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Found 4 results

  1. Dont know if this was posted but I ran across it and thought it was interesting. It echoes some of the sentiments I feel about Ridley and what he will bring to the offense. We’re in a very unique situation because even tho Julio has two guys watching him at all times if Calvin makes an immediate impact it won’t be so easy to double Julio and Matt will have games where he can’t miss because the defense is helpless. Most teams only have ONE Good corner. A few Two like us. And usually that 3rd one is gonna get it. With us basically having 3 #1 wr’s that 3rd guy is gonna get it. Especially if Sark gets the pre snap movement back on track. Watch out falcons fans. Get ready for the ride!!
  2. I am not the kind to embrace rookies. I'm old school and I say trite things like, "I won't give you a dime for potential...show me," all the time. Until now. I'm hitching my fan wagon to a rookie WR. I've seen young guys who work hard (Worrilow). I've seen guys who have talent (Hageman). It is different when you have a guy who has innate mental talent, innate physical talent, and a desire to outwork the guy next to him. Freeman is that type of guy. Coleman is that type of guy. Ryan is that type of guy. J. Jones is that type of guy. The Falcons are loading up on that type of guy. We haven't even got to the defensive side of the ball yet. Every word that is written about Ridley slides me further into his corner. This article is a good summary of everything I've read. This man will not settle for being the 3rd of 4th WR. He will work until he has earned the right to be on the field for every significant snap. It may not happen this year, but I suspect it will. This guy will work and he can play. Buy his jersey. He's a keeper. Article Link
  3. I love his trainer. He making me wanna get up and start pumping iron.
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