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Found 3 results

  1. - Where is the pass rush from the interior? 0 sacks from the DT position this season. Grady has not capitalized on his SB "break out" game. Poe?? 8mil for what? I was a big advocate of him coming but we are not stopping the run now and he has not had an impact that much. To many times have I seen the DE's go around the arc just for the QB to step into a clean pocket. Brady did it all night. - #94 has to GO! Was getting man handled all night. I can't believe Rubin was not ready to go when he's even been in the system before. We needed his presence tonight. -Within the First 3 rounds need to be dedicated to a true DT. Hopefully there is one worth taking in the first by the time we pick. Enough of this hybrid "We hope the DE's kicked inside will get there" pass rush. We were getting gashed in the run when we had the DE's inside too. Telling that we brought Rubin in seems like we should go DT and DE often and early in the draft and FA I don't see how you bring Poe back at 8mil or more next season - I watched the Carolina and Bears game. Must be nice to have an Akeem Hicks, Eddie Goldman (Bears) and K Short and Star L (Panthers) in the middle. They were pushing the pocket all day in their game. Of course I may be wrong about all of this but there has to be someone else seeing this.
  2. which is the same 346lbs he weighed coming out of Memphis... It's 2017 and this man is still listed as 346lbs?? 2012 2017 I know it's weird discussing a man's weight but this is our big FA move. No doubt about it guys, this is one BIIG ol boy and at whatever weight he's playing at; he's still a homing missile gunning after QBs when he's not tossing airborne TDs. If he can get to his NORMAL weight of around the 345lb range, this man is going to shine bright on this defense. Coach Q and the brotherhood will watch over him and get him where he needs to be. Looks like apparently weight control is something that Poe has been dealing with for a few years. -- Cheif's Chris Jones poking fun at Poe being listed as 346lbs
  3. No way KC could retain Poe with the contract they just gave Berry... bring em home.