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Found 18 results

  1. They will definitely be there at our pick and having two explosive elite LB’s would do wonders for our 2nd Level. We already resigned Allen Bailey and I feel like we have a good bit of money invested on the first level and I think we have a good bit of young talent on the 2nd so how about Kenneth Murray? I know he’ll be there at 16...
  2. Jonathan Taylor would be nice for this offense. We have needed to control the clock for the longest but you can not do that with an RB. Matt Ryan is at his best with play action so I think it’s time for a real feature back.
  3. Mock Draft 1.0 Cut Devonta Freeman HB James Carpenter OG Luke Stocker TE Ty Sambraillo OL Free Agency Robert Quinn DE Emmanuel Sanders WR Kevin Johnson CB Re-sign Adrian Clayborn DE Steven Means DE Tyler Davison NT Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB This is using the SI example of trading back to the 21st pick due to PHI wanting a WR1 desperately. Picking up an additional 2nd from em. Also yes I think picking up Sanders could be a significant upgrade at WR and help propel our offense. Kevin Johnson still has potential and could benefit from our scheme if Tru or Oliver either gets hurt or to learn behind Tru. Still like Sheffiled as the NB going forward. Robert Quinn helps immediately. I think we can all agree. 1st Kenneth Murray LB -replace Campbell with much more athleticism 2nd Ross Blacklock DT -helps free up Grady or developed into quality DT hopefully, tape shows a more of potential 2nd Shane Lemieux OG Starting LG as he has been all his career, nasty 2nd Adam Trautman TE TE that needs a little time but can potentially contribute relatively immediately receiving wise 3rd Kenny Willekes DE Very underrated and has the want to and love for the game that'll do nothing but help 4th Michael Warren HB Very underrated, Michael Turner type that can be gotten in later rounds 5th Davon Hamilton DT Sever untapped potential, due to college and athletes around him 7th Jacob Breeland TE Luck Sorcker type with recieving ability
  4. I feel when it comes to the draft this year this is the most separated the board has ever been. Normally the majority is in board with a certain position being picked in the first but maybe two different prospects are liked. This year there's people who want DT people who want DE. Then you have a Group for RT and CB and some who even want a LB. There is such vast opinions that different which is so unlike any other draft I've seen since I joined this board hack in 2004. I think with all this different thoughts that it proves that this draft is just gonna he crazy because there's no obvious position we are going to attack in the 1st round this year....gonna be a fun draft weekend
  5. When we’ve talked defensive player options in regards to the NFL draft, everyone has brought up defensive tackle in the first round. To me, there are only 2 DT’s that could make an immediate impact on our defense day 1. Quinnen Williams Ed Oliver Both will be gone by the time it gets to #14. Which leaves us with 3 options. Reach for a defensive lineman (Yes, all other defensive linemen options will be a reach in the first round), take an offensive lineman, or trade down. I will definitely be fine with the latter two ONLY if the front office makes it up to us by picking up this player in the draft. Jachai Polite I’ve watched film... Dude has first round-grade talent. But a lot of pundents are saying “But the attitude and piss-poor combine and football IQ”. All smoke... The dude is a competitor and a football player. Combine that with the fastest first step I’ve seen in a while and dude is THE best pure pass rusher in the draft and it’s not even close. I honestly think he screwed himself in the combine on purpose because he actually plays to the measurables Vic Beasley posted in the combine. As a matter of fact, if we pick him, I think he’ll be everything Vic was supposed to be for us and could make an impact day 1. People talk about him falling to the 3rd round.... He absolutely will not lmao mark my words. I would be chomping at the bit if he fell to the late second round. The best chance we would have at getting him will be to trade down. He fits the Dan Quinn mold for sure. I hope we could get him some kind of way. In the right system he could be an absolute pass rushing monster.
  6. Well, this should be fun: https://www.ajc.com/sports/michael-vick-announce-falcons-second-round-nfl-draft-pick/fRaoTN5FE34sp7BiVNW3kM/ Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick will announce the team’s second round 2018 NFL Draft pick, the NFL announced Wednesday. Vick, the 2001 NFL Draft’s No. 1 overall pick out of Virginia Tech, played for the Falcons for six seasons from 2001-2006 and racked up 22,464 passing yards and 133 passing touchdowns as well as 6,109 rushing yards and 36 touchdowns in his 13 seasons in the League. After announcing his retirement in February 2017, the Falcons held a retirement ceremony for Vick and former teammate Roddy White in June. The NFL also announced current Falcons guard Ben Garland will announce the Falcons third round pick in this year’s draft. The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft begins at 8 p.m. Thursday. The second and third rounds will be broadcast Friday beginning at 7 p.m.
