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Found 10 results

  1. I see a lot of posters still saying our offense has been an issue this season, or that Koetter/Ryan has struggled, and sure, if you look at the raw numbers like total ypg and total points scored one could conclude we have been either average or above average (7th in ypg and 16 in ppg). However if we look deeper into the numbers and use some stats that account for the lack of possessions that the Falcons have had thanks to their historically bad defensive performance so far, where we rank dead last in franchise history in points allowed and third-worst in Defensive SRS according to PFF, then w
  2. I swear Matt Ryan after the fumble on the sideline looked at Sark and said “what was that play” - he definitely directed something aggressive at Sark.
  3. Steve Sarkisian's bounce-back game One week after the Falcons stunk up the joint in the red zone and exasperated Falcons fans took to social media to call for Sarkisian's ouster, Atlanta won its game against Carolina by doing work inside the 20. The Falcons made four trips inside the 20 and scored touchdowns each time during Sunday's 31-24 victory over Carolina. Atlanta only accomplished that once during two seasons under Kyle Shanahan as its offensive coordinator. Shanahan's 49ers, it might be noted, have scored 36 points on nine red zone trips so far this season. The Falcons and Sarkisia
  4. This is my 2nd time creating a highlight video ever in my life. My first was of our 2016 defense, but it wasn't uploaded because of some complications. But I hope you all enjoy this, and it gets you hype of the offense of 2018. I will be making more videos in the future to make sure I perfect my craft. I am an artist first. OHHH and YESS Devonta is the best running back in the league. Fight me Logic: Contra
  5. I was just doing some research on possible FA's we might snag this year, I noticed that Austin was coached in college by none other than Steve "the shark" Sarkisian. Austin was one of the best TE prospects to come out in recent years and his career was derailed by; get this: alcoholism. Austin's been sober and putting his life back together the last few years just like Sark. He's played pretty well the last year, but his history blemishes his pricetag. I say we grab him on a two year deal and toss him into the lineup with Hooper. Give him some competition and give Matt another nifty targe
  6. For those of you that don’t know Brett Kollman he is a draft and film analyst. His YouTube videos are very interesting and in depth. I respect his opinion a lot. He has an intelligent football mind. The book may still be out on Sark but this is just ridiculous. No way we shouldn’t have scored more than 10 points. Our offense has been limping through the season all year because of him.
  7. The offense was disappointing this year, as it was in Shanahan's first year as OC. Because of the improvements that occurred in 2016 I think they give Sark another year, hoping they get a similar result. The question is, do you expect to see a marketable improvement over what we saw on offense this year? My opinion is that we severely underachieved on offense all year. Far too many weapons to be bogged down as much as they were. No matter who calls the plays, I think there will be an improvement just because it's unlikely to get those results from this group two years straight. I als
  8. Tevin Coleman had 10 rushes for 79 yards and on 4th and Goal on the 2 yard line we call a rollout play to Julio. I won't defend Sark any longer. 2nd and Goal was a stupid play also. I just don't get it. Can someone please explain the logic to me?
  9. So since it "looks" like Matt is missing throws, but also the rec are not catching it, it seems like its execution, OK this offense is totally inept at this point and in this game. Something bigger is happening. The talk has been about Ryans mechanics, is that what is giving him issues?? they have got to figure out how much of an issue that is. He is off, but why are you changing something that has gotten you MVP ?? to extend your career? to do something different. Should we expect a year of regression ? if so ok - I just wish we could get enough evidence to support tha
  10. I've read a few times on this board that Sark prefers to use an hback/TE hybrid type as his fullback. One: Is this factual? Two: Does this not make Evan Engram pretty much the madden create a player for this positon?
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