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Found 1 result

  1. You guys can call me crazy but I dare say that I see a significant difference in the way Atlanta throws the ball under Sarkisian. Under the former offensive coordinator who I refuse to mention by name, the Falcons seemed to throw more to certian spots on the field and it was all about timing the plays. We were very good at that but I saw Matt Ryan sitting back more on Sunday against Green Bay and throwing ropes to receivers more than lofting passes to spots on the field and I welcome that change. It also seemed like he had more Zip on his throws. I also enjoyed dipping into Bill Walshes handbook and audibling to the QUICK SLANT to Julio where Ryan gets the ball and immediately zips it to Julio. Jerry Rice made a career out of the quick slant and I have wondered for years why we did not do more of that. Excellent game by the offense and think we have an excellent opportunity to go into the Bye Week unblemished if we continue our stellar play. We have yet to get Gabriel going but there is only one ball and I will not nitpick as I believe that is a byproduct of matchups and excellent game management by Matt Ryan. And speaking of former offensive coordinators who I will not mention by name. Do you realize San Francisco AVERAGED over EIGHT AND A HALF yards per carry rushing the ball yesterday and they LOST! Correct me if I am wrong.....You need TEN yards for a new set of downs. They AVERAGED 8.5 and change in the run game and Carlos Hyde only was allowed to carry the ball 15 times. That also was an improvement from the whopping total of NINE touches the primary RB got in Week One. Sorry San Fran, but you have been taken. It's time to stop painting that man as an offensive genius and accept the fact that he is an offensive Doofus and give credit where credit is due........Matt Ryan is the motor that drives our bus now and was the motor that has always driven the bus. The Hype and Luster placed on our former offensive coordinator were a byproduct of our talent and I see a Ken Zampese type of insurrection boiling in San Francisco. As talented of a passing game coordinator as he was, he has no concept of how to balance an offense. Good Riddance! Sarkisian was criticised by many last week about trying to BALANCE the offense (see Whitlock post). I ask you......when has BALANCING the offensive ever been a bad thing? Usually BALANCING the offense leads to a lopsided Win Column.and I for one am thankful for the Sarkisian Difference and I think Matts true value is NOT throwing 400 yards a game but instead managing the offense , controlling time of possession, and getting Atlanta back to the big dance. Yesterdays clock management by the offense was nothing short of outstanding and may be some of the best I have ever seen from an Atlanta team. Maybe we have exorcised Koetters demons as well!
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