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Found 1 result

  1. ARTHUR BLANK - You are ruining our franchise. OUR franchise. You are simply the guy who paid money to buy the team so you could profit from it. Those of us who are season ticket holders have remained loyal thru thick and thin (mostly thin - even on your watch). We are emotionally and financially invested in this team. You may be both of those, but you are primarily profit driven. You proved this with the announcement of your PSL costs. Falcons mailings, posts and advertisements are a sell job to the fans as though the new stadium is our new home. This stadium is not ours. Most of us will never be able to afford to see the inside of your stadium to watch OUR team play. The stadium is another profit move for you. You get season ticket holders to buy a new stadium (asset) so you can use it to profit. YOU have taken away something from most season ticket holders that we hold dear - the experience of going to watch and cheer OUR team. I realize you will never read this and that if you do, you won't give a **** what I or other fans think or feel. If you did, you would not price us out of being supportive fans of OUR team. Maybe you sell all the PSLs to corporations and fat cats, but who will be left to cheer OUR team? I hope you fail miserably in this endeavor. I may have only talked online to merely hundreds of season ticket holders, but not one has said they will renew their accounts in the new stadium. You should probably listen to us, but you will not. You are officially a bad owner.
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