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  1. Well done videos breaking by down the zone read and play action over the past two years. opinion: Ryan will thrive in this system. (Or new QB 🤪) We will also need a really good RB too. will be interesting to see who the new OC will be. The Titans o line is tough we will need excellent OG/C play in this scheme. TEs will need to block and catch. Hurst will thrive. take it all in pals. Thoughts?
  2. I see a lot of posters still saying our offense has been an issue this season, or that Koetter/Ryan has struggled, and sure, if you look at the raw numbers like total ypg and total points scored one could conclude we have been either average or above average (7th in ypg and 16 in ppg). However if we look deeper into the numbers and use some stats that account for the lack of possessions that the Falcons have had thanks to their historically bad defensive performance so far, where we rank dead last in franchise history in points allowed and third-worst in Defensive SRS according to PFF, then w
  3. Greetings all. It's been too long my friends. I was meaning to do one of these last week, but after the opening weekend dumpster fire, I couldn't bring myself to look at that game against the Vikings again without feeling to need to vomit. Mercifully, this week was different. Don't you just love a victory Monday? You don't feel like kicking the dog, annoying kids seem cute, food taste better. Life is just a little better coming off a W. With all that out the way, I wasn't in love with everything I saw last night from Dirk and offense, and I'm still angling to try to see what we hang
  4. 2018 Pro Bowl wide receiver Julio Jones finished his season racking up 1,677 yards with 8 TDs after scoring all 8 in the last 9 weeks of the season. Rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley finished his 2018 season with 821 yards and leading all rookie receivers with 10 TDs. Finishing 7th of all receiving TD leaders. Slot receiver Mohamed Sanu finished his season with 838 yards and 4 TDs. Do you believe under the coaching of Dirk Koetter the Falcons can have the best Trio of receivers in 2019? Check out my new highlight video and decide for yourself.
  5. When reading the comments and the reaction of the fans, one couldn’t help seeing tthe shortsightedness of the fans. The Falcons had a pool of players to go after and this based on their research and resources. This process starts weeks before the draft starts—this is not like an overnight and on the go process. The fans are always dramatic and want the big names that get hyped up by the media and within NFL circles. Some of this hype is well-deserved based on the talent, but many times it is like steroids for hype and national attention. When you peel the process, the best teams go
  6. https://youtu.be/NRJtM1nsokg Check out the highlights I created for a Julio's 6th Probowl season.
  7. After a difficult start in 2018, the Falcons Offense is trending to be the most efficient in it’s history. I really do thing this version is even more deadlier than the 2016 version. I really do think Matt Ryan is operating at the peak of his career- This Matt Ryan looks like a Professor or a General on the field commanding his troops with efficiency and potency. Matt Ryan has this deadly look on his eyes and looking like quiet assassin shredding the defenses. This verion has a mature Austin Hooper who is developing to be a very efficient weapon for Matt Ryan. Ito Smith looks like
  8. Okay, been meaning to get this one for a while. About a month or so ago after our first game I made a thread pointing out how Matt missed a couple of gimmies that could have changed the outcome by not going through his pre-snap reads and I think what I was saying might have went over a few folks' head. Well as I suspected, he quickly got the problem ironed out and has been playing light's out the past few games. And when I say "lights out", I mean he's putting up another MVP caliber season that I fear is going to waste. But that's neither here nor there today. I wanna talk about the good.
  9. I will update this comment in a second and bring up more numbers. What's up with our offense playing much more efficient and better with Coleman getting most of the snaps (+ Ward or Ito Smith) vs. our offense playing so horrible with Freeman and Coleman starting lately? Is this a Sarkisian problem or is it Freeman not being the same as he was in 2015 & 2016 when he had spectacular 1000+ yard rushing seasons? It seems like ever since Tevin Coleman got injured in the Super Bowl and Freeman came in and missed that block on Donta Hightower which led to the Patriots comeback, he hasn't been the
  10. I don’t know about you guys, but today we shredded a very decent Panthers Defense and we looked like the 2016 Falcons on Offense. The Offense moved with many players involved just like the Shanny schemes. This could be the game that propels the Falcons to get back in the saddle. If we see consistency, then we will remember this game when the Falcons got back in the rythem. I love the idea of Coleman and Ito had a great complimentary game in the running game. Wes and Mathiews opened the lanes for the running game. #Redemption in the making for Falcons Offense. Matty Ice w
  11. The offense was disappointing this year, as it was in Shanahan's first year as OC. Because of the improvements that occurred in 2016 I think they give Sark another year, hoping they get a similar result. The question is, do you expect to see a marketable improvement over what we saw on offense this year? My opinion is that we severely underachieved on offense all year. Far too many weapons to be bogged down as much as they were. No matter who calls the plays, I think there will be an improvement just because it's unlikely to get those results from this group two years straight. I als
  12. I know he Vikings defense is suppsed to be stout but 9 and Matt wasn' even pressured too much all day. There were so many dropped balls and missed opportunities. Where the **** was the offense?
