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  1. Falcons ranked #1 https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/ranking-the-nfc-south-s-linebackers-falcons-panthers-boast-talented-units Ranking the NFC South’s linebackers: Falcons, Panthers boast talented units Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM AP Photos The NFC South is home to two of the best linebackers in the NFL, and it added a pair of top-tier athletes at the
  2. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/ranking-the-nfc-south-s-receiver-corps-falcons-boast-an-intimidating-group Ranking the NFC South’s receiver corps: Falcons boast an intimidating group Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM By this point in the offseason we have a pretty good picture of what certain position groups look like around the NFL. Since there are sti
  3. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/ranking-the-nfc-south-s-running-back-groups-all-purpose-stars-lead-the-way Ranking the NFC South’s running back groups: All-purpose stars lead the way Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM Although the running back position has become a bit marginalized in recent seasons, the NFC South boasts some of the league’s top young bac
  4. The Lions, Bills, and Pathers are all winning! We will leap frog these teams simply by doing what we normally do all 4th quarter long! We need some more nice drops -- why the **** are we intercepting passes now???
  5. I cannot believe that right when we need to lose the most, the Panthers shut down Cam. Yeah, I know they can't catch us, but we're in a dead heat draft race with a bunch of other teams. It was already going to be a hard loss to achieve based on the Panthers' impressive losing streak, but now we have to lose to some QB I've never even heard of. We need to lose in order to win. Finishing in the middle is finishing last. Right when you think it can't get worse, we get the worst wins possible!
  6. These last three games are truly must-lose games! We've done a good job of getting back in contention for a top pick, but if we win this week against the Cardinals I don't think we can recover. WE MUST LOSE THIS ONE, and we'll have the tie breaker over them! Right now there are three teams who have lost better than us: Cardinals, 49ers, and Raiders. We pass the Cardinals this week and then have to hope the 49ers and Raiders slip up again somewhere. This means our final three games are pretty brutal, because these teams have been great all year at losing football games. We can
  7. This is going to be a very detailed post by me. I fan-posted this on the Falcoholic as well and I would like to share this with everyone on the Falcons boards. These are officially my thoughts on the Falcons 2018 season so far. That top 10 in scoring D we had last year was Dontari Poe, Adrian Clayborn, Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, and Ricardo Allen coming together and leading the other guys on defense. Robert Alford, Desmond Trufant, Brian Poole, and other guys were probably better and up'd their game because of the leadership of Rico and Debo on the field. Jarrett and Takk definitely helpe
  8. Not sure if I saw this anywhere.... Link Olsen re-fractured foot. OT Daryll Williams tore his MCL and dislocated right Patella.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/zW8sILJ Click on the link up here and tell me what you think? I used the NFL Playoff Predictor on https://playoffpredictors.com I have the Falcons starting 2-3 and winning 10 straight to get to 12 wins, just like in 2002 and 2010 when we also had a long winning streak during the season playing the AFC North with the same home and away schedule as this upcoming season. As I've brought up before, our AFC North schedule matches 2010 and our NFC East schedule matches 2012. We also play the Eagles in Philly and the Cardinals at home again just like 2010, 2012, and 2016
  10. The Buccaneers and the Eagles are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC North was on their schedule. No team out of the NFC playing the AFC North on their schedule has been back to the Super Bowl ever since. The Panthers and the Seahawks are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC South was on their schedule and each of them did it twice. The 2003 Panthers, 2005 Seahawks, 2013 Seahawks, and 2015 Panthers. From 2006-2012 (7 seasons in a row), every team out of the NFC who played in the Super Bowl played the AFC East on their schedule. That s
  11. I'm a life long old time Falcons fan. And I can tell you all from experience in the past year after year after year. Anytime the Falcons get in an important game there always seems to be some screwy officiating calls. In the game vs. the Vikings the Falcons offensive line kept getting smashed with hands to the face over and over and over. Then there were the penalties in that game calling anything and everything on the Falcons while not calling it on the vikings. As for the sAints last game, hands to the face and holding that they got away with comes to mind where officiating goes,
  12. I just wanted to ask, Is it just me, or do any of you other Falcons fans like me feel as though the way the Falcons played the Bucs that they held back their play book when it come to offense and defense? The rest of the country considering it was Monday Night Football, they probably think "Well the Falcons have regressed, no Shanny, no Hope on offense", and given the offensive play calling vs the Bucs you can't help but agree with them on those factors. The thing is, I have a feeling that the Falcons kept their ultimate goal play book closed vs the Bucs. And what I mean by that is
  13. http://dailysnark.com/helmet-every-nfl-team-biggest-rivals-colors/ This website made a post showing different NFL teams helmets with their "biggest rivals" colors. Kind of funny to see. They kind of messed up by making our biggest rival the Panthers. We all know that title belongs to the Saints. But they did make us both the Panthers and Saints biggest rival, follow the link if you wanna see it. Here's what they did for the Falcons:
  14. Go to the Championship game and loose, or not go at all? Im asking because every time I log onto Nfl.com I see the score from the Super Bowl. Now I won't deny that personally I'm enjoying it but man that has to sting if you are a panties fan and I wonder if they would rather erase the memory. This is ofc Falcon related in the sense that we need to picture ourselfs at the winning end on that board.
  15. First - a word from Big Ben. Second - I've been looking around the internet, Most are saying the Panthers should steamroll the Steelers.. What most don't understand is we don't have the type of offense that will steamroll a team. We have a ball control offense that tries to take 8 to 10 minutes off the clock per drive. Under Chud? I could see a steamroll happening since Chud had us scoring on 2-4 minute drives a lot of the times. Shula throw, prefers to take it slow, and it does suck sometimes, but I can't argue much about it yet. Regardless.. it normally means that at the st
  16. Feel free to post gifs of your own rookies. Got these gif links from some awesome posters of the huddle.
  17. With the start of the 2013 regular season right around the corner, Iet us take a moment to reflect back on a piece of NFL history and re-witness (or witness for the first time for some of you) the Saints' record-setting performance in week 17 of the 2012 NFL season. A momentous occasion in the history of the league where the Saints set the record for the most yards given up in NFL history - usurping the renowned title from the previous record-holder, the notorious 1981 Baltimore Colts! http://youtu.be/0OFqEih6c60
  18. i gotta admit that front 4 of the panthers are gonna be straight beast mode.i love my falcons but that front 4 is looking fierce,just wondering if they even thought bout secondary.i figured 1 corner an 1 safety but dang they went dt 2 times.
  19. CLICK LINKS ABOVE FOR EACH TEAM. Im not quoteing each team or creating a thread for each team. In this series of pieces, Pro Football Focus is hammering into the value of players. To us it’s a “Performance Based Value” number, telling you what players were worth (by our grading) in 2012. You can read about the work we’ve done to create it here, but in short: • It’s solely about what a player did on the field in 2012 • Players are grouped by positions so their play essentially earns them a portion of the positional salary pool • It’s all about cap hits (these values are approximate)
  20. I only made this thread because I was listening to First Take on my break today and they said something about "intangibles vs natural gifts" talking about Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. I always bring it back to football, and I realized that if you were to grade QBs based ONLY on Intangibles all lumped into one category and Natural Gifts all lumped into one category, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan would be the poster boys for each category. Coming out of college in 2008, the flavor of the month in February and March on the NFL Network was intangibles. Mike Mayock was always talking about how amaz
  21. It is the kind of thing I would expect from him. What do you think?
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