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Found 1 result

  1. OK here is my 2018 mid term assessment. Warning: It’s long. Please don’t quote. Just add your response: TEAM – we’re 4-4-0 which is 3rd in the NFCS, 7th in the NFC and 14th in the NFL. Beset by early injuries to key players in Q1, we started 1-3, but settled down and hit a three game winning streak to finish 3-1 in Q2, albeit against shaky teams. We have a very good conference and division record. Both Wild Card spots are still alive, even though many on TATF and beyond have thrown dirt on us. Tankers were bubbling up. Never tank folks! Even the Suck For Luck Colts finished 2-1 after an 0-13 start. We’ll likely have to go 10-2, with eight of twelve on the road, to get what we want. Possible. Gotta get healthy, get hot and strike!!! If we don’t have to play PIT, PHI or MIN in the playoffs I think we can beat anybody else. Keepin hope alive. Need rest bad. If I can get rest on Northside Drive in February, I’ll keep my promise and wear a “Troffed” tee shirt to the parade. OFFENSE – the offense kept us afloat with a formidable pass game. Ryan is spreading that ball around like he did in 2016. That’s the key. Keep spreadin that rock bro. Ridley and Sanu are giving defenses something to think about. Sark aint dead yet. He needs to establish a run game though. It will be essential against good pass defenses. If Free can get healthy bring him back. He adds a dimension many TATFers have somehow forgotten. I still got buddy as the third best Falcon RB of all time. One or two plays from him and yall boys will jump right back on the wagon. Trust me. We’ll probably have to beat one or two defenses that usually own us to get what we want. Gonna take great game plans, excellent play calling and precise execution. We pay our offense extremely well. It’s really time to execute. Here are some offensive metrics: 1st – Fewest Turnovers 1st – 3rd Down Conversion% 1st – Rushing Fumbles Lost 2nd – Pass Yards Per Game 3rd – Fewest Interceptions Thrown 4th – Passer Rating 4th – Pass Completion% 5th – Total Yards Per Game 5th – Pass Yards Per Attempt 6th – Offensive DVOA 6th – Passing TDs 6th – Fewest Receiving Fumbles Lost 7th – Red Zone TD% 8th – Yards Per Reception 9th – Points Per Game 10th – Rushing TDs 15th – Sacks Allowed 16th – Fewest Penalties 24th – Rush Yards Per Attempt 28th – Rush Yards Per Game DEFENSE – hit hard by injury early. Debo, Neal, Grady, Takk, Alf, Suave, you name it. Gave up 30.5 ppg in the first quarter. Brought it down to 26.0 ppg in the second quarter, but that number needs to drop toward 20.0 ppg to get what we need. One injury come up by product was Kazee upgrading Suave’. I called for that last year on TATF and got shawshanked. Buddy is a play waiting to happen. Trust me. Foye looks like he could knock Dook outta the box and Neasman showed some signs last week. Quinn’s defenses improved in the second half of the last couple seasons. We need a repeat performance. The addition of Irvin, return of Debo and experience of the younguns could propel us to the next level. That needs to happen. Sacks up, Takeaways up, FFs and PDs up. This will be necessary for rest. Look at these stats: 14th – Interceptions 16th – Yards Allowed Per Reception 17th – Rush Yards Allowed Per Game 17th – Passes Defensed 21st – Solo Tackles 21st - Total Tackles 22nd – Takeaways 24th – Pass TDs Allowed 26th – Pass Yards Allowed Per Attempt 27th – Sacks 28th – Yards Allowed Per Game 28th – Passer Rating Allowed 28th – Pass Yards Allowed Per Game 28th – Rush Yards Allowed 29th – Points Allowed Per Game 29th – Total Yards Allowed Per Game 29th – Pass Yards Allowed Per Game 29th – Rush Yards Allowed Per Attempt 29th – Completion% 30th – Defensive DVOA 31st - 3rd Down Conversion% 32nd – Fumbles Recovered 32nd – Forced Fumbles SPECIAL TEAMS - also hit by injury. Lost Ice Bryant to a hamstring on a game winner against the Sucs in Week 6. He’s also out for the CLE game and could be gone forever. If so, thank you for the execution bro! I won’t forget. Trust me. So far Giorgio is lookin like the man. 100% on FGs and XPs in his first two games. Kicked a 56 yarder that probably would have been good from 60-63 yards. Buddy could be much needed cap relief for 2019. Bosher is Boshing again. Seems to be healthy this year but gotta get it off quicker to stop them blocks. Coverage teams are getting the job done. Especially the punt coverage team. That return game though. Yikes. Hall is doing OK on kick returns but Hardy is really looking like Laurel and Hardy on punt returns. We gotta figure that out. Hopefully this week. There are options. Punt returns can change games. Here is where we stack up after eight games: 1st – FG% 6th – Net Yards Per Punt 6th – Average Yards Per Punt 10th – Punts Inside 20 11th - Yards Allowed Per Kick Return 12th – Yards Allowed Per Punt Return 14th – Yards Per Kick Return 24th – XP% 30th – Yards Per Punt Return