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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all! I've decided to try doing an offseason plan(early I know, but its raining and work is slow). A couple of quick notes, I got all of my cap numbers from overthecap.com so if anything looks wrong blame them. I will be doing up to the fourth round of the draft as pass that it get to random, even though it is already very random. I would love any and all constructive criticism as this the first full off season I have attempted. So to begin I believe that the Falcons will split the last 2 games ending the season 8-9. For Arthur Smith that's not a horrible first season considering the lack of above average talent to put it nicely. I believe that you don't have to have pro bowlers at every single spot, but I do believe a team full of above average players are greater then the sum of its parts. And with that I will start my offseason. 2022 OFFSEASON Restructure/Extend/Cut Salary Cap: $209,088,719 Starting Cap: $14,097,322 Matt Ryan: Restructure/Extend: Savings-$11,315,000. I think that they will extend Matt Ryan to be able to really lower his cap hit over the next 2 years but how far I will not try to guess. This number is what came up with both restructuring and extending him. Grady Jarrett: Extend: Savings- $12,372,000. Again no idea how long they try to extend him for. He is our best D-Line man and while he is nearing 30 I feel like he has a lot of great years in front of him. I think we should try to extend him for 3 more years. This number is what came up with with extending. Jake Matthews: Restructure- $5,690,000 Extend- $9,104,000. I know people are on the fence with Matthews. I think he is a really good, not great, LT. I feel he got paid to much when his contract first came up, but if you can negotiate a high contract I don't blame you. As a O-lineman him being 30 does not worry me as much. O-lineman seem to have a longer shelf life then most other position. With that I will be using the extend savings in my final math believing that it would be smart for the front office to extend him for a few more years. Deion Jones: Cut(Pre-June 1st): Dead money-$24,321,568 Savings-($4,273,725) Cut(Post-June 1st): Dead money-$18,980,784 Savings-$1,067,059 Trade(Pre-June 1st): Dead money-$10,681,568 Savings-$9,366,275 Trade(Post-June 1st): Dead money-$5,340,784 Savings-$14,707,059 Restructure: Saving-$6,586,030 As you can see we have several options on what we can do with Deion Jones. Cutting him is a none starter. To much dead money. Trading him is probably the best option to save money, but opens another hole that we need to fill. For my offseason I am going for restructuring, unless we get a offer to good to pass up. He has been good in the past and I am willing to give him a 1 time pass. Mike Davis: Cut(Pre-June 1st) Dead Money-$750,000 Savings-$2,500,000. Do I even need to explain? Salary Cap: $209,088,719 Current Cap: $55,974,352. So once again these numbers were gotten from overthecap.com. Resign All contracts numbers were looked up on spotrac.com(Market Value was used were available) Cordarrelle Patterson: 3 years/4,000,000 a year Foyesade Oluokun: 4 years/10,000,000 a year Isaiah Oliver: 2 years/2,000,000 a year Josh Harris: 3/1,000,000 a year Younghoe Koo: 5 years/3,000,000 a year I'm pretty sure I low balled on a couple of them(Oluokun, Patterson), but due to injury(Oliver), positions that don't pay a lot to begin with(Harris, Koo), love playing here(Patterson) some of them might be willing to get paid a smaller salary to stay. Oluokun is the only one that could be gone for that much, but we might also put escalators in his contract to make it more enticing. Salary Cap: $209,088,719 Current Cap: $35,974,352 Free Agent Signings All contracts numbers were looked up on spotrac.com(Market Value was used were available) Ted Karrars C/G 6'4" 305lbs 28 years old (New England Patriot) 3 years/5,000,000. Austin Corbett C/G 6'4" 306lbs 26 years old (LA Rams) 4 year/8,700,000. Bobby Massie OT 6'6" 316lb 32 years old (Denver Broncos) 2 years/2,000,000 DJ Chark WR1/2 6'4" 198lb 25 years old (Jacksonville Jaguars) or Christian Kirk WR2 5'11" 200lb 25 years old (Arizona Cardinals) 5 years/12,000,000 a year Salary Cap: $209,088,719 Current Cap: $8,274352 We need better line production on both sides of the ball. There is no if ands or buts about it. And while I would love to get some veteran D-Linemen to help, I feel that getting some better veteran O-Linemen that can keep Matt Ryan upright and open holes for the running game as well as getting better WR play will really help AS open up his play book and really show what he can do. All three O-Linemen have experience playing on lines that can protect the QB and run the ball. They can challenge the younger guys and teach at the same time. That way whomever wins the job will have earned it and we have better depth along the line. We don't know if Ridley will be coming back or not, as it stands the WRs we currently have will not cut it next year. We need better talent period. Unfortunately we can't afford both so you have to choose one or the other. I would prefer Chark because he can be a WR1 if Ridley doesn't come back, but would be a really great WR2 if he does. Also I am over paying get them to come to a team that doesn't have the pristine right now as the teams they are leaving. Draft So as I said at the beginning of this long post, I do think the Falcons will split the last 2 games, but seeing as this is the NFL we could win or loss both games. That causes us to have a wildly fluctuating draft position. We could be picking anywhere from 8-12, heck maybe even further down. So I have done several mock drafts and these are the ones that I see that are there and can help us the most. This draft doesn't have a lot of superstar talent, but it does have a lot of really good/great players that can make a difference in one or two years. No trade backs. Round 1: Jordan Davis UGA 6'6" 340lb IDL -Huge body, strong D-lineman that while not a pass rushing lineman can stop the run with the best of them and occupy multiply linemen opening up for others to make the play DeMarvin Leal TAM 6'4" 290lb DL- Extremely versatile D-Lineman that can line up ant where on the line and win with speed and