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Found 4 results

  1. Two weeks in a row... we actually played great defense two weeks in a row. I have no idea if we can keep it going, but who cares, let's enjoy the moment. There was a lot to unpack from Sunday's win. Falcons put some good stuff on tape, but my time is short, so I wanted to take a quick look at a couple of things that jumped out at me. First, and this is a huge one -- a lot of us have been asking what exactly changed with Ulbrich and Raheem Moore taking over the defense, well the biggest one, imo, is the subtle adjustments made to the back end. Let me say this clearly, this is still Da
  2. Stopping the run is the backbone of any defense, this one especially which keeps 8 men in the box virtually the whole game. Yesterday vs. the Bears was strange because it wasn't like vs. the Eagles last year where they just grinded those tired Falcon legs into the ground. This game wasn't that. Chicago ripped off some big plays, but it didn't feel like the constant gnashing you get when a team really runs you into the ground, but lo and behold, you look up and they've reeled off 125 yards. Here's a few looks at how they did it. And it was a combination of things, from poor technique,
  3. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but run fits are just about my favorite thing about defensive football. They don't take any particular skill or talent. They're about want-to. They're about personal responsibility and teamwork. I do my job. I get my gap, I play my leverage and I trust that the man next to me is going to do the same. It ain't on me to be no hero, or make a play if it's not there. If I do try to play hero ball and get out of my gap then the whole thing falls apart. In that way run fits are really the essence of football and Thursday night I saw some good
  4. Okay, now we've all taken our turn this season crapping on Atlanta's defense for the most part, and for good reason. Yes, they are young and still evolving, but I wanted to take this thread to recognize one part of this defense that has actually been very good this season... and getting better in a hurry: the run fits. Atlanta is #10 in stopping the run and #11 in yards per carry. Definitely room to grow, but the past 6 games, they have really been on point. Thursday night they gave up 73 yards on 19 carries. That's a winning stat. Now I am a through and through lover of defensive fo
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