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Found 1 result

  1. Can anyone remember another year where so many QBs have changed teams? Yeah, usually backup QBs change teams quite often but the number of teams that will have new starting QBs in 2020 is long and crazy and we're not finished yet. Tom Brady = Patriots to Buccaneers Philip Rivers = Chargers to Colts Nick Foles = Jaguars to Bears Case Keenum = Redskins to Browns Marcus Mariota = Titans to Raiders Teddy Bridgewater = Saints to Panthers Brian Hoyer = Colts to Patriots Jameis Winston = Buccaneers to ??? Cam Newton = Panthers to ??? This doesn't even include places like Miami and Cincinnati that could have rookies step in to their starting spot. It also doesn't mention the Chargers and who replaces Rivers there, looking like Tyrod Taylor at the moment.