneers: 2-6 (0-2 division) The Falcons are currently at .500 at the midpoint of the season just coming off a loss to a division rival. Not ideal, especially considering what's ahead in the schedule, but the team still controls their destiny. By and large the team still suffers from procedural errors, mistakes in execution here and there, that have cost them games. They're still a good football team, but they have to start eliminating much of the errors to have a fighting chance making the playoffs. At this point with four losses already, the margin of error is slim to none. All remaining opponents are in the NFC, and five of the eight remaining games are in the division. A lot can change over the next eight weeks and the playoff picture is nowhere near set in stone. However, if the 2017 Falcons are to return to the postseason, they will likely have to run the table in the NFC South and [ideally] finish 7-1 or better in the second half of the season for a final record of 11-5 or 12-4. Is it possible? I believe that it is, provided that the team (namely the offense) can at least resemble the 2016 team's performance down the stretch.
  4. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  5. http://atlantasportspage.org/asp/why-the-falcons-offense-will-improve-in-2016/
  6. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/5-falcons-with-something-to-prove-in-the-2016-2017-season/ Great article what do you guys think?
  7. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/5-falcons-with-something-to-prove-in-the-2016-2017-season/
  8. Since all of us Fans are arm chair coaches. I thought I would ask if you were the Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith given these questions by the media at this point in time what your answers might be to these questions? This is just for fun of course. Media Question : "What is the current status of your players who were injured sunday?" 1 Answer : In terms of injuries - "ANSWER HERE " Media Question : "Do you consider the offensive line a step back from last season by comparison?" 2 Answer : In terms of the offensive line : "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Was it a mistake to not resign Abraham at this point coach?" 3 Answer : In terms of Abraham - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Do you expect to give Trueblood some playing time given the status of the offense line anytime soon?" 4 Answer : In terms of Blood - "ANSWER HERE' Media Question : "Do you have any intentions of giving some of the RB's that have yet to see regular season playing time considering the Falcons are carrying so many RB's?" 5 Answer : In terms of playing RB's - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Is the loss of Kroy B. for the season something that should be a serious concern for the Falcons?" 6 Answer : In terms of Kroy - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : " Can you explain the 2nd half woes of the Falcons when getting a substantial lead going into halftime?" 7 Answer : In term of leads and scoring - "ANSWER HERE". Feel free to add to this list, please answer as though you were coach first though. This is all just for fun. I'm not knocking Mike Smith at all, I'm just wondering how some of you might answer these questions if you were the coach of the Falcons at this point in time. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. GB: Split with Lions CAR: W @DET: Split with Packers --BYE-- @IND: W NO: W TEN: L (we get our heads screwed on straight after this) MIN: W @HOU: W (upset, considering how good Houston is atm) @CAR: W JAC: W @NO: L TB: W So, pretty much saying we'll lose either the Packers or Lions game, and possibly both. So losing 3-4 games here on out...looks pretty nice. That's how I see it unfolding, at least. Possibly lose to Houston, actually, and possibly win against Tennessee, but it's all still hazy. Could lose to Carolina once too - but it's hard for me to see all that going wrong. Lots of season left, folks, even if we happen to (God forbid) start out 3-4. I feel like this team could beat almost anyone, but with the way we play, we could lose to a lot of different teams too. Just calm down.
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