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Found 11 results

  1. “I think everything is in consideration....We’re going to have to make some hard decisions on some players on this roster.” ~Terry Fontenot
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/24/julio-jones-wants-3000-yards-this-season/ It didn’t take Julio Jones long to become one of the NFL’s best receivers, and in the past five seasons, the Falcons wideout has two All-Pro nods and five Pro Bowls. So when Jones insists he’s going to go “crazy” this season, it’s hard not to believe him. “I’m not ever going to lie to you; I’m going crazy this year,” Jones told D. Orlando Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after his podium session Wednesday. “I’m going crazy. I’ve been doing everything that I need to do. I’m taking care of my body. Physically and mentally, I’ll be ready to go.” When Jones defines “crazy” as 3,000 yards, it’s hard to know whether he’s joking. Jones set a franchise record with 136 catches and 1,871 receiving yards in 2015. Last season, he had 1,677 yards receiving. Calvin Johnson set the league record of 1,954 yards while with the Lions in 2012. “Well, I’m not a prediction-type guy, but I might mess around and go three [ thousand], you know what I’m talking about,” Jones said with a straight face. Three thousand is unheard of and seems far-fetched, but then, it is Julio Jones doing the talking. He would have to average 187.5 yards per game in 16 games to get there.
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/06/01/matt-ryan-more-throwing-on-the-move-a-good-fit/ There’s a new offensive coordinator in Atlanta this season and that means quarterback Matt Ryan is going to have to incorporate some different things into his game. High on that list is the rise in the number of plays that call on Ryan to make throws while on the move out of the pocket. Ryan has attempted just over 93 percent of his passes from the pocket over the last three seasons, but Kyle Shanahan’s scheme has called for quarterbacks to show more mobility. Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com reports that such plays show up three times as often in this year’s playbook, but the quarterback isn’t concerned about making the adjustment. “I think it’s a good fit,” Ryan said. “Obviously, I’ve been able to move around at different times in my career. It wasn’t a featured part of what we were doing with Dirk [Koetter] here. If you look early in my career with Mike Mularkey, we did a lot of outside-the-pocket movement and a lot of throwing on the run. When we had that running and rolling with [running back] Mike Turner, it was more effective. I feel like I’m capable of doing it. I’ve got no issues with that. Like I said, I think it will be a good fit.” Putting Ryan on the move could put him at risk of taking some big hits, but the poor play of the offensive line the last two years hasn’t made the pocket a particularly safe place in Atlanta the last couple of years. If the Falcons can solve that issue, things should be better on offense in Atlanta wherever Ryan is delivering his passes.
  4. http://profootballta...reseason-debut/ Falcons’ backup running backs impress in preseason debut Posted by Michael David Smith on August 9, 2014, 12:08 PM EDT AP The Falcons first-string running back, Steven Jackson, missed the preseason opener while nursing a hamstring injury, and Jacquizz Rodgers, who started in place of Jackson, struggled. But the Falcons liked what they saw of backup running backs Devonta Freeman and Antone Smith. Freeman entered the game in the second quarter and had outstanding numbers, finishing with 50 yards on 10 carries, while also adding a 57-yard catch. Smith spent some time playing with the first-string offense, and although his numbers didn’t look impressive, he had two big plays (a 34-yard catch and a 76-yard touchdown run) called back by penalties. Falcons coach Mike Smith liked what he saw. “Antone had some very explosive plays,” Smith said. “Antone’s a guy that can do some things when we get the ball in his hands. I would imagine we would want to make sure to help him get some touches, put him in an advantageous situation, but I was very impressed with him. I was impressed with Devonta Freeman, in terms of how he ran the ball for the most part. We did some positive things.” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan loved watching what the backup running backs can do. “There were two things that I was really excited about tonight,” Ryan said after the game. “One was Devonta Freeman. He played extremely well, watching from the sideline. Then, there was Antone Smith. Both of those plays got called back but he showed the explosiveness that he has and the speed that he can change a game on any given play. It was fun to watch.” It may have been less fun for Jackson and Rodgers, who may have been watching their backups earn the opportunity to take carries away from them when the regular season starts. I really loved our RBs last night. I want to see more!
  5. Texans, Rams really want to trade down Posted by Mike Florio on May 6, 2014, 10:17 PM EDT The Texans and the Rams hold the first two picks in the draft. And there’s a growing sense that both teams really want to trade down. The thinking in some league circles is that the Texans would like to trade down and take linebacker Khalil Mack. The thinking is that the Rams would like to trade back and select tackle Jake Matthews. With the draft less than two days away, the question of whether either or both teams can trade down remains murky. Look for both teams to keep trying to make a move up until they have to make their picks.
