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  1. Good morning fellow Falcons, I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter! I hope you all are well, especially with all the things going on right now.. Whether you do or do not celebrate, may the Resurrection of the Lord give everyone faith through this crisis! Stay safe and healthy, and stay faithful. Whether you do believe or not, the idea that someone else is praying for you can be very consoling, especially when everything is going down the drain somehow. So I figured you could simply ask for a prayer here if you should feel the need. Or you know, even offer one!
  2. Hi #Falconsfam, I'd keep an eye on this guy TCU DT Ross Blacklock. Dude is rising. He was mocked 47 pick to our team. My first mock ever. I tweeted out 2 weeks ago on Twitter. And in my mind. Fits what the #Falcons need up front. I think he'd pair well with Grady Jarrett. And is becoming a viable legitimate option for #Falcons at 16. His stock and brand are picking up. http://www.nfl.com/m/share?p=%2Fvideos%2Fnfl-now%2F0ap3000001105458%2FRoss-Blacklock-describes-how-a-college-injury-made-him-a-better-athlete
  3. Checkout #P4PATL video by Toby D..On 4 things he feels new #Falcons Defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi need to do. To have success out of the front in 2020. Share if you agree or not worth discussing? It was on my mind. So I wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you!
  4. Checkout #P4PATL the latest video with me Toby D. addressing a poll I put out on twitter. "Have 2 7-9 Seasons Damaged The confidence Of The Fan Base In 2020". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9NvR3yFlg
  5. This team is very frustrating. Very. From getting blown out and embarrassed week one to bouncing back in convincing fashion in week two to laying a complete egg in week three. When you can't even rely on some of your pillar players to play a clean 60 minutes of football, what do you do? Matt had a great game, but his INT led to another 10 point swing in a game we lost by 3. That is just plain old inexcusable and not something a HC can fix. Players constantly jumping offsides. Your stud DT not getting off the field resulting in a 12 man on the field penalty. Basic, elementary level stuff that m
  6. That's how you bounce back! I knew all week this group was too talented to not bounce back. That was the team we expected to see to start the season. The Dome was rocking and the players made it worth it. The defense made a big statement Sunday night, shutting down the Eagles running game and knocking Wentz around to the point Josh McCown had to actually come in the game. When's the last time you could say that about a Falcons pass rush? The run defense was legit, with Davison and Bailey showing exactly why they were brought here to run with Grady. Folks thought that Eagles OL was going to bul
  7. RISEEEEEEE UP FALCONS FANS!!!! We are now approaching our first game in just a couple of short weeks and I could not be more excited! We are in need of 50+ reliable, friendly,upbeat volunteers to assist working the stands during the Falcons home games throughout the season. As a volunteer you will receive FREE Entry into all games that you work, 1 FREE meal and get released around the beginning to mid of 3rd quarter of EVERY game. All volunteers must be 18+ and have a valid state ID. If you are a falcons fan, a college student that needs volunteer hours, just someone looking for something
  8. Well after the accent thread I made earlier sputtered out, I'd like to make a new thread that encourages only liberals and leftists to post here. In accordance with the COC to promote the germination of this thread, any posts from non-Liberals should be entirely ignored and left unaddressed. There will be no active campaigns to discourage non-Liberals from posting but rather a complete apathy and avoidance of any posts that right wing trolls or right wing moderates post.* Since this fully respects the COC I hope it can bring new life into our relevant discussions. If any participators
  9. 2017 Super Bowl: Falcons hit big on draft picks to construct a winner quickly By Rob Rang The Sports Xchange/CBSSports.com 7h ago • 4 min read http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2017-super-bowl-falcons-hit-big-on-draft-picks-to-construct-a-winner-quickly/ How the Atlanta Falcons catapulted from a .500 non-playoff club to NFC South champions and a berth in Super Bowl LI is really quite simple: They've hit it big with first-round picks. Since taking over as general manager in 2008
  10. This mf dissing our slogan...says winners dont need slogans. Well wtf do you call ROLL TIDE. or GO PACK GO. I can't wait till we shut his punk a55 up. Hopefully we will have more haters on Feb 6.....if you ain't got no haters you ain't balling. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=/amp/www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/colin-cowherd-roasts-the-atlanta-falcons-over-rise-up-slogan-013017%3Famp%3Dtrue&ved=0ahUKEwjfr7GDlOvRAhWILyYKHRwqAqkQqUMIMzAF&usg=AFQjCNHTK-ibX7brtMSVtWeZlX2PPUjZMA
  11. Shhhh..... The media noise The talk from the other side The talk from the brand-new "fans" The back and forth from the ATLiens Let us ALL: 1) Take a breath 2) Quiet our heads 3) FOCUS 4) SMILE....we're baaaaaaaaack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMAntzckPjI
  12. The 15 Most Spoken Languages 1. Mandarin Chinese Native speakers (2010): 955 million Non-Native speakers: 194 million Widely spoken in: China, Taiwan, and Singapore 升起 2. English Native speakers (2010): 360 million Non-native speakers: 603 million Widely spoken in: the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Republic of Ireland, Africa (as a lingua franca, official or educational language in 20 countries), the Americas and the Caribbean (Canada and the United States as well as in 15 Caribbean countries), Asia (India, Pak
  13. This has been a magical and memorable season....we still have one more to go..I'm drunk...and I'm going to savor the moment. ..2 weeks from now...let's put a stamp on this thang and bring that trophy home...it's been a long time coming. ..
