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Found 13 results

  1. Realistically, are any of the three of Clowney, Dante Fowler, or Everson Griffin in play to be signed? I would be happy with any of the three but it seems like we have been linked with Fowler the most. Clowney doesn't always show up on the stat sheet but I think he makes a big impact on the field. Everson is a crap shot being that he's dealing with his mental health crisis and still trying to continue his career. Im rooting for him but that type of thing is a lifelong battle and it's impossible to determine if he will be fully ready to go.
  2. Jack Crawford is quietly having a very good year rushing the passer. He may not be a world beater but a good rotational player. I am surprised not many people are talking about Crawford. Here are the Pass rush stats. Takk : 6 sacks, 2 hits and 16 QB hurries. Total 24. vic : 1 sack, 3 hits and 18 QB hurries Total 22 Grady: 3 sacks , 4 hits, 15 QB hurries, total 22. crawford: 4 sacks, 2 hits and 14 QB hurries. Total 20. After that pass rush falls off the cliff. Brooks Reid: 1 sack, 2 hits and 7 QB hurries, Total 10. And Bruce Irvin: 3 sacks, 1 hit and 6 QB hurries, Total 10. Even if Irvin isn’t what he used to, Falcons get a good rotational pass rusher who can keep Takk fresh and veteran presence for Vic. Hopefully he can help Vic converting those. QB hurries yo sacks.
  3. Looks like the Freeney acquisition is paying off but I'm still a little hesitant about Beasley. After breaking out in Denver, this was the game for Beasley to solidify himself and I'm not sure I really saw that. I'm no tape guru though so I'm wondering what everyone else's opinions are.
  4. I liked the last thread for G,B,U so figured I would make one for Week 2. The Good - The offense finally kicked it into gear. They marched the ball down field effortlessly, especially in the 2nd half with touchdown after touchdown. Matt Ryan looks like he is gaining more and more confidence in the offense and is starting to look comfortable again. It's also nice to see that we don't have to force feed Julio in order to win. Big time contributions from the tight ends this week, Tamme, Hooper even Toilolo had big time catches and Sanu stepped up late with Julio out. Also good, VERY good, pass pro! I was expecting Mack and Irvin to dine on Matt Ryan all day long, and that was far from the case. They were quiet, super quiet, and I absolutely loved it! GREAT job by the o-line yesterday. Also good, Devonta Freeman looked amazing yesterday. He seemed to be cracking off 6-8 yard runs every time he touched the ball. It's odd though that he was not targeted once in the passing game? Also, it seems RBBC is more true than "ride the hot hand" because while TeCo was also doing well, Freeman was the hot hand yesterday and it seemed he would get going and then we would see TeCo. The Bad - Ugh, 3rd down penalties. Stupid penalties. 12 men on the field. Pushing off on a pick that didn't need to happen. Defensive holding. They really need to clean up the flags. I couldn't wait to see Mike Smith go, but I must admit...I miss the days when we had a disciplined team. These flags are ridiculous. The Ugly - Where the heck is the pass rush?!?! It was completely non existent again yesterday, DQ and company need to figure out how to apply some pressure or this team will go nowhere. With the offense clicking, we need the defense to step up and we have a real shot at the division. Missed tackles. Looks like this team is back to the Falcons of old who cannot wrap up and bring down a runner. Although he hasn't played a regular season snap, it seems we really miss Neal. And I love Spoon, but he is not a starting OLB. We need Campbell back this week, he brings so much more to the table. All in all, a solid win, on the road, against an up and coming AFC contender. A lot of stuff to work on, but also a lot of stuff to build on. On to the Saints, RISE THE EFF UP!
  5. Vic Beasley - LB - Falcons Falcons DL coach Bryan Cox said they must find a way to turn Vic Beasley's QB hurries into sacks. Pressure is production, so Beasley's 33 hurries and five QB hits as a rookie are nothing to scoff at, but Atlanta wants more than the four sacks Beasley was able to manage. Beasley is expected to move to SAM linebacker in the base defense, but most of his snaps will likely come off the edge as a rusher. Beasley's 33 hurries were 12th-most among 48 qualified 4-3 ends last season. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jun 29 - 10:51 AM Player Outlook Game Log Career Stats In-season Projections
  6. The biggest beef many have with the 2016 draft class is that the Falcons did not add a pass rushing DE. Two things: (1.) Drafting a DE over other talent just because you need pash rush can be costly. Jamal Anderson over Patrick Willis is a cautionary tale Falcon fans should never forget. (2.) Perhaps Shelby was targeted in FA precisely because the Falcons FO did not see "their" guy in the draft. Perhaps Shelby is the young talented player who fully blossoms under Quinn. After hearing Quinn on the radio, I'm confident that is the way he sees it, and this was their plan all along. Outside of Alex Mack, Shelby may turn out to be one of the better FA acquisitions in the league. Only time will tell, but I get the feeling that head coach sees more in Shelby than the general fanbase. Something else to consider... Although the Falcons did not add a DE in the draft, it is a false narrative to say that they did not add to the pash rush. De'Vondre Campbell led the Gophers in sacks (4.0) his senior season. He is a player with a lot of upside in the pass rush department. Also, Deion Jones was not used as a blitzer at LSU, but DQ's comments make clear that the Falcons will blitz him sometimes here.
