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Found 1 result

  1. I'm as excited about anybody about the 2012 draft and 2012 season, but I like to look forward to see what the future might hold for our Falcons as well. What I see is excellent money management and a whole lot of wriggle room for us. Acquiring Samuel @ 6 mil a year is absolutely huge as far as wriggle room for next year goes. I'm looking @ you Dunta Robinson. If Robinson doesn't impress this season there is absolutely zero way we keep him at his future salary. Here are the cap figures for Dunta for this year through 2015 2012 - 6.4 mil cap hit. 2013 - 8 mil base salary - 1.4 mil signing bonus - 9.4 mil cap hit 2014 - 10 mil base salary - 1.4 mil signing bonus - 11.4 mil cap hit 2015 - 11.5 mil base salary - no signing bonus - 11.5 mil cap hit. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/dunta-robinson/ If Dunta does not perform at an exceptional level this year he will be gone. That is cut and dry. Cutting him in 2013 shaves 8 mil off of our cap and leaves us with 1.4 mil in dead money for 2013 and 2014. Michael Turner - I believe this will be Turners last year. We cannot let him play for a 8.5 mil cap hit in 2013. We have to get younger and cheaper @ the RB position if we ever want to fix the lines. 2012 - 5 mil base salary - 2.5 mil signing bonus - 7.5 mil cap hit 2013 - 5.5 mil base salary - 2.5 mil signing bonus - 8 mil cap hit. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/michael-turner/ Cutting Turner in 2013 would net us 5.5 mil in cap room and 2.5 mil in dead space, but the dead space is for 2013 only. Tony G - more than likely retired after 2012. 2012 - 5.9 mil cap hit. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/tony-gonzalez/ Ovie Mughelli - He's coming off of the books one way or another. He's a FA in 2013 and him becoming a FA will net us 3.7 mil in cap space. Sam Baker - Same story as Ovie. Making 2.5 mil this year and he's a FA in 2013. Another waste of 2.5 mil coming off the books. RESIGN BRENT GRIMES - Grimes, IMO will be resigned and if he is, he will be playing on the cheap end of a multi year deal. His cap hit will be significantly less than the 10.6 mil it is this year. I'd almost guarantee that number will be cut in half. RESIGN MATT RYAN - This is almost certain to happen by 2013. Ryans cap hit for 2013 goes down to 11.5 mil from the 13 mil it's at this year just in case it doesn't happen. DEAD MONEY!!! A lot of people don't realize this, but we are still paying for Busterson and Jenkins. We're also still paying for Chauncy Davis. We have 2.2 mil in dead money this year. This comes off the books next year. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap-hit/ (scroll to bottom) All of these factors combined nets us anywhere between 25 and 30 MILLION DOLLARS in cap room going into 2013!! Free Agents 2013 - We all seen first hand what a lot of FA's can do to cap room, luckily we are in good position there for 2013. Most notable would be Brent Grimes if he's not resigned, but anything he does will be a reduction in salary from thsi year. William Moore Sam Baker Todd Mcclure Ovie Mughelli Chris Owens Lawrence Sidbury Will Svitek These are the most notable FA's next year. Zero high dollar guys and I'm willing to bet 5 of those guys don't even get resigned. Willymo is the only must keep FA other than Grimes. We look to be in excellent shape for the next couple of years.
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