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Found 11 results

  1. On a side note, I didn't realize Goodwin recovered the onsides kick...Perfect! Jeff Schultz in The Athletic--9/20/2020 Six years ago, Mike Smith, a once accomplished football coach and a nice guy who was loved by his players, ran out of excuses. There were too many losses and unexplainable collapses on his résumé. His relative ending with the Falcons came on the other side of the Atlantic when his team built a 21-0 lead over Detroit only to string together enough mind-boggling blunders and time management mistakes to lose 22-21 in the final seconds. The game took place two months bef
  2. Ouch! With Ryan, Jones, Freeman, Falcons are spending too much money for popgun offense (The Athletic) PHILADELPHIA — So this is what everybody waited eight months for? An offense that not long ago scorched defenses and lit up the sky like a never-ending fireworks display returned eight months after a playoff splat and too often played like an old, broken Victrola. The defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles have their Philly special. The Falcons have their Atlanta special. It provides heartburn and maybe a field goal. First possession: First-and-goal at the Ph
  3. **** Butkus, gentle soul and wallflower that he was, never struggled to justify his level of destruction on a football field. “When I played pro football,” Butkus said, “I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately. Unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something.” The NFL has a problem. For years, it ignored the obvious signs and scientific evidence that football collisions in general and head injuries and concussions in particular had a cumulative effect, leading to possible permanent brain injuries like CTE. Had league officials not operated with blinders s
  4. Schultz: Quinn finding comfort level with Sarkisian on field now Jeff Schultz Because last season died in the red zone in Philadelphia, and because Steve Sarkisian was perceived by some as the Falcons’ worst first-year, play-caller since, well, the previous one, and because even with questions about the offense there was still debate as to whether the team erred spending a first-round pick on a wide receiver and not a defensive lineman … OK, cleansing breath time. The view of the Falcons’ offense improved significantly Friday night. Granted, this is still exhibition football.
  5. https://theathletic.com/461535/2018/08/06/schultz-matt-ryan-has-everything-he-wants-now-except-a-title/ These have been life-altering months for Matt Ryan. In April, he and his wife Sarah announced the birth of their twin boys, following a difficult pregnancy that included the impending father resting for a playoff game while on a hospital bed. In June, the Falcons gave their quarterback an NFL record $150 million contract, reaffirming generations of Ryans should never struggle to pay for diapers or onesies, even if wealth didn’t seclude him from the every-day realities of fat
  6. https://theathletic.com/455029/2018/08/01/schultz-its-about-sacks-and-vic-beasley-knows-he-needs-to-put-up-numbers-for-falcons/ Not long after the NFL season ended, Vic Beasley took a trip. This wasn’t the typical, get-away-from it all excursion for football players, which often includes beach, sun, water, lounge chair and some sort of aqua blue drink with an umbrella out of a smoking coconut. But rather, it was a spiritual trip to the Holy Land. “I went to Israel,” Beasley said. “I’m a pretty religious guy, and it’s some place I always wanted to visit, given my beliefs.
  7. https://www.myajc.com/blog/jeff-schultz/draft-and-self-analysis-should-enough-get-falcons-back-top/jxfROjnd11SfD9CwycW7ZP/ The first clue Pat Dye Jr. had that the Falcons were genuinely interested in drafting Calvin Ridley came the afternoon of Thursday’s first round when his phone rang and he looked down and saw it was Thomas Dimitroff. “He said something like, ‘This may seem crazy, but: Calvin Ridley,’” Dye, Ridley’s agent, said. “I said, ‘Thomas, you’re not going to see him where you’re picking.’ He said, ‘I’m contemplating moving up. Where do you think we’d have to get to?
  8. http://www.myajc.com/blog/jeff-schultz/devonta-freeman-running-daylight-leaving-darkness-behind/r0fZyOBHxl1NOIU1efWUsJ/ Devonta Freeman missed two games with a concussion and returned like nothing had happened. No pain, all gain. He hasn’t avoided collisions. He has, to the contrary, seemingly sought out bodies to plough into and step over. It’s a style borne out of the “throwback” sandlot football games of his youth in the Miami projects, a game of survival that reflected his surroundings. “It was every man for himself,” Freeman said. “You throw the ball back to the group, th
  9. http://www.myajc.com/blog/jeff-schultz/dan-quinn-thinks-falcons-defense-finally-turning-corner/Qemxv9wkqUqepXWv4i925N/ Most of the Falcons’ star power and approximately 60 percent of the team’s payroll plays on the offense. It follows that the offense gets the most attention and scrutiny and leads to questions like: Can they score more than 500 points again, will Julio Jones stay healthy, and -- the overwhelming favorite in the social-media underworld for 2017 -- how can Steve Sarkisian possibly screw this up? But while the Falcons are defined by their offense, the rest of the
  10. Steve Sarkisian adapting to scheme but it’s Matt Ryan’s offense now Jeff Schultz These are not normal times for a football team. The quarterback is entering his third season in the offense and coming off an MVP season. The offensive coordinator is the newbie, which suggests his initial objective is not to coordinate but to blend. “I really tried to come in with a I’m-going-to-see-how-they-did-it mentality,” Steve Sarkisian, the Falcons’ new offensive coordinator, said Tuesday. “How do they run the football, how do they play-pass, how are the two are married together? How do
  11. http://blogs.ajc.com/jeff-schultz-blog/2012/09/21/falcons-defenders-preferring-nolan-to-vangorder/?cxntfid=blogs_jeff_schultz_blog Falcons’ defenders preferring Nolan to VanGorder 6:08 pm September 21, 2012, by Jeff Schultz SAN DIEGO — When the Falcons ended last season with another early playoff meltdown, it didn’t matter if anybody else in the organization preached patience and threw daffodils about the franchise’s future, because owner Arthur Blank’s vote would trump them all. Self-made billionaires tend to be results driven, particularly ones who type emails in a red font. If significan
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