power George Karlaftis Purdue 6'4" 275lb Edge- Brute force monster with great leverage skills. Red hot motor that makes up for not being the fastest player David Ojabo Michigan 6'4.5" 250lb Edge/OLB- Athletic Freak! Knows how to use his length, speed, technique, and athleticism to get to the QB and can also drop back and cover Round 2 Pick 1: Kenneth Walker III Michigan State 5'10 212lb RB- An electric back who is dangerous in space and good hands John Metchie III Alabama 6'0" 195lb WR- Fast with good route running and great hands can become WR1 in first or second year George Pickens UGA 6'3" 201lb WR- Fast with good route running and great hands, makes 50/50 balls 80/20. Can become WR1 in first or second year Drake Jackson USC 6'4" 250lb Edge- Pass rush specialist Travon Walker UGA 6'5" 275lb Edge- Versatile defensive lineman who can win as an edge or along the interior. Round 2 Pick 2: Cameron Thomas San Diego State 6'5" 270lb Edge- Very adapt edge rusher whose speed and violence leads to TFLs Myjai Sanders Cincinnati 6'5" 255lb Edge- Versatile edge that has good use of hands and great flexibility Malik Willis Liberty 6'1" 215lb QB- Electric thrower and athlete at the quarterback position with big play ability and arm. Daniel Faalele Minnesota 6'9" 380lb OT- A literal mountain of a man, with the mobility of someone much smaller. If he gets his hands on you its over. Jordan Battle Alabama 6'1" 210lb S- Strong safety, where he can use his physicality and length to be disruptive close to the line of scrimmage. Round 3: Alex Pierce Cincinnati 6'3" 213lb WR Kyler Gordan Washington 6'0" 200lb CB- Extremely explosive and twitchy athlete who accelerates quickly and emanates energy in coverage Travis Jones UConn 6'5" 333lb IDL- Defensive lineman capable of playing 0 through 3-tech in the league. Has excellent play strength and above-average movement skills Brenton Cox Jr. UF 6'4" 250lb Edge/OLB- Possesses an impressive first step and exhibits decent explosion at the line of scrimmage, excellent upper body strength and leg drive, which allows him to push back most offensive tackles with apparent ease Round 4: Nolan Smith UGA 6'3" 235lb Edge/OLB- A great first step. He can explode downhill into blockers and leverage that burst into power. Also has exceptional lateral mobility and agility. Need to put it all together Bryan Cook Cincinnati 6'1" 203lb S- Best plays when he can key, diagnose, trigger, and play forward. He is an outstanding tackler that does well to play off contact and take precisely calculated pursuit angles. More reactive then proactive Hassan Haskins Michigan 6'1" 220lb RB- Tough, down hill runner with surprising elusiveness Tariq Woolen UTSA 6'4" 205 CB- Has the makings of a dynamic zone corner that can make plays on the ball, tackle, and situationally play press coverage, where he already shows a willingness to crowd releases and cap routes. Needs a little time to develop I won't be doing the two final rounds because its all over the place. At this point its BPA no matter the position. This team is more then one offseason away from being a perennial contender, but I hope that with that something like this will help to take us further then we have been in a long time. And who know things play out right and we could be talking SB, fingers crossed. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Please let me know what you would change, which draftee would would pick from the list or if you have someone you feel would fit better. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
  2. Love this! Think what you will about TO, but dude knew how to prepare and put in work. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/11/matt-ryan-says-julio-jones-is-working-with-terrell-owens/
  3. I’ll start with wrapping up 2017. I’m actually shocked the team made it as far as they did. I thought they showed real grit and a “been here before” mentality. The SB hangover is a real thing; especially when you lose it the way we did. This defensive line has come a long way in 2 years, but the hangover was noticeable for the offense. It’s just hard to live up to the expectations the 2016 team set. Add in the almost the entire offensive coaching staff being new; It’s silly to think the offensive production wouldn’t slip. It looked a lot like like 2015, bad penalties, drops and terrible red zone production while moving it well between the 20s. I know everyone hates Sark, but as Quinn said, we have been here before. Everyone hated Shannahan after year 1. The struggles we had this year mirror 2015, so I have confidence #2 gets everything in line for 2018. So onto the offseason - This is actually a terrifying offseason to me. So many big decisions. The team has done a great job of drafting recently and contracts such as Jarrett, Coleman and Beasley loom large. Add in Deion Jones and Neal, and all things point to salary cap issues in the future. Having players like Matt Ryan and Julio as veterans don’t help. These guys will get top $$$ and make keeping our young players tough. So when it comes to Clayborn, Poe and Reed. I think the Falcons will let them walk. Thomas has already stated a Matt Ryan extension is priority #1, and also said the club views OL as a position for veterans. This leads me to believe Matt Ryan isn’t going anywhere, and due him being the franchise, neither is Jake Matthews. Jake isn’t a world beater by any means, but TD isn’t going to have a rookie guarding the blind side of #2. So with Clayborn, Poe and Reed gone. I think you will see the Falcons move away from the defensive line “unit” thinking. Takk and Beasley will play DE exclusively with Shelby and Crawford being asked to take larger rolls. They will have salary cap restriction, but I expect the Falcons to have their biggest offseason transaction at RG. I think their plan will be to extend Andy at LG and reduce his 2018 cap hit in the process. Rico could be a big topic this offseason, but I expect him to get a 2nd round tender. If someone wants to gift us an additional 2nd round pick, Kazee will get the call and Neal will need to step up on being player/coach. As for the draft, I fully expect a DT #26 with allowing Poe to walk. After that, I see A WR than can be our returner on both KR/PR, LB, FB and S being drafted in hopes of a lucky upgrade. Thoughts?