  7. When Quinn was asked about how we plan to address the pass rush, he said something that caught my ear. When answering, he replied with Beasley's growth, the addition of Shelby, Clayborn playing exclusively at DE and Reed... Reed is what I thought was interesting. I wonder if he plans to use Reed in more of a LEO capacity than last year. With the departure of Beirmann (thank goodness), does that open up an opportunity for Reed to rush the passer and give Beasley a breather from time to time? Reed was awful as an SLB and often looked lost on the field (can recall the play when he was completely fooled on a bubble screen at the 10 yardline for a td SMDH, among many). Does Quinn think his best ability is to rush the passer? He did come into the league as a DE then was moved to OLB in a 3-4 with the Texans. He was highly productive in college as a pass rusher and tested well as a pass rusher. The knock on him was his size... The LEO position doesn't require you to have tremendous size, but the ability to rush the passer. Do you guys think this transition will be able to revive his career here or will he continue to suck?
  8. I've been thinking about our front 7 options on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down all day while working. Who would you send on the field for three downs (include your choice of first round pick)? 1st Down: Go Big to Stop the Run 2nd Down: Get to Third and Long 3rd Down: Drop the QB Link to PowerPoint on DropBox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29015067/New%20Defense.pptx
  9. Some people here are losing their minds that we are not tanking to secure a pass rusher in the top of the 1st round - those people need to understand 3 things: 1. Pass rushers take time to develop, even top tier ones (look at Clowney). Guys like Mack are not the standard, they are the exception most of the time. 2. In light of reason #1 - the best place to find a pass rusher is FA - since rushers take time to develop and are a crap shoot to draft at best, you find proven ones in FA, same as OL (also take time to develop). 3. Look at our history drafting defensive players. Now Pioli might help us out on this - but by and large we miss more than hit on defensive players. Is that TD's fault? Probably. But even if TD is gone next year that doesn't change reasons 1&2 - we aren't going to find a rusher that will set the tone of the game on defense in a first year player (the chances of that happening are slim, even for teams that draft well on defense). The overriding point here is obvious: We have a ton of needs, and at this stage of the team's development, we need to go BPA in the draft. One could argue our only position that is not up for grabs is QB - so BPA just plain makes sense. If we address pass rush and our OL in FA then we can draft players to suit our needs at the best spot available, because OL and pass rush are our biggest needs and we can snag proven players to fill out those roles. So if we don't get #1 overall pick, its not the end of the world. There will be plenty of talent available, and you don't want our FO drafting edge rushers anyway - they will probably screw it up. Go FA heavy on pass rush and OL and the rest will work itself out.
  10. The Falcons needed to improve their pass rush. They wanted to sign Charles Johnson, they did sign Ray Edwards, they wanted to sign Mario Williams. They had no first round pick this year. So how do you improve the pass rush when you can't land a top tier DL? You land a top tier cb so your coverage is strong enough to allow you to blitz more with your LBs/DBs. It's hard to know if Nolan walked into the front office and told them this is how he wanted to address our pass rush. It isn't hard to know that our old defense did not rely on man coverage or exotic blitz schemes. Nolan stated that he wanted to have a buch of guys with 4 sacks rather than one guy with 10. How do you do that? Welcome to ATL Asante Samuel! This move is bigger than just getting more ints, it's about finally having a CB group that can be trusted to man up and provide a chance for our other defenders to get after the QB. Look for Spoon, Nic, and our safeties' sack numbers to rise this year.
  11. What Giants do well: - Throw The Ball to thier 3 speedy, talented WR's - Rush The passer with JPP, Osi, Tuck, and Kiwanuka What we do poorly: -Cover People with our Zone -Protecting Ryan Uh-Oh....
  12. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/stats/2011/defense/0_byDFNS_SACK.html we had a dismal first half in creating pressure on opponent QB's time to buckle up in second half folks.....law of averages suggests we are about to turn up some heat!! What do you guys think? Do you really believe Ray Edwards is legit & can turn around his performace as an ace sack master?
  13. I know we have all stated our frustration with the O-line and it has the potential to be the worst in the NFL. I just wanted to mention that our pass-rush is still as anemic and inconsistent as ever.
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