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Found 5 results

  1. Biggest team need heading into the 2021 has got to be Safety. Our only decent safety last year was Neal, and he is a flawed player that has the injury question marks always hanging around him. Unfortunetaly it seems like this year's draft does not have any can't miss Safety prospects there in the early rounds so I think the question is how do we (can we?) address safety heading into next season? With slim pickings in the draft and salary cap issues restricting us in Free Agency doesn't seem like there is an easy clear path forward. IMO considering the context keeping Neal at SS may be the
  2. Came with another highlight video, this time of the Interception Leader Kazee. Can he do it again in the slot? I believe so.
  3. So I saw that article about the secondaries rankings for the season, and we were #5. It made my blood boil with excitement. Since I received so much love from the Freeman highlight video I made, I decided to do one for the secondary. Do yah think we can have the best secondary in the league this year like the Broncos of 2015?
  4. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/falcons-sign-defensive-back-release-running-back/bCfa8LBTejOLM6eTYB3DjJ/ Falcons sign defensive back, release running back Updated 18 minutes ago By D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The Falcons made a roster move on Tuesday, when they released reserve running back Terrence Magee and signed safety Jason Hall, who played at Texas. Hall was one of the 23 players to tryout with the Falcons during their rookie mini-camp.
  5. Let me start by saying I'm hoping we land Rahim Moore. But, someone suggested Alford play safety. So, I dug into Devin Mccourty's transition to the NFL with the Patriots and it seems on PAR with Alford and the Falcons. Mccourty transitioned to safety after a couple seasons having no experience all because they signed Aquib Talib at CB. He did well. I mean, a safety that can come down and play corner like a #2? That's VERSITILITY! It may be in our best interest to move Alford like Mccourty, sign a serviceable FS veteran and let them compete with Dez Southward. I'd be willing to sign a veteran
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