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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, before I make fun of the Saints tears of joy again, I want to bring up some little stats nobody is paying attention to. So are you ready? This is gonna be interesting! The Rams win in OT in New Orleans was the first time in 25 years the Saints lost a home playoff game, which snaps a 7 home playoff win streak for the Saints. The 1993 Eagles in January 1994 were the last team to win a playoff game in New Orleans before the Rams yesterday. Of course that also meant the first time Brees and Payton ever lost a home playoff game too. The 2018 Rams played the AFC West this year, just like the 2017 Eagles, 2016 Falcons, and 2014 Seahawks. Remember from 2006-2012 when all the teams out of NFC who made it to the Super Bowl played the AFC East, which did not favor the Falcons at all since we are usually horrible playing eastern divisions, well those days are over. The Rams advancing to the Super Bowl was the 4th time in 5 years the team out of the NFC who made it to the Super Bowl had the AFC West on their schedule. All of these teams had to face the AFC West and the NFC West (well the '14 Seahawks & '18 Rams in their own division). The Saints played the AFC North this year, and they lost the NFC Championship, which means a team out of the NFC playing playing AFC North still hasn't been to the Super Bowl since the 2004 Eagles. Only the 2002 Bucs and 2004 Eagles made it to the Super Bowl playing the AFC North (and those teams played the NFC North as well). The 1999 Rams last won the Super Bowl in Atlanta against the Titans when they went 13-3. 19 years later, the 2018 Rams are 13-3 in the Super Bowl, going to the Super Bowl in ATLANTA, the same place where the Super Bowl was last time they went! That's interesting, but at the same time, it's a rematch of the 2001-02 Super Bowl match up against the Patriots. The Patriots were 11-5 in 2001 when they beat the Rams, and this time the Patriots are 11-5 playing the Rams again in the Super Bowl....