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Found 4 results

  1. What are y'all looking for in Falcons content? Most people just start talking Falcons, but don't ask the people that are consuming said content what they want / like. As someone who works with other content creators and board members I didn't know what the peeps on here ( Who I used to be a regular member with ) wanted to hear about or watch. I'm not for everyone and neither are the style of videos, as I'm transitioning away from YouTube to go to Twitch, but regardless I wanted to know what the goal of for Falcons content overall. Mods if this is not ok pls delete post.
  2. Snead talks first on all of Rams moves last week and then there is a Q&A before Pioli comes on at 23mins into the podcast. Falcons have several tradable players but not necessarily tradable contracts. He suggests without next year’s cap released; the Sanu deal leaves us $15M over the cap next year. If the cap goes up at the same rate this deal may bring the Falcons to $5M roughly over next year’s likely cap.
  3. "Atlanta Sports Page Podcast #3 (OFFICIAL)" Wyatt Sikes #spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/user/9042713/atlanta-sports-page-podcast-3-official Please give us some feed back!
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