  7. NFL reportedly won't fine Takkarist McKinley for F-bomb on TV during draft The newest Falcons defender won't be fined for swearing on television The 2017 NFL Draft got pretty wild on Thursday night, with multiple trades for quarterbacks going down and a slew of surprise picks coming across. But nothing was crazier, maybe, than the selection of Takkarist McKinley by the Falcons. Not because "Takk" was a surprise there -- he was a great pick by the Falcons, earning an A from Pete Prisco for the selection . It was a surprise because McKinley got on stage with a framed portrait of his grandmother and proceeded to go wild yelling about his life before dropping an F-bomb in an interview with Deion Sanders. The whole scene was both amazing and terrifying. McKinley's grandmother raised him in very tough conditions and he promised her he would play D1 football (FBS, but D1 at the time) before she died. He lived up to that promise and then some. McKinley apparently carries the photo of his grandmother everywhere , taking it to the draft and up on the stage and then on the plane to go visit the Falcons. McKinley's fiery speech included him saying that being drafted "means every f---ing thing to him" while interviewing with Sanders. He promptly turned to the camera and yelled "FINE ME LATER!" Turns out the NFL will be doing no such thing, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Monday that the league will not be fining McKinley for the outburst. Even if McKinley gets off scot free, there is a pretty good chance that the NFL won't get away with the swear. Certainly the FCC will have a word or two about McKinley's outburst. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-reportedly-wont-fine-takkarist-mckinley-for-f-bomb-on-tv-during-draft/
  8. Is there a bar/restaurant that anyone has discussed getting together for the first round of the draft Thursday night? I've gone/helped organize these in the past and they're very fun and a great way to help build AFMB camaraderie. If not, let's talk locations and I'll see if I can call and get space set aside for us once we have a headcount. I'll throw the BWW At Kennsaw or Cumberland or the Taco Mac off Cobb Pkwy near Vinings as potential spots.
  9. Version 1: Needs Based/Better LB value 1st Round, 17th Overall: Andrew Billings, NT, Baylor Rationale: Billings shores up an unsure position at NT that was vacated by Paul Soliai leaving. With Beasley, Clayborn and Shelby manning the DE spots - we have a powerhorse Aaron Donald type presence in the middle to boost the production of our DEs and Hageman/Babs/Jarrett. This gives us superior DT depth and also makes Tyson Jackson expendable as a late cap-saving cut. I take Billings here over Lee/Floyd because there's better value at LB in future rounds. LB class is very deep, DT draft is very poor outside of the first. 2nd Round, 50th Overall: Deion Jones, OLB, LSU Rationale: Deion Jones adds the speed the Dan Quinn covets in his defense. Deion Jones can immediately come in and push Spoon at WLB (and inevitably replace him when Spoon hits IR). Going off of Combine numbers, Su'a Cravens had comparable 40 times, but I see him more as a SLB/Safety tweener. My 3rd round pick will justify why I take Jones here. Cravens would be interchangeable. This may be a little high for Jones, but I think he has a similar upside/skillset to Darron Lee without the expense of a first round pick. If Jones was our target perhaps we could trade down and pick up another 4th and still snag Jones late in the 2nd. I know this pick has "reach" written all over it but its my gut pick over Cravens. I see OLB as better value in the 2nd than the 1st. 3rd Round, 81st Overall: Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah Rationale: We pass on Cravens in the 2nd and pick up our Day 1 starter replacement for William Moore. Really I would consider this pick to be the best safety available. It's a deep class, and between Killebrew/Cash/Joseph/Neal they're all solid prospects. I would be happy with any of them in the 3rd, but choose Killebrew because he has the height, size and length that Dan Quinn prefers at a large 6'2" 217. 