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Found 1 result

  1. That was a tough loss against that Colts team, I’ll admit. But, this is the NFL, not college. So, some of you UGA/SEC lovers need to stop putting those collegiate expectations on a team in a league where everyone is exceptional. I want my team to win every game and I would find it hard pressed for anyone to look at a schedule, predict what games we will lose, and what fashion we would lose them in; losses will happen in the NFL and they are never pretty. If you’re a Falcons fan you should know how to deal with them by now. We’re 1-2, and the odds are not insurmountable. Just hope that our team stays healthy going forward. I actually like all the adversity our team is dealing with; the talent is there for a playoff run but I’ve always questioned this team mentally. This should help chisel them and make them stronger. A lot of you guys always question our staff/coaching after losing a game. After a tough victory against the Titans you guys will hopefully go back to normal. SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY!!!