  13. Saw this on twitter from Scott Kacsmar. Falcons points per drive 2016: 3.03 Falcons points per drive 2017: 2.88 For reference, 2.88 points per drive would have been good for 1st overall last year by a wide margin. New Orleans was 2nd last year with 2.65. Points per drive stats from: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff2016 I was just as bummed out as most people that we didn't get to put up 30+ like we know we can, but really the low output was just as much about getting dragged in to a slow paced game on a ****** field. We only ran 55 offensive
  14. Pick one for each category, if u want someone else listed or a name changed just say so #RiseUp
  15. GREG A. BEDARD SI.com To explain how center Alex Mack has become a crucial figure in the juggernaut that is the 2016 Falcons’ offense, you have to start with something surprising—something that isn’t exactly typical among the league’s top offensive line iceboxes. You have to start with ... running. In 2009, after Cleveland had made Mack the 21st pick in the NFL draft, out of Cal, teammate Joe Thomas was perplexed by Mack’s behavior during one of the team's first off-season practices. Mack’s arrival had coincided with the hiring of coach Eric Mangini, who, like his mentor, the Patriot
  16. I don't know if it was brought up but did anybody notice that we scored on every offensive possession last night? Tampa didn't force one punt last night. Wow!!
  17. The magic number seems to be 33. If we get there first, we win. If don't and the other team does, we lose. Would love to hear your thoughts on my theory.
  18. I complained about Kyle Shanahan all last season. I am thrilled to have him shut me up. Let's hope they can keep this up and the defense comes into their own.
  19. I liked the last thread for G,B,U so figured I would make one for Week 2. The Good - The offense finally kicked it into gear. They marched the ball down field effortlessly, especially in the 2nd half with touchdown after touchdown. Matt Ryan looks like he is gaining more and more confidence in the offense and is starting to look comfortable again. It's also nice to see that we don't have to force feed Julio in order to win. Big time contributions from the tight ends this week, Tamme, Hooper even Toilolo had big time catches and Sanu stepped up late with Julio out. Also good, VERY goo
  20. Offense: Brandon Wilds is gonna be our #3 RB if he continues playing this way Aldrick Robinson is going to make this team unless something awful happens Devin Fuller will probably be on the practice squad We all love Weems but our WR core seems strong... he may be on the bubble The Matt Ryan complaining is absurd, and both Schaub and Renfree looked like solid backups TeCo and Free are an amazing duo and Wilds as 3 could be incredible. Defense: De'Vondre Campbell & Deion Jones are the Alf and Truf of LBs... barring anything crazy they will be lock
  21. http://atlantasportspage.org/asp/why-the-falcons-offense-will-improve-in-2016/
  22. Here's a little piece on 5 Training Camp & Start of Season Predictions for ours truly - comments or questions? Don't be afraid to spread this on social media for opinions. Mohamed Sanu liked one of my tweets about him last night too! Awesome team player!! http://lastwordonsports.com/2016/07/21/5-atlanta-falcons-training-camp-season-predictions/ Would've loved to get this pic in there, but copyright laws yadda yadda yadda...editors take over and do all that stuff. But this board is freedom land! So enjoy!
  23. I gotta say the Mack signing was a wonderful addition as we all know. With the 2016 Draft approaching soon, Who is in this draft to build our O'line even better? Your thought's would be much appreciated. I know everyone wants the defense stacked and rightly so, but maybe one more guy can take this oline and uplift it to a higher gear.
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