4th Round, 115 Overall: Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State Rationale: Vigil posted a 4.62 40, the top Cone time (6.73) and top Shuttle time (4.00) all 1st or fastest for ILBs at the Combine. He'd be a great value in the 4th and give us a player that could potentially unseat Worrilow and start either at the beginning or mid-season. He needs to add a little bit of weight at 239 and functional strength, but would sure up our LB depth heading into the season. 7th Round, 235 Overall: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Rationale: Good multi-positional depth in the last round. Camp body, could push our 2nd string for a relief spot. Recap: 1st Round: Andrew Billings, NT 2nd Round: Deion Jones, OLB 3rd Round: Miles Killebrew, SS 4th Round: Nick Vigil, ILB 7th Round: Kyle Friend, OG/C Final Note: Jones and Killebrew are both fringe 2-3 and 3-4 round guys respectively and possibly could be our 3rd and 4th round pick instead freeing up the 2nd for another player. ------------------------------------------------------------ Version 2: BPA at Position of Need 1st Round, 17th Overall: Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia Rationale: We get our highly touted speed linebacker with a large freakish build and great pass rushing ability. A bit of a high-risk, high-reward pick but he realistically will likely be close to BPA if he's available at our pick. Though I much prefer Billings. I think at 248 where he stands he could be a kind of roving MLB that blitz in a Wagner type role or play the Anthony Barr role. 2nd Round, 50th Overall: Su'a Cravens, OLB, USC Rationale: Cravens seems to be a consensus pick for the Falcons in the 2nd round. I'd be curious if the Falcons brass consider him an OLB or a safety. If it's the latter than he would play the Chancellor/Polamalu kind of role. If that's the case, my 3rd round pick would change my entire draft and I'll provide that alternative at the end. 3rd Round, 81st Overall: Karl Joseph, SS, WVU or Deion Jones, OLB, LSU (if we see Cravens as a SS) Rationale: He's one of the top safeties in the draft and we were lucky enough for him to fall to us in the 3rd. Enforcer type to take over the Strong Safety spot. Would be just as comfortable taking Killebrew, Neal or Cash here too. I picked Joseph here just to be different from the first mock with Killebrew. 4th Round, 115 Overall: Jerell Adams, TE, S. Carolina Rationale: Gives us a tall prospect with decent blocking ability and speed to develop to eventually take over/push Tamme into a relief role. Would make Toilolo expendable. 7th Round, 235 Overall: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Rationale: Good multi-positional depth in the last round. Camp body, could push our 2nd string for a relief spot. Could really draft whoever here. Recap: 1st Round: Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia 2nd Round: Su'a Cravens, OLB/SS, USC 3rd Round: Karl Joseph, SS, WVU 4th Round: Jerell Adams, TE, S. Car 7th Round: Kyle Friend, OG/C, Temple Conclusion: This draft gives us a ton of options. Even from these two mock scenarios there's plenty of easy substitutions. If you hate Jones and Killebrew that early you could easily swap best safety available in the 2nd, try to snag Jones in the 3rd and still get Vigil in the 4th if you end up liking someone like Joseph, Cash or Neal in the 2nd more than Killebrew in the 3rd and hate the idea of taking Jones in the 2nd. I just see him as a better value version of Darron Lee. If we see Cravens as a safety in the 2nd scenario we can go BPA at linebacker in the 3rd (Jones) and end up with a Floyd/Cravens/Jones top 3 is a pretty insane defensive grab. Realistically taking Jones in the 2nd IS a reach, taking Killebrew in the 3rd may be as well but I like the idea of getting Billings/Jones/Killebrew/Vigil. Thoughts? I put more thought into the first draft though looking at it now it seems a little reachy as Jones and Killebrew may be available a round later. However, snagging Vigil in the 4th gives us a strong overall haul in the first four. I can't imagine anyone being mad if we pulled Billings, Jones, Killebrew and Vigil in any order. The 2nd one is more conventional wisdom and popular picks based on NFL.com's grades. Would you guys like Billings, Jones, Killebrew and Vigil | Floyd, Cravens, Joseph, Adams | or (if Cravens is a SS in our D) Floyd, Cravens, Jones, Adams? This could be intermixed so much its head-spinning. Could also not take Jones period and go Floyd/Cravens/BPA/Vigil - The more I think about it the more a Billings/Cravens/Jones/Vigil lineup sounds amazing.