  4. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Expectations & Devistations By RichardCNile Expectations can be devastating. We all do it. We do it to ourselves, we do it to others. We do it at work and we do it with our friends in our personal life. We build up expectations. But why not? We all like to get excited about stuff, right? Here's how it goes down... Maybe you are meeting a friend's girlfriend's friend. Your friend and his girlfriend have built her up as <insert hot celeb name here> and you're expecting at least 'really good looking.' You meet her and you find yourself struggling to smile. If you'd known she had a butterface, you could have been prepared. Your Friend: "Bob, this is Sharron's friend, Suzie Rottencrotch I told you about" YOU: "yup, she does have a bangin body, but-her-face... Ok, let's go." But, they didn't. Now your are trying to reset your expectations, but you can't so instead you say you just got a text message that your mom is in the hospital and you have to go. I've spent several off seasons still buzzing from a successful previous season. Looking to 'build' off the previous years success and get to the proverbial 'next level.' Thinking to myself as I drive through the ATL traffic; this is the year we become a perennial playoff team. This is the year we show the league the ATL is here to stay. This is the year we start building that tradition of winning. This is the year! I read every article I can find on my Dirty Birdz. I stand around on the weekends talking to fellow Falcon fans, convincing ourselves how great we are going to be this year. I build expectations up to a level that often is unrealistic and the next season brings devastation. My Fan-dom is crushed. I'm angrier than a 10 yr old who's waited for the release of a new xbox game only to get to the GameStop and find they didn't get a shipment of the game. Why do I always do it? Because I'm a fan. Fanatical. I live for the fantastic. We American's are warriors by nature. Our forefathers, regardless of how you got here; had to fight to survive. Then over last 200+ years of the US of A, we've really only had a few years where we are not at war with someone in the world. The survivors of those wars are our forefathers. We come from DNA that not only survives but thrives on winner take all situations. Football is a small, but enjoyable way for us to break out of the daily monotony and exercise that warrior inside each of us. As American's we do expect more, we do expect to win. we do build up expectations and we do get excited. Here's the good, the bad and the ugly of expectations and devastations so that you are prepared for the 2017 season. The Good: I expect our offense to not miss a beat, stumble or falter & to pick up exactly where they left off last year and show up week 1 in polished, late season form. The Bad: The reality is, we have a new OC and offenses typically take a few games to get up to being in sync at game speed. The Good: I expect everyone to be in sync. Executing all blocks and running all routes to perfection. The Bad: The reality is we lost our FB who was a very big part of our running game success and our starting guard who was a veteran. The FB and the RB's need to in sync. The FB has to run like a RB and read the play, make the cut, then block while the RB follows the FB and cuts off of the FB's block. This is all happening in real-time and takes many reps to perfect. Same is true for the Guard. He's gotta know what the Center and Tackle are doing and how they will handle stunts, blitzes and odd alignments from the defense. The Good: I expect us to be putting up 38 to 45 points a game. The Bad: The reality is the NFL average last year was 22.8 and 22.7 in 2015 and we again face some of the top defenses from 2016. Patriots (1), Seattle (3), Dallas (4), Vikings (5) The Good: I expect Freeman to be breaking defenders ankles and get 5-7 yards a carry. The Bad: The reality is, Freeman only averaged 4.8 yards per carry in 2016, but I do feel confident in the ankle breaking part of my expectation The Good: I expect to see Julio repeat his crossing pattern route from left to right, stiff arm the DB and outrun the safety to the endzone for a 70+ yard TD The Bad: The reality is, Julio only did that 2x least year. Once against the Panthers and once against the Packers in the NFCCG. The Good: I expect out defense to be a top 5 defense this year. The Bad: The reality is we were 27th in Points per game last year. That's a jump of 22 positions. The Good: I expect our front 4 to be relentless in getting to the QB, applying pressures on a regular basis and giving us plenty of sacks to celebrate and put the opposing offenses on unfavorable down and distance situations. The Bad: The reality is, we were 16th last season with 34 sacks while the top team (Cardinals) had 48 and Panthers had 47 and the Vikings were the number 5 team with 41. So we would need 7 or 8 more sacks to break into the top 5 in sacks and 14 more to get to number 1. That's a lot of sacks. What can Tak do? I don't know, but here is what the top rookies did last year. 1. Joey Bosa OLB, San Diego Chargers – 9.5 2. Yannick Ngakoue DE, Jacksonville Jags – 8 3. Leonard Floyd OLB, Chicago Bears – 7 4. DeForest Buckner DE, San Francisco 49ers – 6 5. Emmanuel Ogbah DE, Cleveland Browns – 5.5 6. Noah Spence OLB, Tampa Bay Bucs – 5.5 7. Maliek Collins DT, Dallas Cowboys – 5 8. Sheldon Rankins DT, New Orleans Saints – 4 9. Jatavis Brown LB, San Diego Chargers – 3 10. Adolphus Washington DT, Buffalo Bills – 2.5 Remember, Beasley his rookie year? We were all calling him bust'ly. If Tak does the average of the top 10 rookies from 2016, he will produce 5. Beasley who had 15.5 last season only had 4 his rookie season. & The Ugly: It's 3 more months until opening day in September. All the stats, articles, sports talk and friends talk won't change what happens between September and February. I can't help it, I am building my expectations way higher than I should... even though history says I shouldn't. Why am I doing it? Because I'm a red-blooded American Male with warrior DNA. I love football. I expect more and despite the history of this franchise called the Atlanta Falcons, I do believe this year is different. I can still hear the chants of "A-T-L" from the NFCCG and I can't wait to hear them in the new MB Stadium. It feels different, it smells different and dam-it, it will be different! Go Falcons!
