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Found 4 results

  1. So since it "looks" like Matt is missing throws, but also the rec are not catching it, it seems like its execution, OK this offense is totally inept at this point and in this game. Something bigger is happening. The talk has been about Ryans mechanics, is that what is giving him issues?? they have got to figure out how much of an issue that is. He is off, but why are you changing something that has gotten you MVP ?? to extend your career? to do something different. Should we expect a year of regression ? if so ok - I just wish we could get enough evidence to support that - I am OK with that, but its pretty hard to watch this offense considering the history of the team.
  2. Once again, in lieu of a lot of panic over a preseason contest, I thought it would be interesting to dig little deeper into things -- anatomy of a play style. Now I actually dropped this response in one of the other threads, but this one includes pictures. First let's address what the preseason is for from a coaching perspective and why things don't always look as fluid as we as fans would like. It is not about wins and losses (I think everyone knows that), and in some cases it's not even purely about execution per se. There are things that coaches have to put out there to get on film in a live game to see how opponents will adjust to them. Then tweaks can be made, or a play can be junked all together. There are sets and plays that you decide going into a preseason game that you are going to call no matter what, irregardless of the situation. You don't care if they have the perfect defense on, you're going to run it anyway to get a look at it. That's why sometimes you'll see even the best offenses inexplicably look bad in preseason. A perfect example of this is the redzone playcalling last Thursday, and one play in particular, the second and goal play. Gun Trips Open - the halfback is to the weakside of the formation. The X receiver to the bottom of the screen has his split cut way down. See how tight he is to the formation? The defense is in a single high look. Both corners off. Probably a straight Cover-3 Sky (zone) , right... or is it Cover-1 (man)?? Now this is the part that the coaches want to get on film. Tevin motions from the backfield out wide. Now we have an empty formation... Note how the defense adjusts. #20, the Strong Safety, Reshad Jones walks out to the receiver. The corner, Maxwell #41, walks out wide to take Tevin. If the safety had followed Tevin out wide it would signal man coverage, but this look this tells Matt it is zone... and more importantly, it tells him that he has a mismatch with a receiver on a safety... a strong safety at that. Also, note the play design. It's a China concept to the top (a redzone staple). At the bottom, Tevin runs a vertical, which is designed to clear out the corner, and then it's just one-on-one Robinson vs. a safety. In short, this is exactly where Matt should be going with the ball. Matt sees it immediately.. but the problem. Being zone, Jones has the luxury of never having to take his eyes off of Matt, so he saw it too. Jones keeps outside leverage. Just incredible zone technique. ... and then he mugs the **** out of the receiver. Looked a lot tighter in real time, though. But you tip your hat. This was a great play by the safety and there was nowhere else to go with the ball. Everything was covered up. Not a great call but...
  3. I believe that an offense does'nt need to complete a deep Pass, to make defenses honor it. Just show you Are willing? Discuss
  4. https://www.profootb...otebook-week-5/ Green Bay @ Atlanta | 1st Q, 11:13 | 1st & 10 . Outcome: . Julio Jones gains 17 yards to push the Falcons into the Green Bay red zone on their opening scoring drive. . Why it worked: . Well-executed misdirection plays are a sight to behold and when they click they usually lead to big gains, just like this one. End-arounds are designed to get outside and when combined with a fake to the opposite side of the field against an aggressive defense, they are a very powerful tool for an offense. You will often see an end-around work because the backside defender, in this case Erik Walden, crashes hard to the inside opening up the backside of the play. Walden only takes a couple of false steps on this play, but the Falcons are still able to make him pay and get to the edge. . Atlanta runs this play very cleverly, incorporating a fake into the pitch to Jones who runs his end around straight from the trips bunch to the right side of the formation with fullback Ovie Mughelli leading him from the inside of the bunch. Rookie running back Jacquizz Rodgers appears to be headed on a pitch off right end but Jones cuts in front and takes the pitch out to the left instead. With only those two false steps from Walden as he looks to step down and pursue the play right, the left side has opened up and with Roddy White running Tramon Williams off down the field from his left wideout spot, Jones has half the field to himself. From there it’s simply a case of running to space and picking up the yardage that the Packers have surrendered. Much-troubled left tackle Sam Baker doesn’t make a block on Desmond Bishop but his positioning prevents Bishop from taking an angle to have any chance of stopping Jones short of the first down. This play was well-executed and only excellent pursuit in the secondary cut it off from getting in to the endzone. Back in 08 MM offense was full of trick plays like theese. I remember a game vs Tampa, where Ryan faked the handoff to Ovie, faked the pitch to the left to Norwood looked downfield and hit wide open Norwood in the flats (I think for a huge gain)...I was like whooooaaaaa .
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