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Found 2 results

  1. Week 4 DNP Chris Owens Michael Palmer (officially out for game) Lousaka Polite Antone Smith Limited Jonathan Babineaux Tyson Clabo Julio Jones Stephen Nicholas Mike Peterson Nic seemed a bit slower last week (after being listed on the report) - hopefully he's healing. Hopefully Polite can go otherwise Snelling will see lots of FB reps (as we are down a TE anyway) Babs is new but Roddy, Spoon and Abe have all dropped off from last week.
  2. With 4:06 left and the Falcons up 23-10 Locker tosses a wounded duck, wobbly pass towards his end Hawkins at the Falcons six. Dunta stands there, watches it wobbling down. He whiffs on the ball!! I mean flat whiffs and Hawkins makes the catch and the Titans score soon after. Dunta what in creation were you watching? Just before that, 4th and 17 for Tennessee with Decoud on defense.. complete for a first down. (see below). I don't care if you had an earlier INT. The tv guys even said you're paid $10 million per interception (2 ints in two years). 4-17-TEN 42 (4:40) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker pass short left to 89-J.Cook to ATL 36 for 22 yards (28-T.DeCoud). 2-10-ATL 36 (4:04) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker pass deep left to 87-L.Hawkins to ATL 4 for 32 yards (23-D.Robinson). You guys cannot play defense and I would have added Owens muffed plays but there isn't enough room. Its enough to make a fan sick......I guess I feel better now.
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