  5. Dissecting our D-Line Lets start here shall we. Vic Beasley Grady Jarret Rasheede Hageman J. Babs Cliff Matthews (added in season) These are the ONLY guys on our D-line that have been drafted by the Falcons. Thats horrible! No if and or buts about it. Vic is having an awesome year and Grady is having a solid year, not great but solid. However Grady is doing his job as a NT which is what I personally can ask for, just not elite NT status. You're not going to have elite players at every level and thats understandable. Hageman...man majority of us had high hopes for him. From the legal issues and lack of effort/attitude problems he has been disappointing through 3 years. Probably will be gone after this season or retained given he will be cheap on his rookie contract. Not sorry to say that Babs has been a disappointment for the past 3 years. This year especially. He hasn't even been getting his usual "get in the backfield and whiff the tackle type of plays". Cliff Matthews was recently picked up via FA and has made no impact. Brooks Reed Tyson Jackson Adrian Clayborn Dwight Freeney Courtney Upshaw Derrick Shelby Ben Garland NT The fact that 7 (8 if you count Matthews) players were FA's shows the lack of resources this team has been provided via the draft. Looking at this list they don't scare anyone. We get pushed around in the trenches way to much. The fact that an active Olineman plays back up NT is down right embarrassing. You mean to tell me that we can't get a TRUE run stuffing NT to back up Grady? Pitiful. Tyson Jackson is a failed 3-4 DE>DT experiment as he routinely gets pushed around. Shelby was showing promise before the injury. Not hating the Freeney assignment as he has helped Beasely out tremendously. Clayborn is a beast when he feels like it. Reed has his moments as well as Upshaw. Overall the unit is not playing well. Mostly I believe is due to personnel. 2017 FA Freeney, Upshaw, Babs, Matthews. Possible Cuts Hageman, Reed, Jackson Thats 4 for sure and possibly 7 spots on the Dline that will have to be figured out this offseason. How did we get to this point? How do we fix it? Notice I did not bash TD, however I need him AND Quinn to do better going forward. Im pretty sure we have the worst goal line D in the league. We only have 2 true DT's on he roster in Grady and Babs. The rest are converted DE's, DE's, or converted LB's. Thoughts?
  6. Didn't see this get posted. This is pretty cool. I know Navy SEALs go through some of the toughest, if not the toughest, training regimen of all the military units, spec ops and otherwise. Don't know how intense this workout is (it looks real intense and this is just a snapshot), but if it's anything like the real thing, Falcons players are going to be in great shape this coming season.
  7. Version 1: Needs Based/Better LB value 1st Round, 17th Overall: Andrew Billings, NT, Baylor Rationale: Billings shores up an unsure position at NT that was vacated by Paul Soliai leaving. With Beasley, Clayborn and Shelby manning the DE spots - we have a powerhorse Aaron Donald type presence in the middle to boost the production of our DEs and Hageman/Babs/Jarrett. This gives us superior DT depth and also makes Tyson Jackson expendable as a late cap-saving cut. I take Billings here over Lee/Floyd because there's better value at LB in future rounds. LB class is very deep, DT draft is very poor outside of the first. 2nd Round, 50th Overall: Deion Jones, OLB, LSU Rationale: Deion Jones adds the speed the Dan Quinn covets in his defense. Deion Jones can immediately come in and push Spoon at WLB (and inevitably replace him when Spoon hits IR). Going off of Combine numbers, Su'a Cravens had comparable 40 times, but I see him more as a SLB/Safety tweener. My 3rd round pick will justify why I take Jones here. Cravens would be interchangeable. This may be a little high for Jones, but I think he has a similar upside/skillset to Darron Lee without the expense of a first round pick. If Jones was our target perhaps we could trade down and pick up another 4th and still snag Jones late in the 2nd. I know this pick has "reach" written all over it but its my gut pick over Cravens. I see OLB as better value in the 2nd than the 1st. 3rd Round, 81st Overall: Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah Rationale: We pass on Cravens in the 2nd and pick up our Day 1 starter replacement for William Moore. Really I would consider this pick to be the best safety available. It's a deep class, and between Killebrew/Cash/Joseph/Neal they're all solid prospects. I would be happy with any of them in the 3rd, but choose Killebrew because he has the height, size and length that Dan Quinn prefers at a large 6'2" 217. 4th Round, 115 Overall: Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State Rationale: Vigil posted a 4.62 40, the top Cone time (6.73) and top Shuttle time (4.00) all 1st or fastest for ILBs at the Combine. He'd be a great value in the 4th and give us a player that could potentially unseat Worrilow and start either at the beginning or mid-season. He needs to add a little bit of weight at 239 and functional strength, but would sure up our LB depth heading into the season. 7th Round, 235 Overall: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Rationale: Good multi-positional depth in the last round. Camp body, could push our 2nd string for a relief spot. Recap: 1st Round: Andrew Billings, NT 2nd Round: Deion Jones, OLB 3rd Round: Miles Killebrew, SS 4th Round: Nick Vigil, ILB 7th Round: Kyle Friend, OG/C Final Note: Jones and Killebrew are both fringe 2-3 and 3-4 round guys respectively and possibly could be our 3rd and 4th round pick instead freeing up the 2nd for another player. ------------------------------------------------------------ Version 2: BPA at Position of Need 1st Round, 17th Overall: Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia Rationale: We get our highly touted speed linebacker with a large freakish build and great pass rushing ability. A bit of a high-risk, high-reward pick but he realistically will likely be close to BPA if he's available at our pick. Though I much prefer Billings. I think at 248 where he stands he could be a kind of roving MLB that blitz in a Wagner type role or play the Anthony Barr role. 2nd Round, 50th Overall: Su'a Cravens, OLB, USC Rationale: Cravens seems to be a consensus pick for the Falcons in the 2nd round. I'd be curious if the Falcons brass consider him an OLB or a safety. If it's the latter than he would play the Chancellor/Polamalu kind of role. If that's the case, my 3rd round pick would change my entire draft and I'll provide that alternative at the end. 3rd Round, 81st Overall: Karl Joseph, SS, WVU or Deion Jones, OLB, LSU (if we see Cravens as a SS) Rationale: He's one of the top safeties in the draft and we were lucky enough for him to fall to us in the 3rd. Enforcer type to take over the Strong Safety spot. Would be just as comfortable taking Killebrew, Neal or Cash here too. I picked Joseph here just to be different from the first mock with Killebrew. 