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Found 1 result

  1. For whom the bell toll, Even though I’m the all-time greatest RB with my outstanding years with the cardinal, and even those few years with the Jerry’s kids, I have been a lifelong Falcon fan since I was 6 years old. In my vast experience in the NFL conferences, I believe I should share with you what I have in my forethoughts. Max Ryan has been in the league for 13+ years going back through his time with all of his coordinators and offensive coaches. It no mularky that he has more experience than his current offensive coordination. Even though this situation is a mess, he can certainly deKlutter the situation even with his shannahans tied behinds his backs. I say give Max a chance to makeup his own plays in the huddle. If you give him a sharp stick, he can draw routes and blocking shcemes in the natual weed fields. For the turf fields, he going to have to act quickly and pile up those old tire particales to make xes and hoes. He got a 24 second shot clock so he can get out of the huddle in good and plenty of time. I know you not going to jump the shark this year. You don’t have any time to rent a ski boat and Julio shouldn’t be foolin with that mess while the seasons are going on. And another thing, take you leather jacket off as the lake water will dry it out if it the real deals if you know what I mean. I can’t spoke for all of the fans, but I can say that we will have your back no matter how the seasons go, so to speak. We true Falcon tru and through. At this point you have nothing to lose in making this change, all you have is a winning records for the season Sincerity, Emmitt
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