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Found 5 results

  1. They will definitely be there at our pick and having two explosive elite LB’s would do wonders for our 2nd Level. We already resigned Allen Bailey and I feel like we have a good bit of money invested on the first level and I think we have a good bit of young talent on the 2nd so how about Kenneth Murray? I know he’ll be there at 16...
  2. Jonathan Taylor would be nice for this offense. We have needed to control the clock for the longest but you can not do that with an RB. Matt Ryan is at his best with play action so I think it’s time for a real feature back.
  3. Mock Draft 1.0 Cut Devonta Freeman HB James Carpenter OG Luke Stocker TE Ty Sambraillo OL Free Agency Robert Quinn DE Emmanuel Sanders WR Kevin Johnson CB Re-sign Adrian Clayborn DE Steven Means DE Tyler Davison NT Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB This is using the SI example of trading back to the 21st pick due to PHI wanting a WR1 desperately. Picking up an additional 2nd from em. Also yes I think picking up Sanders could be a significant upgrade at WR and help propel our offense. Kevin Johnson still has potential and could benefit from our scheme if Tru or Oliver either gets hurt or to learn behind Tru. Still like Sheffiled as the NB going forward. Robert Quinn helps immediately. I think we can all agree. 1st Kenneth Murray LB -replace Campbell with much more athleticism 2nd Ross Blacklock DT -helps free up Grady or developed into quality DT hopefully, tape shows a more of potential 2nd Shane Lemieux OG Starting LG as he has been all his career, nasty 2nd Adam Trautman TE TE that needs a little time but can potentially contribute relatively immediately receiving wise 3rd Kenny Willekes DE Very underrated and has the want to and love for the game that'll do nothing but help 4th Michael Warren HB Very underrated, Michael Turner type that can be gotten in later rounds 5th Davon Hamilton DT Sever untapped potential, due to college and athletes around him 7th Jacob Breeland TE Luck Sorcker type with recieving ability
  4. I feel when it comes to the draft this year this is the most separated the board has ever been. Normally the majority is in board with a certain position being picked in the first but maybe two different prospects are liked. This year there's people who want DT people who want DE. Then you have a Group for RT and CB and some who even want a LB. There is such vast opinions that different which is so unlike any other draft I've seen since I joined this board hack in 2004. I think with all this different thoughts that it proves that this draft is just gonna he crazy because there's no obvious position we are going to attack in the 1st round this year....gonna be a fun draft weekend
  5. When we’ve talked defensive player options in regards to the NFL draft, everyone has brought up defensive tackle in the first round. To me, there are only 2 DT’s that could make an immediate impact on our defense day 1. Quinnen Williams Ed Oliver Both will be gone by the time it gets to #14. Which leaves us with 3 options. Reach for a defensive lineman (Yes, all other defensive linemen options will be a reach in the first round), take an offensive lineman, or trade down. I will definitely be fine with the latter two ONLY if the front office makes it up to us by picking up this player in the draft. Jachai Polite I’ve watched film... Dude has first round-grade talent. But a lot of pundents are saying “But the attitude and piss-poor combine and football IQ”. All smoke... The dude is a competitor and a football player. Combine that with the fastest first step I’ve seen in a while and dude is THE best pure pass rusher in the draft and it’s not even close. I honestly think he screwed himself in the combine on purpose because he actually plays to the measurables Vic Beasley posted in the combine. As a matter of fact, if we pick him, I think he’ll be everything Vic was supposed to be for us and could make an impact day 1. People talk about him falling to the 3rd round.... He absolutely will not lmao mark my words. I would be chomping at the bit if he fell to the late second round. The best chance we would have at getting him will be to trade down. He fits the Dan Quinn mold for sure. I hope we could get him some kind of way. In the right system he could be an absolute pass rushing monster.