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Found 7 results

  1. Baaaahahahaha!!! Btw, great review of the game on this twitter account.
  2. I dont really do this ever, Ive got PSL holders and lifelong season tik guys - we grew up running around Fulton county, but Im not sure how long we can defend what we are seeing anymore as far as these penalties. They just simply are not penalties, I just watched Tru get called for total ghost call - AL Michaels is like uhm well ok ? They are even speechless. Go back and watch it, Grady Jarrett put his weight on the QB ? oh really LMAO. I keep up with all the Atlanta teams but Im a football guy and l think many ATL fans its hard to keep it up when the game has turned into its current encarnation. I have been arguing against soccer, BB etc for awhile but the refs are just getting too involved in this.
  3. Falcons had 8 critical penalties, 5 of which kept Bear drives going. The other three were Special Teams Penalties that gave up good starting field position or negated good Falcon field position. I felt the defense played fast and physical. The offense didn't make any critical mistakes and did just enough to win. No Turn Overs for either team. 4 sacks for the Falcons. They had a chance to let it slip away but made the big play in the end to win it. Without the penalties you can take 10 points off that Bear tally. It was an NFL, bruising football game. Those of you guys that think that just because the Falcons got hot in the playoffs last year that they're suddenly an elite, win every game going away team have your leagues crossed up. This ain't Alabama against Fresno State. It's a grind every week. The fact that the breaks went our way when the game was on the line is something to be happy about. That's how it goes for winning teams. As a matter of fact it may be the only difference between winning and losing seasons in this league. Stop the unreal expectations and hunker down for a knock down drag out game every week. They're 1 & 0. Can't be any worse than 1 & 15 but could still win them all.
  4. I liked the last thread for G,B,U so figured I would make one for Week 2. The Good - The offense finally kicked it into gear. They marched the ball down field effortlessly, especially in the 2nd half with touchdown after touchdown. Matt Ryan looks like he is gaining more and more confidence in the offense and is starting to look comfortable again. It's also nice to see that we don't have to force feed Julio in order to win. Big time contributions from the tight ends this week, Tamme, Hooper even Toilolo had big time catches and Sanu stepped up late with Julio out. Also good, VERY good, pass pro! I was expecting Mack and Irvin to dine on Matt Ryan all day long, and that was far from the case. They were quiet, super quiet, and I absolutely loved it! GREAT job by the o-line yesterday. Also good, Devonta Freeman looked amazing yesterday. He seemed to be cracking off 6-8 yard runs every time he touched the ball. It's odd though that he was not targeted once in the passing game? Also, it seems RBBC is more true than "ride the hot hand" because while TeCo was also doing well, Freeman was the hot hand yesterday and it seemed he would get going and then we would see TeCo. The Bad - Ugh, 3rd down penalties. Stupid penalties. 12 men on the field. Pushing off on a pick that didn't need to happen. Defensive holding. They really need to clean up the flags. I couldn't wait to see Mike Smith go, but I must admit...I miss the days when we had a disciplined team. These flags are ridiculous. The Ugly - Where the heck is the pass rush?!?! It was completely non existent again yesterday, DQ and company need to figure out how to apply some pressure or this team will go nowhere. With the offense clicking, we need the defense to step up and we have a real shot at the division. Missed tackles. Looks like this team is back to the Falcons of old who cannot wrap up and bring down a runner. Although he hasn't played a regular season snap, it seems we really miss Neal. And I love Spoon, but he is not a starting OLB. We need Campbell back this week, he brings so much more to the table. All in all, a solid win, on the road, against an up and coming AFC contender. A lot of stuff to work on, but also a lot of stuff to build on. On to the Saints, RISE THE EFF UP!
  5. For fk's sake, man... this league is going to be in big trouble if these first preseason games are any indication of how penalties are going to be called this year. Seahawks/Broncos is already a sham... It just keeps getting worse... i'd so much rather let the guys play and have a penalty not called than have to sit through this farce of giving away first downs like candy... It goes for the Falcons; it goes for any team... games are going to be four hours long pretty soon if we can't go a series without four-five BS penalties...
  6. There's more behind Tuck calling us out than the fact he's trying to get into our head. He's also inadvertently telling the refs "Hey watch for this, these guys are dirty, you guys better call a penalty." By doing this he is pointing something out for the refs, and refs are refs if you complain enough they'll start looking for the calls, we've seen it with Sean Payton constantly complaining about Roddy's pushoffs, Everyone calling Suh Dirty, and Rex Ryan pretentiously calling out every opponent he faces. So if the Giants are going to whine about it to get the refs attention, how do we as a fanbase counter it? Easy we whine and moan even more, and new we have direct outlets to reach the people that matter (Twitter and Facebook). Roger Goodell and the NFLPA both have active twitter accounts. So here's what we need to do as a fanbase to help our team (Besides getting our seats before kickoff) We need to get video clips of the Giants committing the same type of illegal action or play repeadtely and send them to major news outlets and the NFLPA and Goodell, if a large enough portion do it, than it'll put a lot of attention on the Giants' shady tatics. We already know they like to fake injuries to slow down other opponents when they are on pace. We use the no huddle so guess what they'll probably attempt this more than once, so it wouldn't hurt to circulate those videos around some more, to keep everyone's memory fresh. They also have a suspect secondary so try to find a lot of video evidence of PI and get it circulated aswell, also getting some holding footage put out there wouldn't hurt at all. Sure this may not be "honorable" or "pretty", but the Steelers, Patriots, and Raiders aren't "honorable teams" and two of those have a lot of superbowls while the Patriots have won the most this decade.
  7. My 24hr post. Some things that irritate me... 1. We will always be that, "Let's wait until next week." team. I don't care really, but for some of the "fans" and a lot of the talking heads on TV, they want to be the guy to say, "See, I told you so. I told you they weren't good and they wouldn't win." We'll never be that team people don't doubt. We'll always have those players in key positions that, "Just can't get it done." These aren't my opinions by the way. I know we have some work to do. We're starting to look up and it's good. 2. To backup my point in 1. A lot of what I've heard since yesterday is, "Well, the Lions might not be as good as we thought. They're on a skid. etc. etc." 3. Penalties! What's the deal? They didn't lose the game for us this week, but could any other week and luckily the Lions didn't step it up just enough to overcome our penalties. My DVR started recording like half-way through the first...did Weems seriously have a 104 yarder called back? I didn't hear that anywhere until I read some obscure article today....We gotta play smarter. 4. Suh. Not that I care about him, but am getting very tired of hearing about him. We went to their house and they probably thought it was a sure win. They're up, we're down...piece of cake. It's no secret Suh is a very aggressive and some say dirty player, but he seems to be somewhat of a sore loser....if the talk is true, I'm glad Ryan came in and completed that third down...and of course we won, so move on to next week. 5. Play our type of game. There was too much focus on passing the first handful of games. We do well when we get back to running more. You can still run and distribute the ball to Jones, White, Gonzalez, and Douglas. We need to run first then pass. The run will help the pass and the pass will help the run....I know....no real secret. Well, that's enough for now. I think we're looking better by the week. A little more optimistic about this year. Gotta get to the Saints though. They're looking good and got off to a fast start this year. Hopefully they cool off and we heat up. We'll see.
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