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Found 25 results

  1. Ok, I know we’d need a lot of help over the next 5 games and we’d need to win out but anyone have any insight on whether they think we have any hope at sneaking in with the last WC spot? Could 9-7 get it done? My second question, if we don’t make the playoffs do we fire our coach and/or our coordinators? I’d hate to see a new regime come in here and us start over with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones just getting older but it seems it may be necessary. We have the best “on paper” team in the NFL - sure injuries hurt us but that was mostly on defense - if we were anything close to the 2016 Falcons offense and scoring 38 points a game we’d still be looking at a shot of the division and a WC lock, at least!
  2. Just saw the press conference that Matt did on 11/07/18... If we squeak into the playoffs, every team should be afraid of mass devastation at the hands of Matt Ryan. The aura that he’s exuding is a “I’m am not about dat bullsh*t right now” type that, as I said earlier, he didn’t even have in the 2016 season. I typically hate making these kinds of posts; they don’t really generate any discussion, only optimism and you can’t really respond to that... But I really feel that Matt has gotten to that ideal point that all great QB’s must get to in their career to get to that all-time platou. He’s been doing surgical damage without a run game and our defense hasn’t really been up to par and... I haven’t seen a QB in this deep of a zone since Aaron Rodgers in his 2011 season and got dang that was one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen from a QB because he played with a “will not be denied” demeanor. Not only that, Calvin Ridley’s presence has really taken our offense to a level where everyone on this board COULD imagine in 2016 but just didn’t come to fruition. Calvin has, in my opinion, just given Matt Ryan a legit 5 additional seasons to his career. Which is going to be great for padding his HOF-stats, yes I said it. I’ve felt, even in the PRIME of his 2016 season that Matt was capable of playing EVEN BETTER. Now will it translate to better numbers than his 2016 season? Not necessarily, but I don’t care about that (except JJ’s TD’s I do want him to get more lmao) I care about winning football games... In style. And right now Matt Ryan is playing as stylish and boastful as a peacock draped in Versace. He is more of an MVP this year than he was in his MVP year. In the words of Roman Reigns... “Belee Dat”
  3. At 4-4, we are setting pretty going into the 2nd half of the season. We only have two games with a team with a winning record. The NFC is still wide open, and even the Saints and Rams are beatable when you look at the statistics. The Falcons offense is inching towards the TOP 3 based on what I'm seeing. We are #2 in Passing, but I believe the Running Game will take a leap. The Falcons should have some great running numbers in the coming weeks. If you look at the prism, we are at #7 in the NFC. The teams that will be fighting for the Wild Card with us will be the Panthers and Vikings. I don't think we will be able to catch-up with the Saints. I think the Saints and the Rams will both finish with a 13-3 record or 12-4 record. But, we could definitely catch-up with Panthers and Vikings specially. Panther's Schedule... At Pitts (loss) At Detroit (W) Seattle (W) At Tampa At Cleveland Saints (L) Atlanta (L) at Saints (L) They finish the season at 10-6... The Vikings: At Chicago (L) Green Bay (W) At New England (L) At Seattle (L) Miami (W) At Detroit (W) Chicago (W) They will finish the season at 9-6-1 or 8-7-1. They have a tough schedule. Worst Case Scenario: 10-5-1 (this will make things a little more tough for the Falcons) The Falcons: At Cleveland (W) Dallas (W) At Saints (L) Baltimore (W) At Green Bay (W)/Our Offense will shred their defense and they may already have 6 losses by the time they meet us. Arizona (W) At Carolina (W) At Tampa We finish at 11-5 or 10-6. We will either finish #5 or #6 in the wildcard race. If this plays out like this, This Falcon team will be far more dangerous than the 2017 version because the offense will be deadly and being able to score in the Red Zone and 3rd down efficiency. Ito Smith is a great compliment to Coleman in the running game, and we may get Freeman back as well. Summary: The way the offense is playing and defense is trending back, we will be a juggernaut on the offense. This reminds me of 2016 on how we finished. I hope we don't have any more major injuries on Defense. Deion Jones return will solidify the back of the defense with Kazee. I believe it will also help by taking the stress out from our CB's. Duke Reilly seems more comfortable and I believe he is going go be serviceable. If Falcons were like a stock, I believe we hit our bottom during the Pittsburgh game. Since then, we have reversed the trends and inching back to normalcy-this means this is a good time to buy this stock because it adds a lot of value. The Rams and Saints are expensive stocks, but the Falcons are trending in the right direction. Buy Now!!!
