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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone who’s seen my previous posts knows that I believe that the Center position is the most important position on the offensive line. This becomes even more evident when you remember the absolutely abysmal play we had at that position before the signing of Alex Mack. Mack has done amazing things while he was here, but his time here is coming to an end. There is a possibility that we cut him, and if that’s the case this will make this next pick even more imperative. Ryan isn’t getting any younger, so keeping him upright is priority #1. C- Tyler Biadasz Positives As I said, Biadasz has some very advanced traits for a college player. He really impresses me with his ability to use proper hand-placement and footwork. Biadasz has a keen understanding of how to maneuver himself to put his body between the defender and the ball. There are times you will see him uses his upper-body strength to turn the defender and shuffle his feet to create a running lane. Other times, he will allow the defender to get a push to one side in order to accomplish the same thing. He understands the angles of playing the position, as well as when it's important to be aggressive or patient. The end result is usually Biadasz executing his assignment. Biadasz also does an excellent job of getting his hands inside the defender, and I think it is because he gets into position quicker than his opponent, and defenders aren't yet ready to counter his hands. He also has very good upper-body strength that is clear when he gets a player off-balance. Power always seems to be a common trait among Wisconsin's offensive linemen, and Biadasz is no exception as he displays a solid punch and more importantly the ability to latch and either turn or move players. A good example would be the 2018 tape against Nebraska where Biadasz was consistently shoving his opponent four and five yards off the line of scrimmage. However, while he is a big player, he displays above-average feet on the move, and the Badgers have no problem pulling him or asking him to get to the second level. In those scenarios, his awareness shines as he quickly locates his target and once again, takes the proper angle to his opponent. That awareness shows up in pass protection too. It's impressive to see how quickly Biadasz diagnoses what's going on, and commits to a defender. In all the tape I watched, I do not remember him getting confused on a blitz disguise, twist or stunt. The Wisconsin staff also trust him to make the calls prior to the snap. That is something that NFL teams will value as it makes the pre-snap process much smoother when one person is putting everyone on the same page. Biadasz is a smart guy, and his future team will be able to trust his judgment on the field. I also love his tenacity. He blocks to the whistle, and down the line of scrimmage on plays to the perimeter. It's very rare that you find Biadasz without his hands on someone when the play is over. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Draft-Scouting-Reports/Scouting-Report-Tyler-Biadasz.asp Pros Strength Biadasz is a monster on the field. It’s rare you’ll find someone who can match him in a straight one-on-one. He blocks with every ounce of power, and he loves taking people to the ground. He’s almost never on his back and pass protects with a great anchor. Neutralizing bull rushes with ease, Biadasz may be the strongest player in the country. Here, he shows both strength and awareness in blocking two Michigan defenders at one time. Mobility Wisconsin utilizes a number of counters in their run system, which means even their center gets to get out and move. Biadasz has shown adequate athletic ability and a great ability to find defenders to block. Here, he shows his speed as he makes his way to the cornerback, then firmly plants him in the dirt. Pass Protection A cognitive ability to always find someone to block. The most important thing in pass protecting for a center is keeping your head on a swivel and picking up the correct responsibility. Biadasz does an elite job with this, as he always finds someone. A center’s job in pass pro is to provide relief and pickup the un-accounted for blitzer, and he does it play in and play out. Technique/Footwork Two of the most important things about being an offensive lineman are technique and footwork. Biadasz is a little raw, but he showed great improvement in both facets last season. His hand placement is elite, he keeps a wide base, and his legs are always churning. His feet could be a bit cleaner in pass protection. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-draft-player-preview-tyler-biadasz/
  2. Simple. Improved the OL in FA and draft. We improved the run D in FA. Our OL now has 4 or 5 first round picks on it as well as a FA vet(Brown). This will make for intense practices, iron sharpening iron. If we can stop the run better that will help improve our pass rush. Just finally glad we have good depth and players on the OL....finally TD....finally
  3. Before you lose your cookies... We just took the best guard in the draft. People are complaining we're "stacked" at guard/OL. You know who won a Super Bowl because of great guards/OL? Brees. Brady. You name it. We FINALLY take a pick to protect Matt, and one that is as close to a guaranteed pick as you'll get at 14. Plus the side note of him being from BC. Perspective. It helps. Edit: seeing people saying we could have gotten him later.. how? We playing what ifs? What about trading back? What if we couldn't find a good trade partner? What if we had good intel that Taylor & Ford weren't fits for a few teams and they were eyeing Lindstrom? What if he was just by far the best OG, or even OL, they saw after interviews, etc.? You can play what ifs all day. People called Neal a reach at 17 too. Edit #2: Aaaaand Taylor has knee concerns, Howard got taken over him. Ford still on board (even though he's not as refined or able to play T like Lindstrom). Troffed?
