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Found 1 result

  1. Been looking back through some All-22 just trying to glean a little more info on our recent uptick, and this jumped out offensively: Matt is really starting to look comfortable again. First two quarters of the season he was really pressing, making uncharacteristic errors, forcing passes. He hasn't completely cleaned up the forced passes, but he's starting to look really comfortable back there again. I can tell by how smoothly he's working through his progressions. Here's a play from the second drive of the game. We're coming off a negative 1st down run, so Dirk dials up something to get a little yardage back. We motion to a 3x1 set to the field. Julio to the top of the screen runs a drag with a sight adjust. If it's man coverage he's gonna keep running, if it's zone, he's gonna find a hole to sit down in. To the three receiver side, we've got a 9 route, a flat, and a middle hook by the tight end. The Panthers are in what looks like a Cover-2 with both corners sinking. Which is what you might call if you think an offense is trying to go over the top instead of getting a little yardage back. The safety is over the top on the 9 route. Their flat player can play the flat route if it's thrown and the middle linebacker is in perfect position to take away the hook by the tight end. He's almost playing it like 3-Read in quarters he's so tight on that route. But look how fast Matt works from 1, to 2, to 3, all the way back to 5. This is not a huge play, but this is playing professional quarterback at the highest level. Quarterbacks do not routinely work from 1-5 in a progression. Most guys get stuck on 1 or 2, and hold the ball forever. Here the ball is out in 2.8 seconds. That's incredible. And that is an 8 yard gain that sets up a an easy 3rd and 3 conversion. Just look at Matt's helmet. Look how quickly he works from right to left. At the snap, glances at the 9 route. Safety over the top, it's not there. Presnap motion told him it was zone. The alignment of the corners tipped that it was probably some type of quarters or cover-2. Movement of the safetys confirm. Read #1 - 9 route. Not there with the safety over the top. Read #2 - Flat route is not really part of the progression vs. this coverage. He wasn't really going there with that flat corner out there. He probably eliminated that right at the snap with the safety's movement. Read #3 - middle hook by the tight end. Kuechly is all over it. Read #4 - He doesn't quite like Julio on that little sit route between the two defenders who're waiting to break on it, so all the way back to... Read #5 - the back out of the backfield. The weak backer looking to squeeze Julio on that drag/sit told him the back would have space to that side. Beautiful stuff. This last one I just had to throw in, focusing on the feet. This is where quarterback is played physically. The feet are the literal foundation of everything. You gotta have good feet. You gotta have some nimbleness, even if you’re a pocket QB. Bill Walsh used to say that he could tell how well a quarterback played a game by only looking at his feet. He could tell if a throw was accurate, if he was in rhythm, etc. Everything in his offense was synched up with the quarterback's steps. Bill Walsh would be salivating. Balls of the feet. Short, quick steps through the progression. Step and throw... REX RYAN stay outta my thread. Weirdo.