  10. FIRST ROUND (17TH OVERALL) Traded to the Bengals for their 1st round (24th overall), 3rd round (87th overall) and 5th round (161st overall) NEW FIRST ROUND PICK (24TH OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: KARL JOSEPH, SAFETY, WEST VIRGINIA Ironically, Joseph's play style of a complete lack of respect for his own body was not the reason he missed more than half of his senior season. He injured his knee in a non-contact practice drill, putting a stop to his best year to date, where he led the FBS in interceptions (five) after four weeks. Joseph flies into the backfield and attacks receivers in space like few others in this draft class, as he showed during his first-team All-Big 12 junior campaign (92 stops, 4.5 for loss, one interception, three pass breakups, three forced fumbles.) Joseph started every game as a freshman (team defensive player of the year with 104 tackles, seven for loss, two interceptions, three forced fumbles) and sophomore (68 tackles, three for loss, one interception), as well, earning honorable mention all-conference recognition each season. SECOND ROUND (50TH OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: SHELDON DAY, DEFENSIVE TACKLE/DEFENSIVE END, NOTRE DAME Day plays stronger than his measurements might indicate. Heady and hustling, he also holds his ground against double teams and may have the best hands of any lineman in the draft. Day played inside and outside for the Irish, regularly making plays in the backfield in 2015 (15.5 tackles for loss, four sacks, 13 quarterback hurries) on his way to USA Today first-team All-American honors. The three-year starter nearly matched his career tackle for loss total (16.5) and exceeded his sack total (3.5) despite being the focus of opposing offenses. THIRD ROUND (81ST OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: JOSHUA PERRY, LINEBACKER, OHIO STATE Perry gained respect from Big Ten coaches for his play as a senior, garnering first team All-Big Ten notice with 105 tackles, 7.5 for loss and three sacks. He also received honors for his leadership and character, being named an all-state AFCA All-Good Works Team member, as well as a finalist for the Lott IMPACT, Senior CLASS Award, and the Wuerffel Trophy. The Buckeyes' leading tackler in 2014 (124, 8.5 for loss, three sacks) earned honorable mention All-Big Ten honors in his second year as a starter (he had 64 tackles, two for loss the previous year). Though not a highly recruited player like many on head coach Urban Meyer's squad, Perry's list of national honors speaks volumes about his willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. THIRD ROUND (87TH OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: AUSTIN HOOPER, TIGHT END, STANFORD Stanford has become "Tight End U" over the past few years, with former Cardinal contributors Zach Ertz, Levine Tiololo, Coby Fleener and Jim Dray enjoying good NFL careers. Hooper's next in line, leaving for the pros after his redshirt sophomore season. His father actually played at San Diego State, but his uncle, Greg, suited up for Stanford as a fullback from 1979-1982. Those genes were obvious during his two years on the field, first as a redshirt freshman in 2014 where he earned Freshman All-American and second-team All-Pac-12 honors (40-499, two scores). He helped Stanford win a conference championship in his second season, garnering several honors (Mackey Award finalist, third-team AP All-American, first-team All-Pac-12) by catching 34 passes for 438 yards and six touchdowns. FOUTH ROUND (115TH OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: JOSHUA GARNETT, GUARD, STANFORD Garnett, the son of an NFL nose tackle (Scott Garnett), played in the shadow of other NFL-ready Stanford linemen like 2015 first-round pick Andrus Peat before his senior year. He emerged from that shadow this fall, however, winning numerous All-American honors and the Outland Trophy as the nations top interior lineman. His combination of size (6-5, 325) and movement dropped jaws around college football -- especially when he takes an occasional turn as an H-back. Add intelligence and a nasty streak, and Garnetts got everything an offensive line coach would want to be part of his group. FIFTH ROUND (161ST OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: ROBERTO AGUAYO, KICKER, FLORIDA STATE Aguayo is one of the top kickers in college football history and was a three-time First-Team All-American. He connected on 81 percent, 90 percent, and 96 percent of his field goal attempts over the past three seasons, respectively. Aguayo has a strong leg and never missed an extra point over three years. With the change of the NFL's extra point rules, Aguayo is even more valuable. SEVENTH ROUND (238TH OVERALL) FALCONS SELECT: CALEB BENENOCH, OFFENSIVE TACKLE, UCLA Benenoch is a tall, athletic player with positional versatility. He can play guard or tackle, but needs to hit the weights if he wants to excel at either in the NFL. He shoes good length and lateral agility when firing off the line or blocking on the move. He plays with good balance and natural knee bend. Benenoch also plays with an edge that will help him transition to the NFL game.
  11. I know a lot of people have done full mocks and I thank them for their time. Personally, I find that only the first pick is the only one that is even remotely predictable. With that said, I'd love to know everyone's pick list (with priority) for #17. Mine is as follows: Lawson (DE) Dodd (DE) Jack (LB) Lee (LB) Ogbah (DE) Floyd (LB) I figure at least one of those 6 will be there at 17 and I'd have no serious problem with any of these guys (Floyd needs to stay above 240 imo).
