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Found 14 results

  1. I know a number of people here are all in on the DL train in the draft and cringe at the thought of drafting a RT in the first round because you don't draft non-left tackle offensive linemen in the first round. I'm here, with the help of FiveThirtyEight, to provide some insight as to why that's a foolish way of think in today's NFL. As the bolded points out, there is no true "blindside" any more. Some of the best RTs in the league played LT coming out of college. Ramcyzk and Schwartz were LTs in college. Lane Johnson was also a LT in college. On the other hand, Ryan Schraeder, who we saw fall plain off a cliff this year, is a RT only from what I gathered about his time in college. I think this is part of why he tanked the last two years, being a classic RT versus a former LT who is used to facing top tier pass rushers on an island. As some have alluded to Toilolo helping Schraeder, I think there is some truth to that potentially. Regardless, I think the team has to move on from Schraeder and treat the RT spot like they did when we were looking at Matthews at #6. The NFL has changed drastically since 2016 and we need to revamp the OL to match that. Especially with the various OCs we have building this offense. I also think that's why Sambrailo looked fairly decent all things considered. One, he's had time to settle in, get healthy, and actually develop. But secondly, he's a former LT. All things considered though, don't be opposed to taking a stud OT at #14 or a large contract in FA. This draft is very deep with DL, but not so with guys who can play 1000+ snaps at RT.
  2. Those fans need corrective surgery to their perception. Falcons are are in the middle of an injury riddled season after b2b seasons with playoff wins and a SB berth. It’s wrong to blame coaching so soon. Its a knee-jerk reaction & lacks imagination. Personnel issues due to injury & talent deficiencies have prevented this team from playing to it’s strengths. All the weaknesses are glaringly apparent to opponents and there is no way to mask them right now. There is nothing the coaches can do until they have the players. It’s frustrating for everyone on the team to be pushed to do the impossible, the team game plan & philosophy can’t be followed through right now. Let’s talk about what adding two NFL starting caliber OG’s would correct: 1. MR2 would be able to climb in the pocket away from talented edge rushers, step up to plant his feet for intermediate & deep throws. 2. Give MR2 time to complete his timing throws, a staple of this offense. 3. Allow stretch run plays to make it to the edge and gain yards. 4. Open lanes to rush up the middle consistently, & set up a competent play-action that pulls defenders out of coverage. What about a big competent DT to play with Jarrett: 1. LB’s can fly around & edge rushers get more 1on1 matchups. 2. More sacks & pressures. 3. Less overcompensating in the secondary leading to penalties & blown coverages. Three players would totally change this team. You could get away with adding just one OG & a DT & make this team a contender. Falcons will not win without these corrections. Coaching is not the issue.
  3. When it's 3rd and 15, down by 17, you can't throw a 7 yard pass. Austin Hooper had about a million 7 yard catches today also. I understand that the pressure and coverage can dictate a checkdown. The problem is, the other team is WANTING us to take the checkdowns. We need to give a man a chance to make a play down the field! We don't have time for checkdowns when the other team is ahead and still scoring!
