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Found 1 result

  1. Shouldn't we be focusing on what pass rushes we play next year seeing as that's when our team crumbled? @KC - Not a dominating pass rush by any means, but they do have a 10+ sack guy in Tamba Hali. The rest of their pass rush is very unimpressive though. Hali had 12 sacks. The rest of the team only had 17. DEN - Von Miller is a beast that must be contained. This team has two 10+ sack players in Miller and Dumervill. This could be a tough matchup for our Falcons. If we can contain those two we should be ok. At least Miller is a LB and isn't rushing off the edges. I hate the matchup of Dumervill vs Baker/Svitek though. @SD - This teams pass rush is pretty putrid. Their only double digit sacker was LB Antwan Barnes. Nobody else on the team had more than 4 sacks and they only had 32 sacks on the season. SD isn't a team that scares me as we've had their number much like the Eagles have had ours. CAR - Charles Johnson was their leading sacker with 9. Nobody else was a major factor on their defense as they only recorded 31 sacks on the season. They will be getting Beason back though so their defense should be improved and I'd imagine they are spending the #9 pick on either a DT, DE or CB so their D should be improved slightly. Contain Cam and we win. @WASH - This game scares me. They have two above average pass rushers in Orakpo and Kerrigan. They looked pretty darn good at the beginning of the year last year before injuries started to hurt them. They racked up 40 sacks on the season last year. The addition of RGIII could make this a dangerous team for the first time in a while. Trap game here. OAK - This team is interesting on defense. They had 5 players with 5+ sacks. Two of them were DTs. We cannot allow their DT's to collapse the middle of the pocket or it'll be a long day for us. Playing in ATL will help their offense as they are a very fast team. This is easily a winnable game, but it will be a test. @PHI - Their DL is dominant. Their 2 DE's, Babin and Cole, accounted for 29 sacks last year. That is more than quite a few teams. Their secondary should also be improved now that they are switching back to a man scheme so Aso won't play near as bad as he did last year. This is a game I think we lose. Lets just hope they don't make the playoffs and the Cowboys somehow win the division. DAL - Demarcus Ware. He is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He had 19.5 sacks by himself last year. He has to be contained to win this game. Their DL is far from being on the same level as the Eagles though. He's their only real threat as a pass rusher. We should be able to win this game. @NO - Stop Brees, beat the Saints. Not much to say about their pass rush. Their leading sacker last year was a safety, Roman Harper. We already know what has to happen to beat this team. ARI - Surprisingly this team racked up 42 sacks on the year last year. Calais Campbell is the only real threat on the DL though. He accounted for 8 of their sacks. The majority of their sacks came from the LB position. I think Ryan has quick enough decision making to make them a non factor. @TB - Gerald Mccoy will be back and that should help, but this was one of the worst teams in the league @ sacking the QB. They only accumulated 23 sacks on the year. I see no reason why we shouldn't sweep the Bucs. NO - See above @CAR - See above NYG - A team with multiple pass rushers that we know about all too well. If Eli is playing at as high a level as he was last year we will more than likely lose this game. Their pass rush is too much for any OL in the league, much less ours. @DET - Detroit has an elite DL, but the rest of the defense is questionable at best. We have to make sure Suh and Fairley don't collapse the middle of the pocket. If we do we should be ok as their edge rushers are only slightly above average. I don't feel very confident in this team beating any team with an elite DL though so this game could go either way. TB - See above. Looking at this, I only see 3-4 games against teams with elite DL's that will give us fits. DET, NYG and Philly. I think looking at this is just as important as looking @ the QB's we play. I trust in Nolan to fix the defense more than I trust the OL though.
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