  14. Not sure how many of you saw this little gem during the broadcast.
  15. NFCCG ROSTER COMPARISONS OFFENSE QB Matt Ryan VS QB Aaron Rodgers TIE RB1 Devonta Freeman VS RB1 TY Montgomery ADV ATL RB2 Tevin Coleman VS RB2 Christine Michael ADV ATL FB Patrick DiMarco VS FB Aaron Ripkowski ADV ATL WR1 Julio Jones VS WR Jordy Nelson ADV ATL WR2 Mohamed Sanu VS WR Randall Cobb ADV GB WR3 Taylor Gabriel VS WR3 Davante Adams ADV GB WR4 Justin Hardy VS WR4 Geronimo Allison ADV ATL WR5 Aldrick Robinson VS WR5 Jeff Janis ADV ATL TE1 Austin Hooper VS TE1 Jared Cook ADV GB TE2 Levine Toilolo VS TE2 Richard Rogers
  16. We've had numerous discussions about the phrase since it's inception, the Snakes on a Plan guy commercials, Mike Smith and choirs... now Dan Quinn's org. I've been thinking more and more about the phrase, at first when it came out, cringing at its cheesiness, Lately redefining it and asking myself what it means and can mean. One certain thing... Rise Up has so much more meaning when you are ACTUALLY RISING, up from the 2013, 2014 seasons... up from whatever something small or big--rising is a direction of forwards, upwards and not downwards, not backwards and not reverse. We're now 1
  17. Honestly, this might be the least upset I've ever been after a loss. Especially considering we got screwed. It's because I now know how good this team actually is. And it's really ******* good. To go on the road for 10 days, play in Denver, fly directly to Seattle afterward and stay there a week, play a **** good Seattle team coming off a bye week, go down early and fight back in the hardest stadium to win in in the league against the best defense in the league and only lose because of a no call and a self inflicted interception... I mean, I'm not sure we've ever seen a Falcons team THIS good.
  18. It's not the team, it's the curse of Atlanta.
  19. I have been a Falcons fan for some time now and I am not sure what is going on with our fans. We lost a game to an average team and so what. It is football and thats the best part of it because anyone can beat anyone. Instead of crying and whining, how about we make the dome LOUDER than it ever was. Win or Lose be loud on every down not only on 3rd down. Take a look at Seahawks fans and how loud they get. They are breaking records along with their team. I believe we can RISE UP and shut down Tom Brady. We the fans can be the 12th player on the field that causes chaos for Mr.Tom Brady. There is
  20. http://www.wofmts.com Coolest shirt I have seen in a while! I bought two this morning, jump on the wagon!!!
  21. Call it superstition, voodoo, black arts, Scientology or whatever. I am making the 75 mile trip to Exton, PA today to drink beers and worship on the same streets and fields on which Matt Ryan was raised. What should I offer up as a sacrifice to our quarterback god?
  22. Since you all seem to think Newton is going to have a better career than Manning just because he eclipsed his rookie record I want to see how much faith you have in Cam. I will place a sig of Cam doing the superman on my profile if he wins one game against the Falcons this season, but if he fails to do so and we sweep you then you have to put a positive picture of Matt Ryan in your signature. I'm waiting.... anyone? Conditions Matt Ryan and Cam Newton must start and finish both games. If one doesn't start or is injured and doens't finish the game then the bet is invalid. The losers signature h
  23. I'm sick of seeing all of these post about Falcons Fans Suck, Falcons Fans leave early, Falcons Fans show up late, etc.... Yes I arrive late and yes I've left early and yes I complain about RYAN but Sugar Honey Ice Tea, I'm still a fan... If your a true fan and God has blessed you with your health and wealth, you should be making this trip to Carolina this weekend. I'm traveling with crew of DIE HARD fans to Carolina for the 8th straight year. Were going to eat and drink Falcons Football all weekend long. After we win, were going to celebrate like it's New Years Eve and if we happen to lo
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