  6. The guy said some pretty powerful stuff about his QB.
  7. http://profootballta...king-top-teams/ Posted by Darin Gantt on December 17, 2012, 2:26 PM EST Getty Images The Falcons have been playing good football for several years, but they’re no longer worried about playing other good football teams. Flush with confidence after thrashing the defending champion Giants yesterday, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said he could sense a difference in this year’s version compared to past teams which earned a front-runner label. “I told them early in the locker room, ‘We can’t keep ducking people and say, We don’t want to play these guys, we don’t want to play those guys,’” White told Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “We have to go out there and execute our game plan, whatever Smitty [coach Mike Smith] brings to us, and we’ve got to go out there and play Falcon football. Stop saying, ‘I hope we don’t get these guys.’ “We’re a good football team. We have to go out there and play like a good football team.” The Falcons have been ousted from the playoffs by three teams that ended up in the Super Bowl, losing to the eventual champs the last two seasons. White said previous Falcons teams didn’t always “relish the moment,” of playing such competition. “Absolutely. I could say, two, three years ago, that was the attitude, trying to escape guys and not do this and say, ‘I hope we don’t get these guys,’” White said. “We’d be saying, ‘Oh, these guys can do this, they’re a good football team.’ We can’t say we don’t want to play them. We can’t say that. “This year, it’s a totally different team.” Pushing through from good to great is often a mental task, more so than a physical one. If the Falcons truly believe they’re different, that might be the first step in being different come the postseason. Roddy is sounding great to me. I am relieved to hear this is in the minds of the players. They feel like they belong at the top and aren't scared of anyone.
  8. Matt Ryan lets the expletives fly, too Posted by Mike Florio on October 2, 2012, 7:16 AM EDT AP During Sunday’s win over the Bills, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a message for no one in particular after his touchdown run was upheld via replay review: “F–k you ******.” As it turns out, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had a similar message for the Panthers after Atlanta came back and won the game at the Georgia Dome: “Get the f–k off our field!“ Ryan doesn’t usually demonstrate that kind of emotion. And that could be one of the reasons why he doesn’t get the kind of attention that he arguably deserves. We’re not saying he should engage in carpet-”F”-bombing on a regular basis. But he should be a little more willing to show a little more fire. Given that he’s the 25-percent of the season favorite for the league MVP award, he has every reason to. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/10/02/matt-ryan-lets-the-expletives-fly-too/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just another article about the F bomb. Its the comments everyone says afterwards. Some of them are ridiculous. I think this one is my favorite though.
  9. Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones recorded 54 catches for 959 yards and eight touchdowns during his rookie season, despite missing three games. The Falcons expect growth from Jones in his second year and incumbent top receiver Roddy White anticipates a lesser role for himself, which suggests Jones may be the focal point of Atlanta’s new offense. Appearing on SportsCenter Wednesday, ESPN’s Jerry Rice nominated Jones as his top breakout wide receiver for 2012. “I love this kid,” said Rice. “He’s awesome. He’s big, he’s fast. … I think he’s gonna have a breakout season this coming year.” Jones ran most of his pass patterns down the sideline last season, while White and tight end Tony Gonzalez racked up underneath catches. When Jones did go over the middle, he was particularly dominant. If new Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter expands Jones’ role in the short and intermediate passing attack, we suspect Rice’s pre-training camp prediction will look awfully good once 16 games are in the books.
  10. AP With the Bucs rebuilding, the Panthers building, and the Saints potentially disintegrating, many think the Falcons could easily capture the NFC South title. Falcons coach Mike Smith isn’t among the many. During a conference call held in connection with the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe (which will be televised, by the way, by NBC), Smith said that the division is wide open. “I know that the NFC South has been one the most competitive divisions for a number of years,” Smith said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Most certainly before I got to the Falcons, there was the worst-to-first story for three or four years. It’s very competitive.” Making it more competitive is the presence of a quartet of top-notch quarterbacks. “In the division, we have three outstanding quarterbacks that have proven themselves and then there is the young one in Josh Freeman that is going to be a great quarterback as well,” Smith said. “It’s a fun division and I don’t think the offseason is any different. We all will prepare and get ready to go play.” Smith realizes that, whether the Falcons get to the postseason by winning the division or via the wild-card route, they won’t be taken seriously until they win a playoff game. “I think ultimately we are both going to be judged on success in the postseason,” Smith said. “There have been a lot of teams and a lot of players that have broken through and gotten that first win. That’s why we are doing everything in our power to figure out how to get that done. . . . We know that we’re doing it the right way. We just have to figure out how to play better at the end of the season.” At the end, middle, and start of the season, Smith has high hopes for second-year skill-position players Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers. “They were at a big disadvantage in my opinion last year in terms of coming in on the 25th of July and not really having an opportunity to spend time with the coaching staff and understand the actual sequencing of what a work week should be like,” Smith said. “Julio had a very good year for us last year and so did Jacquizz. I think they’ll be integral parts of the success we have this year.” The Falcons likely will have success. But it won’t really be success until they win a playoff game. The last postseason win came eight years ago, when Mike Vick and company thrashed the Rams, 47-17.
  11. Reducing his carries and keeping his legs fresh is a good idea, Smitty.
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