  4. ...that is in the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row. I thought that was a crazy stat. Shows how quickly the NFL turns over.
  5. I just wanted to ask, Is it just me, or do any of you other Falcons fans like me feel as though the way the Falcons played the Bucs that they held back their play book when it come to offense and defense? The rest of the country considering it was Monday Night Football, they probably think "Well the Falcons have regressed, no Shanny, no Hope on offense", and given the offensive play calling vs the Bucs you can't help but agree with them on those factors. The thing is, I have a feeling that the Falcons kept their ultimate goal play book closed vs the Bucs. And what I mean by that is that I think they held back with their play book and No huddle stuff and also I think they felt they could ask Freeman to win the the game for them, and yes he did it. FREEMAN IS A BREAST! <----- Hey it's the holidays, some of you older Falcons forum fans will get that comment. The man has biggie's BTW! LOL! I can't help but feel that the Falcons held back everything they possibly could considering the circumstances and vs the sTaint's and Panthers in the next two games. What do you think? Were the Falcons just more of less laying back and trying to keep their play book secret considering the importance of the next two game? Or did they just go into the game vs. Tampa playing crappy and were confused by their defense and offense? Just wondering what others thoughts are on this. LOOK : Please don't flame me, I am just asking a question here that I thought others might be interested in hearing about ALSO. I don't post question post or threads I should say, unless I feel it might be something others might ask questions about also. I'm thinking the Falcons will GO OFF on the sAint's, and the sAint's don't have nothing to build off of where film goes vs the Falcons. We shall see. What are your thoughts about this subject? Were the Falcons keeping the play book closed vs the Bucs? Or did they just play that bad? And yea I know some of you will say it was a win. But it was an ugly win, as though the Falcons held back. Thoughts? Go FALCONS!
  6. Ok, every game is a must win however these 3 games will be pivotal in the playoff race. If we win these 3 games then I think a playoff berth would be about 80%.(just my math in my head). If we end up 10-6, 11-5, 12-4 then those teams can not be in our loss column for a greater chance at home field advantage. Good thing is that we have 2 of those games at home. Should be a good season for us. Take care of the division and beat those 3 teams and we should be sitting pretty good. Thoughts?
  7. http://atlantasportspage.org/falcons-path-to-the-super-bowl/
  8. I've got a question about ticket prices to the playoff game. Currently the ticket prices listed on ticketmaster are noted as "Wild Card Game" prices. If I were to purchase a ticket now and we beat the aints and get the first round bye as the two seed, will I have to pay more for that ticket after I have already bought it? Hendu
  9. Thus far we haven't really needed any trickery on O, but things change in the postseason..Take a guess at what trick play(s) KS has up his sleeve for this playoff run.. my semi obvious prediction is we will see a Sanu TD pass at some point. What ya got? Or do you think it's too risky and not necessary with our high powered O?
  10. Folks, we are officially in the playoffs! Now if only AZ and NO can finish with wins would make this Christmas even sweeter...
  11. Defense will be the key to how far the Falcons go once they make the playoffs. If the defense can continue to improve week by week, we may have something special by playoff time.
  12. http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=Aw18ZXTt-DFOS1b0ckA when you have time http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=IzBM9MRTxjbRsy1G3aiapLasOKTTPQ5CxSpABiQLuKYPvqKxUI5bPfhBocuZEcKwsqxIkzyogA
  13. Good road win. Good luck in Seattle.
  14. If I remember correctly the 2010 Packers had at least a 20% of their starters on IR. On both sides of the football. What did they do? They won a Super Bowl. I know that's not the norm, but I feel that with a veteran QB like Matt Ryan and solid Vets at other positions, along with a good infusion of young talent (Love our young corners btw) we have run out of excuses. No more. Good veteran teams find a way. I am looking forward to seeing just how we respond to these challenges. Now, if we lose Matt due to our porous O-line this discussion is moot.
