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Found 2 results

  1. The main Trump thread was a little crowded, and I feel this subject deserved special attention. I think this compilation from Reddit would make a nice intro to the subject. Here's a link to a master document containing just about everything known about the Trump-Russia scandal, which is updated as more is found out. The Intelligence Community - Our own intel agencies and spies are withholding information from the White House because of the concern that it has been compromised by Russia. Current and Former American Officials confirm the Trump campaign had contact with R
  2. I am a computer scientist and I created a very accurate program that calculates the advantage that a team that wins the toss in OT gets against any other team. Turns out, because they won the toss, the chances for the Patriots to win were 78% higher than if they had lost the toss. That sounds incredible, I know, but the math doesn't lie and anyone can verify it by looking at the code in the program. However, I'd rather show it to the media, because I'd like a bigger audience to see it. Proving the idiocy of the NFL's OT rules to people one at a time would be a waste of time. The Falcons deserv
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