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Found 17 results

  1. There are four aspects of football that I wanted to get opinion on in regards to our preseason record. State your opinions. No one will be totally wrong or right. Just looking for more insight. Scouts: Is our scouting department to blame for not providing our roster with the necessary depth that the coaches need to be able to win in the preseason? How much of a factor is it if our scouting staff identifies better players (perceived) but FA’s/UDFA’s choose to go elsewhere. Will we ever know that answer? Coaching: Is it our coaches responsibility to be able to coach up the pla
  2. Some of you guys need to take the chill pill. Stop acting like the firing squad and being on hyperbole drugs. —Preseason is all about practice and no schemes or playbooks. It is about giving the young guys to fill 3-4 opening spot and finding talent for the practice squad. —Jets were far more aggressive on the defense by blitzing a lot. The Falcons were putting their vanilla package. We didn’t had all the players playing and Alex Mack hardly played. The OL will get much better before the season starts and getting all the starters. —Defense looks aggressive and looks like they
  3. You know what I'm worried about the most at this point? Since our loss to the Chargers in 2016, we've literally lost every AFC game in the preseason and regular season except for the Jets on the road in 2017. Seriously. Since the 2016 Chargers, that's 10 AFC losses out of our last 11 AFC games, and if you throw in our 11 straight preseason losses (only one of those was against a NFC team) so that's 10 AFC preseason losses added on. We've lost a total of 20 of our last 21 games to AFC opponents in the preseason and regular season combined. YIKES, and the 2019 version of the AFC South will be to
  4. In 2018 the Falcons are being heavily favored by the media to win the Super Bowl this year based off the way our seasons ended in 2016 and 2017, and we deserve that praise, however, that is VERY DANGEROUS at the professional level, most teams who win their first Super Bowls had a mediocre campaign the previous season and nobody believed in them coming into the season. The Falcons are getting way too much hype and it worries me. Throughout my time being a Falcons fan, our best seasons have always come when you didn't expect much from the team coming into the season, and they overachieved the ex
  5. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/falcons-at-jaguars-five-things-to-watch-including-calvin-ridley-s-role-and-right Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 10:16 AM Falcons at Jaguars: Five things to watch, including Calvin Ridley’s role and right guard battle Kelsey Conway ATLANTAFALCONS.COM REPORTER JACKSONVILLE -- As the Falcons get ready for their final “dress rehearsal” game on Saturday night in Jacksonville, there are a number of
  6. In the time Quinn has been here one thing has been constant. The Falcons look BAD in preseason game #3. Even in 2012 they looked bad in preseason game #3. Everyone should do themselves a favor. Go ahead and get ready for it. Look forward to it. Remember the most successful seasons the Falcons have had recently have been preceded by a bad showing in this upcoming game. So think of it as good luck if it happens again.
  7. Looks like Oliver, Foye, and Kazee will get plenty of time with the 1’s tonight. Duke will be back at MLB. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/falcons-matt-bryant-to-kick-vs-jaguars-desmond-trufant-ruled-out Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 05:28 PM Falcons' Matt Bryant to kick vs Jaguars, Desmond Trufant ruled out Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Falcons annou
  8. I just read this piece on the falcaholic: Matt Ryan The 2016 NFL MVP has been out of sorts. He’s been missing throws he made with ease last season, namely deep balls. He added two more interceptions to his total, although one was a tipped pass by Nick Williams — the third tipped passed turned interception in the last two games. Still, we expect better and we’ve certainly seen better from Ryan. Does anyone else think this goes back to the preseason where Julio was virtually held out of practice and game action for almost all of the reps? Timing is everything and I think he needs
  9. LAST PRESEASON PREVIEW AND OFF TO REGULAR SEASON!!! http://atlantasportspage.org/preseason-preview-jacksonville-jaguars-vs-atlanta-falcons/
  10. So I took a brief hiatus from the message boards while I left to go to New Orleans and then sail away to Central America. I'm back now and refreshed but I did miss both the second and third preseason games. That being said, I went back and read a lot on what happened. Seems to me like a lot of you guys are a little too worked up. Has our first team offense struggled? Yeah, but I think you guys keep forgetting one very important detail....there is no game planning for your opponent. You are just running basic and simple plays and all the defense has to do is read and react. You're not trying to
  11. It might be late but it does have some very good details: http://atlantasportspage.org/falcons-game-recap-preseason-week-2/
  12. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  13. Good evening all. I've been on the boards for a little bit now and every year since my join someone (Tandy comes to mind) usually starts a thread that we the fans can pick players to give evaluations on after each preseason game. If someone could assist me by posting the depth chart in vertical format that would be great. I sit at home every evening and read through what I missed throughout the day and I gotta say right now I cannot contain my excitement. Here are the rules: Each poster is limited to 2 players on the team, 1 offensive and 1 defensive player. Within the first 24 hours followi
  14. Through the looking glass Have you ever looked into the future? Many of us spend most of our day trying to predict the future. How will someone respond to this or that. What will happen next. Will that car stop in time? While driving up I-85 one afternoon stuck in the middle of a Carolina roadblock, I saw a good ol' boy speed past me in the right lane, then push his way between me and the 18 wheeler in front of me that was driving 67 MPH. The car was kinda ratty and something didn't seem right when suddenly the ratty car in front of me had a blow out and twisted and skidded almost flip
  15. Title says it all. I honestly thought our D was ok, then run blocking/mobile QB is still our biggest problem area. What made us lose that game so badly, however, was because as soon as Dom Davis went on the field, he walked right back off in 1 minute or less. Our D was a bunch of rooks who had to essentially play all game because we turned over the ball or punted so many times. It was pathetic. I think Renfree needs to get a lot of coaching and step it up or we will have to sign a QB. Davis sucked, bad. I hope he or Renfree can put it all together soon.
  16. Ok guys, I have sat and watched and been a pretty active poster for a while here. I took some days off the board, because the lunatic fringe was in full force for a couple of days, after we sheet the bed against the Texans. I don't think it is one player on this team that is to blame. I also don't think ANYONE gets a pass this season. I will say that in my head a good bit of our problems trace to one certain area: NO Offseason: Yes, this was a problem for lots of teams, and yes, the Pack, the 49ers, Saints, Ravens, Steelers etc seem to be unaffected, but I contend that this team was hurt a
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