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Found 10 results

  1. DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!!! This Super Bowl was NOT about Tom Brady or even Julian Edelman (even tho he deserved MVP), this Super Bowl was about the Patriots top 10 scoring defense (ranked #7 all year). They overpowered that high powered Rams offense. All year long people thought this would finally be the year a high powered offense wins it all and the talk was this is becoming an offensively friendly league and defenses are going down the drain. Not so fast my friend. If you're a real fan of the sport, as much as you hate the Patriots, you got
  2. I've heard or read these comments all too often: "If Brady went anywhere else he wouldn't be as successful." "If [insert QBs name] played for Bill Belichick in New England he'd have the same success as Brady, if not more." It's no secret that Bill Belichick runs a tight ship. He's detailed, methodical, and he demands the absolute best from his staff and players. Looking at it from the outside in, it looks like a dream situation to be in. But is it true that any QB would last or be successful in an organization that operates like West Point? I saw this video, and I wonder i
  3. Okay, before I make fun of the Saints tears of joy again, I want to bring up some little stats nobody is paying attention to. So are you ready? This is gonna be interesting! The Rams win in OT in New Orleans was the first time in 25 years the Saints lost a home playoff game, which snaps a 7 home playoff win streak for the Saints. The 1993 Eagles in January 1994 were the last team to win a playoff game in New Orleans before the Rams yesterday. Of course that also meant the first time Brees and Payton ever lost a home playoff game too. The 2018 Rams played the AFC West this year, just
  4. So the Saints are about to play the Patriots. These are arguably the two teams Falcons fans hate the most. It's a conflicting situation. So the difficult question to ask is, which team do we want to win? We can make an argument for either side: *For a Patriots loss:* Watching them collapse and rack up losses after all the praise they get would be fun to watch. They broke our hearts in the Super Bowl. We've heard enough of the Tom Brady love, it's getting old, just like him. The Saints probably don't pose a threat to winning the division, so a win for them here may not matter. *For a
  5. Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning Superbowl LI! While Matt Ryan won the league MVP,Tom Brady was the MVP OF THE SUPERBOWL! They shut down Julio Jones and the overrated Falcons offense. While the underrated Patriots offense blew the overrated and inexperienced Falcons defense. FINAL SCORE 38-17!!! YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO THE VICTORY PARADE IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON!!!
  6. Super Bowl LI: #1 New England Patriots vs #2 Atlanta Falcons--NRG Stadium, Houston, TX Here we are guys. A season for the ages comes to a conclusion in just a couple of hours. Few expected us to make it this far on such short notice, especially considering all that transpired in the 2015 season. Nevertheless, the team came together and accomplished great things this season and managed to galvanize the city of Atlanta behind their #InBrotherhood mantra. This will only be the second Super Bowl appearance in the Atlanta Falcons' 51 year history, the first coming 18 years ago under head coach
  7. Super Bowl LII odds for every NFL team play Why Broncos, Titans, Eagles could be contenders soon (1:19) Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email comment Jan 24, 2017 ESPN.com NFL Nation reporters analyze every team's odds to win Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Each team's odds, current as of Jan. 23, are presented from best to worst and are courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. 5-1 odds New England Patriots The Patriots have the be
  8. Funny:....but typical. By Judy Battista NFL.com: "The NFL is about adversity in general, the way you handle it, approach it day to day," Romo said. "I think the job for our football team is to find ways to win. We have a group of guys in that room that I think can do that." Perhaps they do, but the schedule won't help the Cowboys. They might be able to slip past some of their reeling division opponents, but it is hard to imagine they can score enough points without Romo and Bryant to keep pace with the Patriots next month, or to find a way around Seattle's defense in November or to stay with t
  9. I have been a Falcons fan for some time now and I am not sure what is going on with our fans. We lost a game to an average team and so what. It is football and thats the best part of it because anyone can beat anyone. Instead of crying and whining, how about we make the dome LOUDER than it ever was. Win or Lose be loud on every down not only on 3rd down. Take a look at Seahawks fans and how loud they get. They are breaking records along with their team. I believe we can RISE UP and shut down Tom Brady. We the fans can be the 12th player on the field that causes chaos for Mr.Tom Brady. There is
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