  4. So, another loss that somehow did not feel like it should have been one. But instead of spending the evening with coming up with new swear words for the officials, this time I'm just tired. Not because it's now 2 AM over here, but because this loss, again, feels so .. unnecessary, for a lot of reasons. Some random things that cross my mind and that I need to get of my chest: 1) Just to get it out of the way, I wanna adress this first: Again, there was a fundamental lapse in referee performance during a crucial moment in the game, again to the disadvantage of Julio Jones. And again, I've heard the followong reasoning for not throwing the flag: "As an official, you do not want to be the one to decide the game, so you rather not throw a flag there. You want the players to be able to decide it." But if a foul was comitted, a player was prevented from being able to decide to game. If you do not throw the flag there, you are actually deciding the game for the players. It's throwing the flag that allows the players to decide the game. Last time I checked, no points were awarded for fouls, so the players still have to score. Make them line up again and give players of BOTH teams the opportunity to get it right. 2) Overall, Shanny called a good game again. But the 3rd and 4th down call in OT I just cannot get on board with. The QB sneak was as predictable as cheap shots in New Orleans, and our Oline had had enough breakdowns in their perfomance (in the 2nd half of this game) to be at least somewhat hesitant of going all in on a strech run. Also not even trying a freeze call left me a bit unsatisifed with how the game-deciding two downs were handled. However, I completely agree with going for it. SD would probably have marched 200 yrds in that drive after the turnover. 3) This game, the O-Line was the biggest single culprit and a main factor in the offense just scoring 3 points in the second half. Three. There is no more explicit way of telling the other team, "Please beat us!"... except maybe comitting stupid penalties. And they excelled in that, too. I am not gonna complain if you are giving up sacks and pressure to guys like Bosa, or Von Miller. The other guys get paid, too, and if you expect to shove everybody around 24/7 with them just turning over, you are in for a rude awakening. But comitting two dead-ball fouls in a row, in a drive that could have put the game away for us, just wakes the impression that your head is not in the game. Especially if it happens at home. 6 penalties on the o-line, that is unacceptable and negates the real good job they have been doing. 4) Something positive for a change: My freaking god, I do not want to be a ballcarrier - or receiver - in the vicinity of Keanu Neal. The guy hits like he can just pick up a new body once this one has broken down, and straight up punishes ballcarriers. it's been like what, four? games, and he is already a presence. Playing safety myself, I just love watching him. Same goes for Deion Jones. So that's just my two cents on today, feel free to disagree / discuss. At the beginning of the year, I thought of this as a 9-7 team. But after seeing how we lost, I can not help but feeling that, should it result in such a record (or worse), the team did more to lose than the others did to win. It's 2:44 AM now, so I think I'm gonna wrap things up here. Oh and btw, it's nice to be back
  5. In the midst of all the other discussion going on, I think his bad game is being overlooked. He's definitely better than Sam Baker but three years in I'm starting to think he'll just be an average LT and not the All Pro cornerstone we hoped he'd be.
  6. As per the Falcons official app, they have reached an injury settlement with C James Stone. Now there are 2 open roster spots left before camp opening on July 27. I guess addition of Mack and Schweitzer made him expandable.
  7. I keep looking into this kid and he's not going to make it to round 3. As we know, linemen have been the jewels of the draft for some time now; thus OG and OTs are going to fly off the board in the first two rounds. I think this kid is worth the risk given his measureables. He's extremely athletic, fast (4.98 40ty), versitile (Both OGs,C,RT) and strong as a bull (30 Reps 225). People complain he's from division 3 but he held his own in the senior bowl. I think he fits what we need to improve our oline and run game. To sit back and wait until round 3 because the scouts say we should would be the biggest mistake ever. Would you guys crap your pants if the Falcons took Ali in the 2nd round? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siPei_ky9kU
  8. Just wanted to say KUDOS to the FALCONS offensive line vs. the sAint's on sunday!!!!!!!!!! They really stepped it up, especially after their number one pick Jake Mathews went down with an injury. They done a really great job in my opinion. Yeah Matt Ryan was sacked ONE TIME but considering last year and this year that's a great improvement!!!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If he had a competent OL. We could start Cone, Davis, and Johnson as our top 3 WR, with Toilolo and Coffman on 2 TE sets... and Matt would still put up huge numbers. IF WE HAD AN OLINE. So this talk about getting a new WR is moronic (in my eyes), as we just need MOAR OLINE. That is all.
