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  1. The Seahawks and Wilson are not seeing eye to eye at the moment. Since Wilson wants an O-Line and the teams below could use a change at QB which team is more likely to trade for him? Falcons Bears Steelers Denver Washington Football Team Raiders Poll in Comment Below
  2. Hi #Falconsfam, checkout Pound 4 Pound ATL video. As J.R. Clark speaks on why #Falcons need to invest more in the secondary. To help the pass rush. If they can't bolster the d-line in 2020. Share your thoughts. #Riseup #InBrotherhood
  3. Hi all, after the hit on Redskins TE Jordan Reed. Some may have been trying to label Safety Keanu Neal as a dirty player. I wanted to talk about. And would like your take as well.
  4. You know what I'm worried about the most at this point? Since our loss to the Chargers in 2016, we've literally lost every AFC game in the preseason and regular season except for the Jets on the road in 2017. Seriously. Since the 2016 Chargers, that's 10 AFC losses out of our last 11 AFC games, and if you throw in our 11 straight preseason losses (only one of those was against a NFC team) so that's 10 AFC preseason losses added on. We've lost a total of 20 of our last 21 games to AFC opponents in the preseason and regular season combined. YIKES, and the 2019 version of the AFC South will be to
  5. Scout's Honor podcast looking at Giants, Falcons, Packers before heading to training camp https://www.spreaker.com/episode/18379434
  6. When we’ve talked defensive player options in regards to the NFL draft, everyone has brought up defensive tackle in the first round. To me, there are only 2 DT’s that could make an immediate impact on our defense day 1. Quinnen Williams Ed Oliver Both will be gone by the time it gets to #14. Which leaves us with 3 options. Reach for a defensive lineman (Yes, all other defensive linemen options will be a reach in the first round), take an offensive lineman, or trade down. I will definitely be fine with the latter two ONLY if the front office makes it up to us by picking up this p
  7. This is not a coincidence.... Aaron Rodgers ($33.5M) Matt Ryan ($30.0M) Kirk Cousins ($28.0M) Jimmy Garoppolo ($27.5M) Matt Stafford ($27.0M) Derek Carr ($25.0M)
  8. The man racks up receiving yards like no other!
  9. http://www.nfl.com/stats/player According to NFL.com, when it comes to the most important player stats. You have SIX major factors. Passing yards, tackles, rushing yards, sacks, receiving yards, and interceptions. 3 on the defensive side. 3 on the offensive side. Guess what? HALF of those leaders are all FALCONS! Guess who they are! Wait a minute, you're telling me that Matt Ryan is higher in passing yards than Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff even after that historic 54-51 game!? You're telling me that Matt Ryan is higher than Big Ben? You're telling me that Tom Brady and Dre
  10. Today is the NFC South's turn and they are showing an NFL films look at last season today at 5:30 of the falcons
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y6vua9yrlk&list=TLGGjdleFp9pyfcyMDA5MjAxNw
  12. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000848245 NextGen Stats recorded Teco at just over 21 MPH, ahead of Kareem Hunt, Gurleyx2, and Jalen Richard! Fastest RB in the NFL baby! - Also a great stat at the bottom against Rodgers regarding our D!! #Riseup
  13. AUDIO NOT PHONE SPEAKER FRIENDLY too much bass: Here is a vid i shuffled together using the brotherhood videos and other utube vids. Regardless of the end results, we should all be proud of what this team accomplished last season. And use that as our fuel for the fire. Its a short vid and would appreciate any views thanks.
  14. http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=Aw18ZXTt-DFOS1b0ckA when you have time http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=IzBM9MRTxjbRsy1G3aiapLasOKTTPQ5CxSpABiQLuKYPvqKxUI5bPfhBocuZEcKwsqxIkzyogA
  15. Why is there an assumption that Matt Ryan is a boring, charisma-challenged quarterback for the Falcons? Does he excite you?
  16. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-nfl-gameplan-week-5-preview-redskins-vs-falcons/ Good morning Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  17. http://espn.go.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/16110/qb-injuries-makes-matt-ryan-appreciate-health FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Tony Romo is down with a broken left collarbone.Drew Brees is day to day with a bruised rotator cuff. And Josh McCown just got cleared to return from a concussion. The injuries involving starting quarterbacks around the league is an aspectAtlanta Falcons signal-caller Matt Ryan is well aware of. And it certainly makes Ryan appreciate that he hasn't missed a game since 2009. "Knock on wood," Ryan said. "You don't like see anyone get hurt. But there's something di
  18. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000531857/article/atlanta-falcons-look-tough-under-dan-quinn-no-surprise-there ATLANTA -- Strolling the sidelines before Monday's season opener, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff carried the type of cool demeanor that has so often defined him -- but also escaped him late in each of the past two years. A new season often brings such serenity to a man in his position. In this league, a few months' time is generally enough to heal a bruised soul. "I feel really good about this," Dimitroff said, looking in the direction of his new hea
  19. I posted this in the other qb thread about another nfl.com list, but thought since it was a new list, a different list, that it deserved its own thread. Dameshek's top 14 Qbs. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000493095/article/aaron-rodgers-ben-roethlisberger-top-list-of-nfls-best-qbs
  20. 15 games missed in his first four years in the league. Does he overcome it..........ala Thomas Davis..? or.... Does he continue down that path, like DeAngelo Williams? I like JJ , even if he's on a dried turd of a team. I hope his first four years is only a short string of bad luck when it comes to the injuries and he can put them all in the rearview mirror moving forward.
  21. A few things I would like to know from some of you. I understand football more than the average fan with having some background playing in college, coaching, and having friends as professional coaches that I have lost touch with (or I'd ask them). Many of you watch these games over and see more technical things than I do; so I'll be hesitant to say I have 'never' seen these things. I'm thinking about these things and I can't remember seeing some of these things after watching every play every season. Help me out. I'll be chasing a check soon! LOL I'm pulling for the birds as always...but I won
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