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Found 5 results

  1. This is not a coincidence.... Aaron Rodgers ($33.5M) Matt Ryan ($30.0M) Kirk Cousins ($28.0M) Jimmy Garoppolo ($27.5M) Matt Stafford ($27.0M) Derek Carr ($25.0M)
  2. The man racks up receiving yards like no other!
  3. According to, when it comes to the most important player stats. You have SIX major factors. Passing yards, tackles, rushing yards, sacks, receiving yards, and interceptions. 3 on the defensive side. 3 on the offensive side. Guess what? HALF of those leaders are all FALCONS! Guess who they are! Wait a minute, you're telling me that Matt Ryan is higher in passing yards than Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff even after that historic 54-51 game!? You're telling me that Matt Ryan is higher than Big Ben? You're telling me that Tom Brady and Drew Brees aren't top in the league in passing yards? Julio Jones remains top in receiving yards. I'm sure no one is surprised by that. I'm more surprised Antonio Brown is not top 5, but that's probably because the Steelers are a way more balanced team than the Falcons. How about Damontae Kazee? The breakout player for the Falcons D this year? It's gonna be hard for all 3 of these players to replicate that in 2019, because who knows if they'll have the same type of year or if they'll be as healthy the following year. You know what this tells me though? This Falcons team is as bad as the Browns of the previous 3 seasons without these 3 players on our roster. You know what else this tells me? The Falcons are wasting precious talent this year. The Falcons have inept coaching issues. Don't tell me that without 3 pro bowler injuries on the defense (NONE come from our poor D-line play this year) would have made this team Super Bowl contenders. You think this team would have gone from currently #7 in the draft pick (not even middle pack in the league) to being Super Bowl contenders and #29 or #30 in the draft? Oh please. The Seahawks with Russell Wilson (an elite QB) and Pete Carroll no longer have the legion of boom and they have key players on IR yet they've rallied to 6-5 and another possible playoff trip and their defense is TOP 10 in scoring with less talent than us! Or maybe our talent on the defensive side was never as good as we have thought all along? Please explain this to me?
  4. Today is the NFC South's turn and they are showing an NFL films look at last season today at 5:30 of the falcons