  10. This guy is a boss, I hope TD and the FO saw this too http://www.cincyjung...t-dennis-roland He's a bulldog to boot 6'10 and 325lbs btw
  11. Ok we all know the Oline is our biggest weakness right now so I thought we could put the Saints front in perspective. Here is the rest of our Schedule.... vs Rams at Dolphins vs Pats vs Jets vs Bucs at Cards at Panthers vs Seahawks at Bucs vs Saints at Bills at Packers vs Redskins at 49ers vs Panthers. So the way I look at it is the Saints front 7 is possibly the worst one we will come up against this year. We need to fix this Oline get Holmes fit, roate players in, run the ball more, quick screens no huddle (will require fitness levels to increase). This is why I am so worried about this season right now and not optomistic at all. Where would you rank the Saints front 7 vs the rest of our opponents?
  12. Bradie Ewing is the only FB I see listed on the Falcons roster as a FB. Is this a position the Falcons have more or less considered not that important, or predictable as a player to have on the team? Or in other words, is this why the Falcons elected to have some many RB's? Because of their ability to act as a FB also? What got me to thinking about this question, I know it is probably an easy obvious answer, but yet at the same time, it seems to me like when Ovie M. FB was no longer a Falcon that Michael Turners short yardage game seemed to not be as effective as it was. Not knocking Turner, just saying I am wondering if Ovie M. wasn't a big reason for Turners success early on with the Falcons? Thanks to Michael Turner, And Ovie M. they made a lot of great plays for the Falcons, don't get me wrong, it's not them I am questioning. It's the FB position and how the Falcons are addressing it that I am wondering about. I realize just because someone is listed as a RB doesn't mean they can't play the FB position. Is it a title thing? I dunno. I'm just asking a question, no flaming please. Thoughts on the subject? I dunno, that's why I am asking everyone here. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Just wondering what everyone's 2 cents were on what our main issues were tonight, and also post what you liked. Likes: Bradie Ewing is going to be great if he stays healthy Steven Jackson is shifty, powerful, and can catch. It's wonderful. Darius Johnson looked better than HD or Davis out there, wonder how he'd do with Matt at QB. Worrilow/Bartu are going to be awesome at Mike and Will Dislikes: Wtf was going on with our line?? I couldn't keep up with who missed their assignments but it seems like Baker and Konz were the only ones doing anything. Alford and Trufant got a big lesson tonight, I wonder why we showed out against the Ravens but lost it to the Titans? Odd. We need to learn to stop quick runners and pistol/r-o plays. I wonder what changed in the playcalling (vanilla of course) between last week and this week. Maybe the Titans are a changed team?
  14. There's more behind Tuck calling us out than the fact he's trying to get into our head. He's also inadvertently telling the refs "Hey watch for this, these guys are dirty, you guys better call a penalty." By doing this he is pointing something out for the refs, and refs are refs if you complain enough they'll start looking for the calls, we've seen it with Sean Payton constantly complaining about Roddy's pushoffs, Everyone calling Suh Dirty, and Rex Ryan pretentiously calling out every opponent he faces. So if the Giants are going to whine about it to get the refs attention, how do we as a fanbase counter it? Easy we whine and moan even more, and new we have direct outlets to reach the people that matter (Twitter and Facebook). Roger Goodell and the NFLPA both have active twitter accounts. So here's what we need to do as a fanbase to help our team (Besides getting our seats before kickoff) We need to get video clips of the Giants committing the same type of illegal action or play repeadtely and send them to major news outlets and the NFLPA and Goodell, if a large enough portion do it, than it'll put a lot of attention on the Giants' shady tatics. We already know they like to fake injuries to slow down other opponents when they are on pace. We use the no huddle so guess what they'll probably attempt this more than once, so it wouldn't hurt to circulate those videos around some more, to keep everyone's memory fresh. They also have a suspect secondary so try to find a lot of video evidence of PI and get it circulated aswell, also getting some holding footage put out there wouldn't hurt at all. Sure this may not be "honorable" or "pretty", but the Steelers, Patriots, and Raiders aren't "honorable teams" and two of those have a lot of superbowls while the Patriots have won the most this decade.
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