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Found 12 results

  1. Can anyone remember another year where so many QBs have changed teams? Yeah, usually backup QBs change teams quite often but the number of teams that will have new starting QBs in 2020 is long and crazy and we're not finished yet. Tom Brady = Patriots to Buccaneers Philip Rivers = Chargers to Colts Nick Foles = Jaguars to Bears Case Keenum = Redskins to Browns Marcus Mariota = Titans to Raiders Teddy Bridgewater = Saints to Panthers Brian Hoyer = Colts to Patriots Jameis Winston = Buccaneers to ??? Cam Newton = Panthers to ??? This does
  2. He made his CFL debut tonight and threw 4 interceptions in the 1st half. That folks, is the reason he can't find an NFL job, not because of his off field issues. If you're a good enough player you'll always be given a chance in sports somewhere, but bad players can't overcome bad off field issues. I still can't believe the Browns drafted this guy in the 1st round and that there were some folks here that wanted him in a Falcons uniform. I watched this guy play, I said many times that there was no way in heIl that he would ever be a successful NFL QB and that I wouldn't touch him
  3. Anyone else excited for Thursday? I know I am! I don't particularly care about either team but I'm excited because it's real football and I'm ready for it!! Excited to see how Lamar Jackson looks. Hope Hayden Hurst looks good too!
  4. This is off topic but former 49ers great WR Dwight Clark is battling ALS and over the last several months former 49ers teammates have spent time with Clark at his home in Montana. Such a sad story. Link
  5. https://247sports.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/Bolt/Falcons-host-Notre-Dame-Mike-McGlinchey-Matt-Ryans-cousin-for-visit-117261765 Falcons host Matt Ryan’s cousin for visit Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said that patching up their offensive line depth would be a high priority going into the NFL Draft, and this week the team is hosting one of the best prospects at the position in this year’s class. Notre Dame tackle Mike McGlinchey paid a pre-draft visit to the Falcons, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. McGlinchey boasts not only one a first round draft projection af
  6. Remember how it used to be on this board and in NFL circles all about John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco and the Ravens and how Ozzie Newsome was one of the best GM's in football? I think the shine has worn off the Ravens since their SB win in 2012. Since then they've made the playoffs just once (2014) and went 1-1. Their regular season record since the start of the 2013 season is 40-40. Joe Flacco continues to turn in average after average after average season and they're paying him how much? Wow!! Check out these seasons, as bad as Matt Ryan gets roasted on here, could you imagine it if he was tu
  7. This is unbelievable news!! Thrashers are coming home!! Linkage
  8. This guy is a boss, I hope TD and the FO saw this too http://www.cincyjung...t-dennis-roland He's a bulldog to boot 6'10 and 325lbs btw
  9. This is off topic but I'm calling BS on all those smoking commercials they keep showing say people lost their legs from smoking and other things. I've known people who smoked their whole life and none ever lost any limbs from smoking.
  10. There has been a lot of back and forth on what to do at #30. BPA... or BPA Defense. Ah, the ever-debated. Whatever happens, playing this one cool will serve us well. Very well. ---------------------------------------------------------- The interesting factor in this year's draft is seeing the activity in the late 20s.. Trades especially. When the first 10 picks are dealt with, it's fair to assume a few things. The big tackles will go, the 'premier' d-lineman will go, and potentially 2 cbs. That leaves so much intrigue in the mid portion. Some big names are going to fall, and will illicit some
  11. From GBB (I wrote it) http://gritsblitz.co...-round-two.html
  12. 55 Atlanta Coby Fleener TE Stanford 6' 6" 248 85 Atlanta Shea McClellin DE Boise State 6' 3" 262 149 Atlanta Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal 6' 5" 310 181 Atlanta Case Keenum QB Houston 6' 2" 210 213 Atlanta William Vlachos OC Alabama 6' 1" 292 http://www.draftsite...mock-draft/2012
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