  15. Doesn't matter now, the Falcons season is over. But I am still upset about that 49ers vs. Falcons playoff game for several reasons. I guess that's just part of being a fan. But I must say I feel like the Falcons got ripped. Reason I say that, the ROUGHING THE QB call on Kapernick when they barely touched his facemask. But yet toward the very end of the game Matt Ryan got slammed to the ground and was hurt, not only was their NOT an official timeout but their also was NOT a ROUGHING THE QB penalty called against the 49ers which there should have been the more I watched it. On top of that Unsportsmanlike conduct with the celebration. I felt Roddy White was flat out tackled on that pass to him at the end of the game well before the ball got there also. I get sick of watching football that isn't officiated EVENLY. Never going to happen I guess. Whatever the case, it's not just something to say "Oh Falcons will get them next year", NO, they wont if the same thing happens again. There should be a protest against that game and the lack of NON-BIASED officiating filed. Probably too late now though according to league rules. It was so ridiculous, I mean VISA a sponsor for showing the game running commercials with the 49ers, they wanted an all Harbaugh superbowl. Ridiculous. I intentionally didn't post my opinion on this game for a week so that I wouldn't be upset while posting. But I'll tell ya, I've seen what I am talking about over and over and I am seriously starting to believe that sports are rigged. 15 yard penalty and a small fine ain't nothing if you take out the most important player in the game. But that didn't even happen on the Matt Ryan NON Roughing call. Falcons had one of the best, and correct me if I am wrong but I believe the LEAST PENALIZED team in the NFL. This tells me that the Falcons will never win against teams who have players that would rather hurt someone, Like I said what's 15 yards when you take out the most important player in the game. Oh well, sorry to vent, I'm sure some of you will agree or disagree with me and what I am saying. That's fine, I feel a bit better speaking my mind as a fan for pointing this stuff out. In the end the Falcons just got a big "NOTHING respect wise because they didn't really even talk about the game at all in the media with the exception of how the 49ers were the new superstars of the league"........... BULL!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. The truth is simple. We don't have another must win until we get to the playoffs. You can argue that it would be helpful if we have momentum....but there is no way to be sure. We just need the falcons to prepare and win in the playoffs. They seem to be treating it as preseason and working on how to improve rather than putting together a complete game. As much as I want the falcons to win, it is because I really want respect from the media. However, the only real way to gain respect is win the Super Bowl. The saints had none until they won!
  17. Since winning the NFC South Championship, the absolute worst the Falcons will finish this 2012 season is 4th seed in the NFC playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons will definitely host a playoff game in the Georgia Dome. If you can, order those tickets now, folks. Tomorrow may be too late.
  18. I'm glad that we have 3 weeks to go, but this team will not make it to the NFCCG. Heck, this team will not win a playoff game. The way the offense looked today, coupled with the fact our defense could not get off the field in the 1st half, makes our playoff future consistent with our past. One and Done. Just like the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons they are built to win in the regular season, only to leave the fans disappointing and laughed at during the postseason.
  19. I have only been to Atlanta once and that was the Broncos game on Monday night and we stayed at the Omni. Besides the Omni and the Westin what are other hotels within walking distance of the dome. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. http://bleacherrepor...-to-playoff-win let's hear what y'all think. my projected starting lineup for the Falcons by the end of the 2012 season. LT - Holmes/Baker LG - Blalock/Johnson C - Hawley/McClure RG - Konz/Johnson RT - Clabo/Svitek
  21. Cardinals, Green Bay & now Giants Why can't we get that first first playoff win???? We have some missing pcs to go all the way...hopefully, TD & SMITTY get playmakers in trenches to do the needful.