4th Round, 115 Overall: Jerell Adams, TE, S. Carolina Rationale: Gives us a tall prospect with decent blocking ability and speed to develop to eventually take over/push Tamme into a relief role. Would make Toilolo expendable. 7th Round, 235 Overall: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Rationale: Good multi-positional depth in the last round. Camp body, could push our 2nd string for a relief spot. Could really draft whoever here. Recap: 1st Round: Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia 2nd Round: Su'a Cravens, OLB/SS, USC 3rd Round: Karl Joseph, SS, WVU 4th Round: Jerell Adams, TE, S. Car 7th Round: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Conclusion: This draft gives us a ton of options. Even from these two mock scenarios there's plenty of easy substitutions. If you hate Jones and Killebrew that early you could easily swap best safety available in the 2nd, try to snag Jones in the 3rd and still get Vigil in the 4th if you end up liking someone like Joseph, Cash or Neal in the 2nd more than Killebrew in the 3rd and hate the idea of taking Jones in the 2nd. I just see him as a better value version of Darron Lee. If we see Cravens as a safety in the 2nd scenario we can go BPA at linebacker in the 3rd (Jones) and end up with a Floyd/Cravens/Jones top 3 is a pretty insane defensive grab. Realistically taking Jones in the 2nd IS a reach, taking Killebrew in the 3rd may be as well but I like the idea of getting Billings/Jones/Killebrew/Vigil. Thoughts? I put more thought into the first draft though looking at it now it seems a little reachy as Jones and Killebrew may be available a round later. However, snagging Vigil in the 4th gives us a strong overall haul in the first four. I can't imagine anyone being mad if we pulled Billings, Jones, Killebrew and Vigil in any order. The 2nd one is more conventional wisdom and popular picks based on NFL.com's grades. Would you guys like Billings, Jones, Killebrew and Vigil | Floyd, Cravens, Joseph, Adams | or (if Cravens is a SS in our D) Floyd, Cravens, Jones, Adams? This could be intermixed so much its head-spinning. Could also not take Jones period and go Floyd/Cravens/BPA/Vigil - The more I think about it the more a Billings/Cravens/Jones/Vigil lineup sounds amazing.
  8. WR With Sanu signing a 5 year deal, I really feel like that eliminates the possibility of drafting a WR, at least in rounds 1-3. DQ already said at the combine that Hardy had made some good strides and was excited for his production to improve in year 2. Julio/Sanu/Hardy are now our 3 WRs is most packages for the next 2+ seasons. We may draft a WR late still. C Kelly and Martin were both trendy picks for the Falcons in the 2nd round but with Mack's arrival neither will be taken there. G Extremely surprised we didn't go after any guards, RG is a crying need for us. Osemele got paid a chunk so that's understandable but we weren't even linked with anyone really. Not sure what their plan is here but you have to feel like guard is a legitimate option for us in the 2nd round. Unlikely Whitehair falls that far but I really like Garnett from Stanford. TE Another position I was surprised we didn't go after is some regard early in FA. Dwayne Allen got PAID so maybe that's why. The coaching staff seems satisfied with Tamme and "the relationship he's building with Ryan". I'm on the fence about that and we'll see. Draft wise a lot of love recently for Nick Vannett from Ohio State and rightly so. He's a very complete player and seems like a good fit with how athletic he is. He is a potential 3rd round pick for us but I don't think he makes it there. Hunter Henry falls in a weird spot for us where it's too early to take him at 17 but also he'll probably be gone by pick 50. I think we take a later round TE and hope he develops. OFFENSIVE OVERVIEW Unlike a lot of people on this board, I'm excited to see what this unit can do in Shanahan's second season. I think with the addition of an athletic guard that's good in pass protection we can have a really strong offense. We don't really have any glaring needs and have great skill position players. We need to do a lot of red zone work and find some creative ways of targeting Julio inside the 20. DT This draft class is littered with 1/2 round graded DTs, it's a goldmine. Currently on the roster is Mbu, Jarrett, Hageman, Babs, which I feel like is a decent group. This will be Babs last season and I think we will address that need but not necessarily in rounds 1/2. Round 3 seems like a smart place to pick up the best available one thats falls and fits our scheme. DE Was a HUGE need before the Shelby signing (which I really like) and it seems like we are pursuing Long. Before FA, this position was a lock to be one of our top 2 picks. This is still a need though and I expect this to be addressed somewhere between rounds 1-4. MLB With us tendering Worrilow and looking to pick up Laurenaitis (and being in contact with Freeman) this looks like another position we are looking to address in FA. DQ seems to like Worrilow for the base package (I don't), I don't think we'll ever see him on the field for our sub package anymore though. He is one of the worst linebackers in coverage that i've ever seen. We can't rule out Ragland in round 1 but really the team has more pressing needs. WLB An unbelievably KEY player in coach Quinn's scheme because the way the blocking scheme works he is usually free, we absolutely need an upgrade here. Durant started the season decently there but his play fell off big time down the stretch. He was also fairly poor in his sub package work and looked like he was playing hurt at the end of the season. Rewatching the tape from the saints game was painful, not only could he not cover Cadet out of the backfield, he couldn't even get near enough to make a tackle. We rightly cut ties with him. Weatherspoon is an interesting one but clearly can't be relied upon to start for us for the whole season, he's too fragile. This position WILL be addressed in round 1 or 2. If Darron Lee is on the board the pick will be in inside 30 seconds. If Lee is gone maybe Deione Jones in the second? All Quinn talked about all off season was getting faster on D and we're yet to see that come to fruition. SS Currently we only have Ish on the roster at this position, and it's a key one again in Quinn's scheme. This is a HUGE need. I really like Killebrew and Joseph and I really think this will be one of our top 3 picks. The talent really falls off after Killebrew/Cash/Joseph at this position and moves more towards project players which we don't really have time for. This player has to contribute this year for us which makes me think this could even be our first round pick, maybe after a trade down. DEFENSIVE OVERVIEW We have some much bigger needs here than on O, I wouldn't be surprised to see the first 4 rounds of picks all be defensive players. DT/DE/ILB/WLB/SS are all concerns to a degree, would be great to inject some young, athletic talent to all these positions.