  4. The names of Baker, Holmes, Johnson, and Konz are but 4 reasons why our OL can't seem to protect or open holes for a run game--I wont go into free agency and 2nd rate OL signings---horrible picks and talent evaluation. I thought we fixed this???? Is our fate already determined because of this? Sure looked like old times this past Saturday---can't execute the offense with an average OL Dear Lord Please don't go the way of the Atlanta Braves
  5. 4-8) Grady Jarrett, DT Clemson With the upside of Geno Adkins, Jarrett is an ideal defensive selection here in the 4th, providing excellent value and ability. 5-10) Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona State Has a lot of tools you want in a ZBS OL. Good value here in the 5th for a player who could provide quality play early in his career. 6-9) DeAndre Smelter, WR Georgia Tech So much upside for a 6th round WR. Gets to learn from Roddy and Julio early. 7-8) Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma Great hands, hard worker who changed from being a QB to TE. He understands the game from a QBs perspective and should give the offense another TE to consider on game day. 7-32) Tray Walker, CB Texas Southern At 6-2, 191, walker is tremendously talented and gifted physically. Could be molded into a tremendous player for Quinns scheme.
  6. Some people here are losing their minds that we are not tanking to secure a pass rusher in the top of the 1st round - those people need to understand 3 things: 1. Pass rushers take time to develop, even top tier ones (look at Clowney). Guys like Mack are not the standard, they are the exception most of the time. 2. In light of reason #1 - the best place to find a pass rusher is FA - since rushers take time to develop and are a crap shoot to draft at best, you find proven ones in FA, same as OL (also take time to develop). 3. Look at our history drafting defensive players. Now Pioli might help us out on this - but by and large we miss more than hit on defensive players. Is that TD's fault? Probably. But even if TD is gone next year that doesn't change reasons 1&2 - we aren't going to find a rusher that will set the tone of the game on defense in a first year player (the chances of that happening are slim, even for teams that draft well on defense). The overriding point here is obvious: We have a ton of needs, and at this stage of the team's development, we need to go BPA in the draft. One could argue our only position that is not up for grabs is QB - so BPA just plain makes sense. If we address pass rush and our OL in FA then we can draft players to suit our needs at the best spot available, because OL and pass rush are our biggest needs and we can snag proven players to fill out those roles. So if we don't get #1 overall pick, its not the end of the world. There will be plenty of talent available, and you don't want our FO drafting edge rushers anyway - they will probably screw it up. Go FA heavy on pass rush and OL and the rest will work itself out.
  7. Any Matt Ryan doubters left around here need to fess up and eat their crow. Any offense in the NFL has to have at least an average OL. Belichick & the Pats understand this - thats why they can make UDFAs look like pro-bowlers. All MR needs is time to throw and dude will put up 400+ yards every game. So glad Tice is kicking this OL into gear - look how we responded when Jake went down! This is what wins games.
