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Found 3 results

  1. Going by the numbers on Spotrac, the 2020 Cap is -$6,480,019 in the hole. So notable names being cut are a given. Here’s who I see getting the ax. Good as Gone Luke Stocker: Probably will be the first cut. Cutting him will net $2.6 million in cap space. Hasn’t wowed or done horrible but it’s a numbers game. Ty Sambralio: Didn’t get the resign at the time as I still remember the game Beasley had against him but cutting him nets $3.75 million, $4.75 if designated as a Post June 1st cut Allen Bailey: Hasn’t played horrible but at this point if you aren’t locked in with a Rookie year or big guaranteed deal on this defense your probably won’t be playing for the Falcons next year. Will create $4.5 million in cap space Matt Schaub: With Benkert the Great coming into his own the past preseason (slightly) Schaub becomes expendable. He will probably retire before he’s cut but either way I think he’s gone. Creates $2 million in cap space. Assuming these cut happens, this would leave the Falcons with about $6 million in cap space after climbing out the -$6 million hole. Now the tough decisions come. On the Bubble Mohammed Sanu: Would hate to see him go honestly. Plays with heart and swagger, something every team needs but the Falcons especially. Would love for him to play out the last year of his deal, however cutting him would net $6.5 million in cap space. Devonta Freeman: Some would argue Freeman is as good as gone, I don’t agree. I think he has plenty left in the tank. He’s only 27 and showed he can be one of the best dual threat backs in the lead when showcased and not locked into a timeshare. Cutting him would only make sense as a Post June 1st cut in 2020. Other wise his $6 million in dead money will hurt in 2021 with trying to resign our own as well as anything in Free agency. If he’s cut next year it would create $6.5 million in cap space. Long Shot Alex Mack: By far our best offensive lineman, Mack has been the anchor since he signed. While an intergal piece of our Super Bowl run, Mack is getting long in the tooth. I would love to see him grind a couple more years out like MudDuck McClure, but retirement is a strong possibility next year. After surviving a lot of bad Cleveland teams, I don’t know if he will be ready for another rebuild. Even less likely is it that the Falcons would actually cut him if he still wants to play. Either way, Mack not suiting up would create $8 million in cap space. Takk McKinely: Yes I know the Falcons won’t be cutting Takk. But the trade speculation is something to be monitored. While people make a big deal about nothing with players activity on social media, I think theres some fire to the smoke here of Takk wanting to be traded. He’s not exactly setting the league on fire and the Falcons could opp to scrub the slate clean at DE by letting Beasley walk (likely) and trading Takk away. Ricardo Allen: Dont see it happening at all, but if a new staff comes in a lot of vets fall victim to the purge. Ricardo is a glue guy and does a lot of things the average fan doesn’t pick up on. He sets the defense in plays and acts like a safety in being the last line of defense and cleanup guy. If he’s cut it would create $3 million in space with a $4 million dead cap hit, or as a Post June cut $5 million in space with $2 million dead cap hits spread over the next so years.
  2. Watch the replay. It will be the 3rd view/angle. When Sanu redirects his guy then looks and sees Matthews block and Julio turn up field. Sanu pumps his fist then starts walking towards the bench knowing what’s about to happen. I love it!