  9. Found some time to get up to date on this offseason, so its time for a mock. Cut: Tyson Jackson, Hester, Willy Mo Resign: Schofield, Chester, Long to cheap short deals Free Agency Bruce irvin, OLB/Rush Specialist, Seattle - 5 years, 46 mil Dan Quinn knows what this guy can do, he plays fast and he can rotate with Beasley and Brooks Reed at DE/OLB Malik Jackson, LDE/DT, Denver - 4 Years, 36.5 mil Thats the same deal Denver just paid Derek Wolfe and it will be hard for Denver to keep both guys. Dwayne Allen, TE, Indy - 3 years, 12 mil Allen fills a role that was left open when Tony G left. Short and intermediate route runner and big red zone target. Two things he was good at with the Colts. Indy will likely not keep both him and Fleener and they've always used Fleener more. Ryan Wendell, OG/C, Patriots - 3 years, 9 mil Wendell missed most of last year with an injury, but before that he was one of the best run blocking O-linemen in the NFL and a key piece on the pats super bowl run. Played both Center and RG for the Patriots. Jermaine Kearse, WR, Seattle or Mohamed Sanu, WR, Cinci - 3 years, 15 mil I like both these guys as a complement to Julio. Would be happy with either one. Both fairly young, so a 3 year deal might be enticing so they can get another pay day at 28. Draft 1. Darron Lee, ILB, Ohio State 2. Karl Joseph, SS, West Virginia 3. Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame 4. Connor McGovern, OG, Mizzou 7. Kyle Friend, C, Temple Depth: QB - Ryan, Renfree RB - Freeman, Coleman, Ward FB - Dimarco WR- Julio, Kearse/Sanu, White?, Hardy, Williams TE - Allen, Tamme, Toilolo LT - Matthews, Long LG - Levitre, Stone C - Wendell, Person, Friend RG - McGovern, Chester RT - Schraeder, Long, McGovern RDE - Beasley, Irvin, Starr DT - Hagemann, Jarrett, Babs, Day DT - Soliai, Mbu DE - Malik Jackson, Goodman, Day OLB - Irvin, Reed, Schofield ILB - Lee, Worrilow, Stupar OLB - Durant, Lee, Stupar CB - Trufant, Alford, Collins, King SS - Joseph, Ishmael FS - Allen, Therezie
  10. By Chris Wesseling Around the League Writer Published: Feb. 14, 2014 at 11:06 a.m. Updated: Feb. 14, 2014 at 03:34 p.m. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000325781/article/offseason-forecast-atlanta-falcons Didn't see this posted. With the offseason officially under way, Around The League will examine what's next for all 32 teams. The series continues with the Atlanta Falcons. What's changing? The Atlanta Falcons appear to have devolved from annual contender to rebuilder in the span of just one season. The guess here is that general manager Thomas Dimitroff still views his squad as one that can reclaim the NFC South title with a series of touch-ups via free agency and the draft. The offseason process has already begun with the releases of veterans Asante Samuel and Stephen Nicholas to free up salary-cap space. Although Tony Gonzalez's retirement will create a void at tight end, it will also give Dimitroff more flexibility to play the market. Julio Jones' return will more than make up for the future Hall of Famer's absence. Biggest free agents » DT Jonathan Babineaux: The 32-year-old has been Atlanta's best defensive player over the past two years, which is sort of like being the top quarterback in Jacksonville. Babineaux has spent his entire career with theFalcons, and both sides have expressed an interest in re-upping for a few more years. He's been one of the NFL's underrated interior linemen. » DT Corey Peters: After struggling in 2012, Peters rivaled Babineaux as the team's premier run-stuffer until tearing his Achilles in late December. Facing an offseason of rehab, Peters likely will be forced to sign a one-year, make-good contract to re-enter the open market at age 26 next season. Other key free agents: CB Asante Samuel, LB Stephen Nichols, OL Mike Johnson, OL Joe Hawley What they need The Falcons desperately need competition or an upgrade at three spots on the offensive line, in addition to Gonzalez's successor at tight end. The rest of the needs are on the other side of the ball where pass rushing takes precedence.At least two impact edge rushers are needed on the defensive line. With Samuel already gone and Thomas DeCoud a potential cap casualty, reinforcements are needed in the secondary as well. On the way out? » FS Thomas DeCoud: Failing to live up to a five-year, $17.5 million contract signed in 2012, DeCoud was a liability