  8. I am all for Clowney but I feel OL is a must. I know its not the sexiest of picks but dam man we need something to protect to 100 million dollar man, because y'all know he is not going to scramble. I say don't trade any picks at all. We got exposed because lack o depth so we need all of our picks! If Clowney is gone then at pick #6 :Greg Robinson :Jake Matthews :Taylor Lewan :Khalil Mack :Anthony Barr
  9. Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that. Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashed a very nice spin move and nearly had a sack he also recorded a stop later in the game. Travian Roberston was amazing in this game, he showed great awareness to bat down two passes and controlled the point of attack at times, Micanor Regis also had an impressive stop. Overall we got great pressure from a lot different people, but we still couldn't bring the QB, but it did show as Asante twice jumped a route and nearly had an INT and Dunta also jumped a route and nearly had an INT. Biermann looks great rushing from a stand-up position, it's really seemed to revitalize him and he got some very good pressure last night and had a nice stop. Abraham also had a great TFL and nearly missed a sack on Dalton because he couldn't keep his balance after beating Whitworth on a dip move. When Spoon blitzed he did get some pressure, but he really didn't get close to a sack. As I said earlier Jerry absolutely dominated the Bengals interior it seemed he was pushing the pocket on every pass play and he and Babineaux were doing a good job of controlling the point of attack. At one point in the game the Bengals went with a near max protect, but added two extra guys into the middle to help block the DTs. Vance Walker also had some good pressure. Weatherspoon was simply all over the place during this game, but he really needs to continue to work on his coverage as he got burned by Gresham and then didn't bring Gresham down which allowed the big TE to get into the secondary before Grimes (of all people) brought him down and subsequently injured him. (Best wishes to Gresham) However in the running game Spoon was in the back field a ton, especially on edge runs he was consistently getting in the backfield after shedding blocks and putting a hard pursuit on the RB, he nearly had a TFL on one play, but Dunta beat him to the RB. As I said earlier Spoon got some pressure when he blitzed. Mike Peterson put on a nice showing and got good pressure off a blitz that forced Dalton out of the pocket. He also shed a block and made a nice open field tackle on the RB to limit him to 2-3 yards. I Didn't really get a good look at Peterson in coverage. Nicholas had a very solid game, he got pressure when blitzing, made some stops in the run game, and looked good in pass coverage. The biggest thing to take away from this is that our LBs still have trouble with big athletic TEs and that will be worrisome when facing Graham 2x a year and we may have to roll a Safety over top. I didn't get a good look at the backups, but I did notice Schiller making a stop and it looked like he was making adjustments on D and had a decent handle on the defense which is encouraging for a rookie FA. In the secondary I really didn't hear Grimes' name much which is usually a good thing. Dunta was all over the field he had a PBU which was nearly an INT, a TFL, and a huge hit to make a stop on a passing play. Asante was jumping routes and nearly had two picks which ended up being PBUs. He got burned deep on a double move, but he didn't completely bite on it, just hesitated a little and that is to be expected at times in the preseason, He did make a nice open field tackle on Green when AJ made a catch underneath the coverage. I was really impressed with our safeties both forced fumbles and Decoud recovered the one forced by Moore. They had a nose for the ball and were taking very good angles in the run game. The one bad thing I did notice is that Moore and Grimes had a mix-up on a coverage that allowed Green to get open in the endzone, but once again it's preseason and that stuff happens. Franks got burned deep but had tight coverage, however he needs to get his head turned around and he was lucky he didn't get called for PI. Walls didn't allow much and the two catches that he did he made the stop immediately and allowed no YAC. He's really making a push for the #4 spot it seems. I didn't notice much out of the backups besides that Hope had a TFL. Overall though the DL dominated in nearly every phase of the game, we just couldn't get the QB down when we did get to him.
  10. I was skimming through Twitter and saw an interesting conversation between a few of my all time favorite Falcon Twitter Posters: Poppa Falcon, Scott Carasik, Mike McIntosh and Jay Adams. They were talking about Peter Konz and Joe Hawley's future. It seems that they see Konz as the longterm solution at RG, and Hawley as McClure's heir at Center. I'm not sure I agree with this. Konz was a dominant Center his entire career at a big time school in a big time conference. Hawley played a little both C and RG at a Mountain West Division 1 school. I haven't really been too impressed with Hawley at either position, and our OL was DREADFUL for the time McClure was out. Did we just draft the best Center in the draft to make him a permanent RG? I know that Konz has the size and ability to be a dominant Guard, but why not use him at a position that he dominated at? As much as I love and appreciate Todd McClure, Konz could win the starting Center job Day 1, and I wouldn't blink, although I expect McClure to remain at C, with Konz playing some RG until McClure is gone. I really don't see Hawley as much more than depth. What do you guys think?
  11. From GBB (I wrote it) http://gritsblitz.co...-round-two.html
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