  22. I was poking around on ESPN and saw a link to this article in The Wall Street Journal. I didn't see it posted anywhere on AFMB and it is worth a look, so I thought I'd share. Since I didn't look in every forum, if I missed that it was posted somewhere, I apologize. Linkage Falcons' McClure Is Vital As Center of Attention By Mike Sielski FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga.—The most important player for the Atlanta Falcons' offense turns 35 next month, had surgery on his right knee in August and is as sturdy as a 6-foot-high bag of groceries. Todd McClure doesn't move as well as he once did, but his football mind, full with the accumulated wisdom of 13 years as an NFL center, has never been sharper. It's as vital to the Falcons as Matt Ryan's arm, Michael Turner's feet or Roddy White's hands. "I'd like to think so," McClure said. If the Giants' pass rush—their ability to disrupt an opposing offense by sending waves of swift, powerful defensive linemen after the quarterback—is the key to beating Atlanta in Sunday's NFC wild-card game, then no Falcons player bears a greater burden than McClure. He's in charge of making sure every breach in the Atlanta offensive line is sealed, that no one misses a blocking assignment. He's among the best in the league at this job. After starting 144 consecutive games for the Falcons—a seventh-round pick out of LSU in 1999, he's spent his entire pro career in Atlanta—McClure missed three of this season's first four games with a knee injury. Of the 26 sacks that the Atlanta offensive line allowed this season, 10 came in the three games that McClure missed. According to the statistical analysis group Pro Football Focus, the Falcons' running backs averaged 0.8 more yards per carry when McClure was in the lineup. "When a guy like that leaves," Falcons left tackle Will Svitek said, "there's a comfort level that's gone." McClure attributed the line's improved play upon his return to the cohesion that develops in such a unit over time, but he acknowledged that "the thing I think I do well—I'm not tooting my own horn—is get us lined up and get us on the right people." His experience, he said, helps him recognize the subtleties that reveal what a defensive player or a defense as a whole might do. "You make up for some loss of athletic ability or speed with slowing the game down in your mind," McClure said, "anticipating where the defensive guy is going to be, and you're there waiting on him before he gets there." The Giants' defense will present a challenge for McClure and his teammates. The Falcons' offensive line, thanks in large part to McClure, is at its best when it has to pick up a blitz: Opponents blitzed Atlanta 177 times this season, and only six of those plays resulted in a sack. "Todd is an integral part in identifying protections," Falcons coach Mike Smith said. But because of the talent and depth on their defensive line, the Giants don't have to blitz to generate pressure on a quarterback. Of their 48 sacks, 35 came on either a three- or four-man rush. In fact, McClure said, the Giants' base defensive alignment is among the simplest he's seen. "We try to block the most dangerous guy, and they have a lot of them," he said. "They don't have to do much because of the personnel they have." In this regard, the Giants stand in contrast to a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, who line up safety Troy Polamalu in unorthodox places to disguise whether he will blitz or drop into coverage. "It can screw up everything," McClure said. Even if the Giants don't blitz much Sunday—and their track record says they won't—the Falcons will still have to fend off Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and the rest of the Giants' pass-rushers. The tactics that Atlanta's linemen might use have been the subject of gamesmanship this week. Tuck told reporters Monday that most people considered the Falcons' linemen to be "dirtbags," implying that at a minimum they skirt the line between fair and dirty play. But no one on Atlanta's offensive line was flagged for any personal-foul penalties this season, and McClure was the only NFL center who played at least 700 snaps in 2011 and didn't commit a penalty of any kind, according to Pro Football Focus. McClure's contract expires at season's end, but he wants to play at least two more years. "You slow down a little bit," he said, "but I think I bring some things to the table other than pure athletic ability." The Falcons' season may hinge on them.
  23. Win or lose tonight's game down in New Orleans is a dry run for the playoffs. The Super Dome is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL if not they loudest. If this team is going to make any noise in the playoffs they are going to need to do it on the road. Starting in either New York or Dallas. Either way it's going to be LOUD and the offense is going to need to preform in a playoff atmosphere like there will be tonight. Win or lose tonight they can reset and take it as another learning experience, for the playoffs in two weeks.
  24. Yet again, your Atlanta Falcons have made the PLAYOFFS! It doesn't matter how we got there, only that we are there. Anything and everything goes in the second season. I'm surprised no one else has created a thread congratulating them. With the Chicago loss to Green Bay, there isn't a team that can finish better than 8-8 that was in contention with us for a wild card birth. The Giants will play Dallas in Week 17 which will be for the NFC East, with the other team finishing 8-8. Chicago can only finish 8-8, as well as Seattle, Philadelphia, and Arizona. ATLANTA FALCONS ARE PLAYOFF BOUND BABY!
  25. Can Falcons Win in January?: http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/09000d5d82519047/Can-the-Falcons-win-in-January Matt Ryan 1-on-1 with Deion Sanders: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/09000d5d82517a1f/Ryan-ready-to-get-the-Falcons-back-off-the-ground Can Falcons make a run?: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-thursday-night-football/09000d5d825155c9/Falcons-can-fly-but-can-they-run
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