in coverage and tackling last season. The Falcons can clear $3 million in cap space by cutting DeCoud and his $4.2 million salary. » DE Osi Umenyiora: The team's leading sacker would "love" to stay in Atlanta, but he's on the wrong side of 30 and set to count $4.75 million against the cap. Umenyiora has passed the "impact pass rusher" stage of his career. » DE Kroy Biermann: A fair bet to start the season slowly coming off Achilles surgery, Biermann is no longer worthy of tying up $4.1 million in cap space. He's a favorite of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, so perhaps a restructure would be palatable for both sides. Offseason crystal ball The Falcons are projected to have more than $20 million in cap space and as many as 11 draft picks. A new contract will be a priority for Julio Jones, who is entering the final year of his rookie deal. Dimitroff can free up more money by extending Roddy White and restructuring Justin Blalock. Lucking into Jadeveon Clowney in the draft would be a boon to the ailing defense. Potential free-agent fits include Georgia Tech alum Michael Johnson, Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd and one of a half-dozen impact offensive linemen available. Outside of the Jones blockbuster, Dimitroff hasn't had a good draft class since his 2008 debut. With a bevy of compensatory picks and cap space this year, the pressure is on the two-time NFL Executive of the Year to regain his magic touch and turn the franchise around.
  11. First-off trade #30 to a team at the top of the 2nd for their 2nd & 4th round picks. eg. Chiefs want a QB, trade #34 & #96 to jump to #30 for their QB. Draft: 2trade: Alex Okafor, DE/OLB, Texas 2nd: Giovani Bernard, HB, UNC (Todd McShay has talked about him slipping to even the 3rd round) 3rd: Travis Kelce, TE, Cinncinati 4trade: Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri 4th: Joe Kruger, DE/DT, Utah 4comp: Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU 5th: Chad Bumphis, WR, Mississippi State 6th: Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State 7th: Knile Davis, HB, Arkansas 7comp: Emeka Onyenekwu, DE/OLB, Louisiana-Lafayette Re-sign: William Moore, SS (5yr/24mil) Sam Baker, LT (5yr/30mil) Brent Grimes, CB (1yr/4mil or Asante Deal) Vance Walker, DT (2yr/3mil) Michael Palmer, TE (RFA) In Limbo: Tony Gonzalez, TE (1yr/4mil) Free Agency: (1) Terrance Knighton/Sammie Lee Hill, NT (3yr/8mil) (2) Dwight Freeney/Shaun Phillips, DE/OLB (1yr/4mil) Brandon Moore, OG (2yr/5mil) Cut: Michael Turner, HB Dunta Robinson, CB Peria Jerry, DT Let Walk: Luke McCown, QB Will Svitek, OT Todd McClure, C Lawerence Sidbury, DE Antone Smith, HB Mike Cox, FB Chris Hope, S Garrett Reynolds, OG Mike Peterson, LB Chris Owens, CB Defensive Fronts: BASE 4-3: RE: John Abraham | Free Agent (2) | NT: Free Agent (1) | Travian Robertson | UT: Jonathan Babineauex | Corey Peters | Vance Walker | Joe Kruger | LE: Alex Okafor | Kroy Biermann | Jonathan Massaquoi | ROLB: Stephen Nicolas | MLB: Sean Weatherspoon | Akeem Dent | LOLB: Zaviar Gooden | Robert James | BASE 3-4: RE: Jonathan Babineauex | NT: Free Agent (1) | Vance Walker | Travian Robertson | LE: Joe Kruger | Corey Peters | ROLB: John Abraham | Free Agent (2) | ILB: Sean Weatherspoon | Akeem Dent | ILB: Zaviar Gooden | Stephen Nicolas | Robert James | LOLB: Alex Okafor | Kroy Biermann | Jonathan Massaquoi | NICKEL (Passing Downs): ROLB: John Abraham | Alex Okafor | RE: Jonathan Babineauex | Vance Walker | LE: Joe Kruger | Corey Peters | LOLB: Free Agent (2) | Kroy Biermann | Jonathan Massaquoi | ILB: Sean Weatherspoon | Akeem Dent | ILB: Zaviar Gooden | Stephen Nicolas | Robert James | OLINE: LT: Sam Baker | Lamar Holmes | LG: Justin Blalock | Phillip Keith Manley | OC: Peter Konz | Joe Hawley | RG: Brandon Moore | Mike Johnson | RT: Tyson Clabo |
  12. If you're going to whine or cry or just be plain stupid (for example: we should cut Matt Ryan) then please go to some other topic. Im just going to ignore you and I hope others do as well. Now on to football. Lets assume we make one free agent move this year, since we usually do. And lets count our first two draft picks as starters since historically they will start. 3rd round picks can be iffy and anything past that is pandoras box. So we got 3 ways to fill our needs. We lose Tony for sure, maybe McClure, Abraham, and Grimes. How should we fill our holes?