  12. I find this kid to be super raw but also an altheltic freak. For some weird reason, I believe in our staff's ability to coach up and develop talent, which we haven't done in years. If we have to trade down, I won't have a heart attack with someone like this kid being on the board late in the first. I had hoped he'd be there in the 2nd to give us added flexibility in the first, but it looks like Mike Tomlin is already looking at him as an OLB in the first. Thoughts? Defensive end Danielle Hunter (6-5 1/4, 251) had a 36 1/2-inch vertical jump and 10-foot-10 broad jump. He did the 20-yard short shuttle in 4.47 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.95 seconds, which is really fast and shows his tremendous change-of-direction abilities. Hunter ran a 4.57 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine, which was the best time among defensive linemen. StrengthsFreakish combination of size, athleticism and explosiveness. Has long arms with jarring power behind his hands. When technique is right, he can stack and overpower tackles at point of attack. Fluid and agile in space. Uses length to bat down passes and disrupt the passing lane. Flashes winning spin move in pass rush, but needs to learn to set it up better. Uses arm-over inside move to set up tackles for loss. High-end tackle production for his position. Secondary motor to pursue and speed to chase leads to more tackle opportunities. Lead all SEC defensive linemen in "stuffs" (tackles for no gain or loss of yards) with 17. Active and energetic at all times. Continues to work to improve position vs. run and pass. Off-field character considered "squeaky clean" by NFL scouts. Has speed and agility to become special-teams star early in his career.
  13. I keep looking into this kid and he's not going to make it to round 3. As we know, linemen have been the jewels of the draft for some time now; thus OG and OTs are going to fly off the board in the first two rounds. I think this kid is worth the risk given his measureables. He's extremely athletic, fast (4.98 40ty), versitile (Both OGs,C,RT) and strong as a bull (30 Reps 225). People complain he's from division 3 but he held his own in the senior bowl. I think he fits what we need to improve our oline and run game. To sit back and wait until round 3 because the scouts say we should would be the biggest mistake ever. Would you guys crap your pants if the Falcons took Ali in the 2nd round? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siPei_ky9kU
  14. The WRs, DEs and DTs "are what we thought they were" as far as the known candidates are concerned. If we thought TE was weak this year, the LBs just joined them (Not counting DEs playing OLB). If you were the GM, what players would make you stay at pick 8 and which ones would you trade and acquire extra picks for if the "Stay At 8" players are gone? Stay At 8: 1. Leonard Williams 2. Vic Beasley 3. Dante Fowler Jr. 4. Randy Gregory 5. Kevin White 6. Amari Cooper Or Entertain Trade-bait: 1. Eli Harold 2. Bud Dupree 3. Landin Collins 4. Arik Armstead 5. Brandon Scherff
  15. Let's get to the point. 2013 Mock Off-Season Release/Retire: - Tony Gonzales - Todd McClure (if doesn't retire sign him for vet min.) - Tony Gonzales - Michael Turner - Brent Grimes - Peria Jerry - Luke McCown - Antone Smith - Mike Cox - Will Svitek - Lawrence Sidbury - Chris Hope - Dominique Franks - Garrett Reynolds Resign: - William Moore - Vance Walker - Sam Baker - Chris Owens - Robert McClain (RFA) Restructure: - Dunta Robinson Free Agent Signings: - Michael Johnson, DE - Reggie Bush, RB 2013 NFL Draft: - Trade Back: We trade our first for an early 2nd rounder and an early 4th rounder. 2. Larry Warford, OG Kentucky - We finally grab our RG of the future with this pick, and is it surprising? If we did no acquire a DE via free agency, I would be tempted to take a DE here instead. Warford is a dominant right guard, and will vastly improve our passing and run game over the next some odd years. He was shutting down some of the best during the Senior Bowl, and over the few seasons, has shut down some of the best defensive tackles in the SEC, no brainer here. I would even take him with our first at this point (depending on FA). 2. Brandon Williams, DT Missouri Southern - Brandon Williams is just a strong defensive tackle who can collapse the pocket, command double teams, and defend the run very well. I also believe Williams could potentially be a 3-4 NT, which could further elevate our ability to run a hybird defense. The guy weighs an astounding 340 pounds, but doesn't look it at all. He is very strong and stout, huge upside player. 3. Robert Alford, CB Southeast Louisiana - Robert alford may not be here, but this is such a deep CB class that I believe he will make it to this pick. Robert Alford is a straight up play maker. Also flying around the ball, with great instincts and fluidity. He can play both man and zone coverage almost as good as anyone in this draft. I believe he could play Nickle and also play on the outside. Him and McClain will be our future at the CB position. He also adds value as a return specialist. 4. Marquise Goodwin, WR Texas - Olympian, that is all that needs to be said. I am honestly hoping he makes it to this pick, but he could fly up the boards after the combine. Goodwin was solid all week at the Senior Bowl, and was very underrated at Texas. He is a fast reciever who can play in the slot come day one. He has the deep threat and play making ability that we can use to supplement the departure of Tony Gonzales. Thanks to this WR class, I believe he will fall more than he would in another draft class. He also adds value as a return specialist. 