  13. No Write up, Just a quick view of what i think we do this offseason Release/not resigned: Chris Redman John Parker Wilson Mike Cox Ovie Mughelli Harry Douglas Eric Weems Reggie Kelly Sam Baker Kirk CHambers Brett Romberg John Abreham Jonathan Babinaux Mike Peterson Curtis Lofton Kelvin Hayden James Sanders Restructure: Matt Ryan Dunta Robinson Resign: Brent Grimes(franchise tag) Kroy Biermann Thomas Decoud Todd McClure Jason Snelling Vance Walker Free Agency: Mario Williams Marcus Mcneil Kendall Langford David Gerrard Ted GInn Jr Lofa Tatupu Draft: based from Walter football 2rd: Mychal Kendricks LB CAL 3rd: Brandon Brooks OG Miami(OH) Trade Stephen Nicholas to indy for their 4th 4th:Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State 5th:Janzen Jackson S Mcneese State 6th:Adrien Robinson TE Cincinnati 7th:Kellen Moore QB Boise St. Depth Chart: QB: Matt Ryan, David Garrard,Kellen Moore RB: Michael Turner,Jason Snelling,Jaquizz Rodgers FB: Jason Snelling WR: Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tedd Ginn Jr, Kerry Mier, Kevin Cone TE: Tony Gonzales, MIchael Palmer, Adrien Robinson LT:Marcus Mcneil, Will Svitek LG: Justin Blalock, Andrew Jackson C: Todd Mcclure, Joe Hawley RG: Brandon Brooks, Mike Johnson RT: Tyson Clabo, Garrett Reynolds LE: Ray Edwards, Kroy Biermann RE: Mario Williams, Lawrence Sidbury, Cliff Matthews DT: Cory peters, Kendall Langford, Peria Jerry, Vance Walker OLB: Sean Weatherspoon, Mychal Kendricks, Akeem Dent, Spencer Adkins,Robert James MLB: Lofa Tatupu, Vontaze Burficit CB:Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson, Darrin Walls, Chris Owens, Dominique Franks. FS: Thomas Decoud, Janzen Jackson SS: William Moore, Shan Shillinger K: Matt Bryant P: Matt Bosher KR/PR: Tedd Ginn JR LS: Joe Zalenka new staters soo yea thats my Mock what does everyone think
  14. 1. SHOCK & DENIAL- Sunday, January 8th, 2012 6:00 PM EST You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks. "WHAT!?! 2 points? But this was our Super Bowl year! Peter King and Dan Patrick said so! This is not happening. No way. It was a dream. It was just like that dream I had where Mularkey actually got a coaching gig and we hired Dirk Koetter. No way we just lost to another 9-7 team in the Wildcard Round. It's all just a bad dream, this didn't happen. Tim freaking Tebow is lighting up the Steelers, this is obviously a dream" 2. PAIN & GUILT- Monday, January 9th, 2012 7:00 AM- As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs. You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn't do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase. Calls into work, asks self "Why am I letting something so out of my control bother me so bad?" Wants to die. Wakes up at noon, immediately gets up, buys a large Steak and Cheese from Jerry's, a 6 pack of Bell's, and a handle of George Dickel, 5 packs of Pretzel M&Ms. Curls into fetal position, listens to the Smiths and the Cure until he passes out. Spends next few days of work, introverted, embarrassed. 3. ANGER & BARGAINING-Sunday January 15th, 2012 11:00 AM Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion. You may rail against fate, questioning "Why me?" You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair ("I will never drink again if you just bring him back") "#&@%ING MIKE MULARKEY!!!! I can't believe he got a freaking job! We should've fired him on principle! SMITTY NEEDS TO BE FIRED!! GUTLESS PLAYCALLING!!! " Gets text message from buddy, Sam in Jacksonville "DIRK #$!%$ KOETTER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!??!!!!???!?" Contemplates how much better team will be if Roddy White is traded, Brent Grimes not re-signed, "Only if we got Carl Nicks and Mario Williams!", goes over thousands of possible offseason scenarios.Rest of day spent killing off handle of George Dickel, arguing with wife, banging head on wall, Logs into AFT and AFMB and gets in 30 page arguments over Koetter hire, Matt Ryan, direction of team, etc, etc... 4. "DEPRESSION", REFLECTION, LONELINESS-Monday, January 16th, 7:00 AM Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be "talked out of it" by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving. During this time, you finally realize the true magnitude of your loss, and it depresses you. You may isolate yourself on purpose, reflect on things you did with your lost one, and focus on memories of the past. You may sense feelings of emptiness or despair. Asks self "What is wrong with my life? Why do I do this to myself? "Questions amount of time he spends in that cesspool of trolls and negativity called "Talk About the Falcons" Should be playing guitar, It's just sitting in the corner getting dusty. Peeks on the boards, anxiously scans Twitter to see if we hired a DC... 5. THE UPWARD TURN- Tuesday, January 17th, 2012, 6:30 PM As you start to adjust to life , your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your "depression" begins to lift slightly. Mike Nolan! Nice hire. Comforted, although still concerned about Koetter hire, but likes what he read about his scheme. "We just have to be better next year!" 6. RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH- Now through Draft and Free Agency Period As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life. Visits the board less frequently until Free Agency starts, Draft coverage beginning., gets into work, plays guitar, studies up on Free Agents, Draft, speculates on trades and pick ups. Checks Twitter and Rotoworld for FA acquisitions, watches Draft, cautiously, optimistically hope Falcons address the OL and Defense. Gets in multiple arguments over said acquisitions, posts about ones liked and ones not so much. Some days are great, some not so good. 7. ACCEPTANCE & HOPE-Training Camp, Pre-Season, Opening Day During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward. Mesmerized by Training Camp Coverage, gets in multiple Message Board altercations over pre-season performance, buys new Falcon Gear, heads to Sports Bar opening day Tells self " This is our year! Super Bowl Baby".
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