4. Gavin Escobar, TE San Diego State University - One of the more underrated TEs in this draft. Gavin has great length, catch radius, atheleticism, and hands. He can stretch the field, and make all of the tough catches. He may not be the fastest tight end, but he is one of the smartest, and toughest. He also is a willing blocker. If he is not available, I would select Vance McDonald here. 4. Sio Moore, LB UConn - This could possibly be one of the biggest sleepers in the draft. Sio Moore is more of an outside backer, but has the ability to move anywhere. He could help us tremendously in pass coverage, as he is one of the best, if not the best coverage linebacker out there. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Bobby Wagner. With Dent coming along nicely, I believe we can use Moore as a replacement for Nicholas. He can also rush the passer and has played all over for UConn's defense. He will be a steal for someone this draft. 5. Lonnie Pryor, RB/FB Florida State - Another huge sleeper pick; Lonnie is a do it all kind of a back. He started out as a RB for Florida State but switched the FB for the sake of the team. He is a team player and will do anything to help them. Although he is playing FB now, I can see him switching to RB in the NFL, and I believe that's his best position. Lonnie is a down hill runner, deceptively fast, and breaks tackles like there's no tomorrow. He is a tough, tough runner, reminds me of a Jason Snelling except a little faster. 6. Mike Catapano, DE Princeton - My third sleeper of the draft, Mike Catapano. Just because he is from an Ivy School, don't let him fool you. He is very quick off the snap, and is a relentless pass rusher, and block shedder. He is very good in the running game and even better when rushing the passer. He had an excellent week at the East-West Shrine game, and turned the heads of several people. He may actually go sooner than this, but as of now he is still flying under the radar. I believe he can at least be a rotational guy, if not a potential starter, that's how good he is. 7. Josh Evans, S Florida - I honestly didn't know who to take here. I was looking at Zeke Motta but apparently he has flown up the boards. So here I will go with a very, very underrated safety, who often gets overshadowed by his fellow safety. Josh Evans is a guy who can be groomed to be a starter, and also replace William Moore in case he gets hurt...again. ______________________________ So I hope you enjoyed it and actually read my reasons. I wrote this in about 10 minutes, so it is not as detailed as I would like, but if you have any questions, I have scouted these prospects heavily and will gladly answer questions and respond to criticism. I tried to make this as real as possible, but I know players will rise and fall so take it for what it's worth. I believe we will find a way to clear enough cap space to sign to solid FAs, and I also believe they will be available.
  16. Working on an article series of guys the team has shown interest in. They are at Bleacher Report. I'll link here and let me know what you think. I'll update as I post them up. 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: RB David Wilson 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: WR Ryan Broyles 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: WR/KR Cody Pearcy 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: TE Adrien Robinson 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: TE Ladarius Green 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OT Donald Stephenson 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OT Mitchell Schwartz 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OT Dennis Kelly 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OT Zebrie Sanders 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OT Tom Compton 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OL Peter Konz 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OL Kelechi Osemele 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: G/C Gino Gradkowski 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DE Melvin Ingram 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DE Andre Branch 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DE Kourtnei Brown 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DE Tim Fugger 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DT Brandon Thompson 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: DT Josh Chapman 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: LB Bobby Wagner 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: LB Mychal Kendricks 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: LB Tank Carder 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: OLB/DE Bruce Irvin 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: CB Jayron Hosley 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: CB Casey Hayward 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: CB/S Micah Pellerin 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: CB/S Trumaine Johnson 2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: S Tavon Wilson Let me know your thoughts.
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