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Found 5 results

  1. What's so special about the AFC? What's so special about that conference to the point where the Falcons can't beat them anymore? I know since the Chargers in 2016, we've lost 11 of our last 12 AFC games overall (including the Super Bowl), but you want to know what's even worse, since 2013, we've lost 11 of our last 12 AFC home games. How could the Falcons have the worst non-conference home record in the NFL the past 6 seasons? I don't understand why this has been the case the past several seasons. This has included mediocre losses to the Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Bengals, and so forth. In 2015, we beat the Houston Texans by a final score of 48-21. That was Dan Quinn's 1st AFC home game, and it's Dan Quinn's only AFC home win to this very day. Not only that, but it's the Falcons only AFC home win since the 2013 season. We better get over it today, because I was really upset after that Colts loss on the road last weekend. I still want Quinn out after that loss, but if he loses to the Titans today and it's yet another AFC home loss for the Falcons, the writing on the wall will be clear, and the Falcons will have to wait until the Jaguars to get another chance.
  2. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/4/3/18292364/survey-just-11-of-nfc-south-fans-expect-the-falcons-to-win-the-division-saints-panthers-bucs Fans have been polled about who they expect to win the NFC South, and the results are…gross and offensive. As you’d expect after a year where most of the NFC South was a vast disappointment and the Saints largely excelled, the Saints are the heavy favorite to win the division this coming year. That’s especially true after a free agency period where the Saints did not demonstrably get worse and may well have gotten better, with only the Buccaneers (who have a new coach and some radical changes to come) showing similar growth this early on. Still, it’s a little surprising that nearly 75% of fans in the NFC South FanPulse survey thoughts the Saints would triumph this upcoming year, given that the Panthers and Falcons have been very good teams in the fairly recent past. One imagines that the expectation is that the new pass interference rules won’t kill their defensive backs, that Drew Brees’ late season arm swoon won’t continue, and that an admittedly very good roster will be enough to carry them to victory. That’s probably a reasonable (if, again, gross) assumption, but a healthy Falcons team and a Panthers team with an actual offensive line could certainly easily challenge New Orleans. The Buccaneers are probably a year or two away, as they often are. A lot could change between now and September, with the NFL Draft (where the Saints are notably going to be limited), a long summer of workouts and competition, and more ahead. We’ll hope what’s to come can help propel Atlanta by their most hated rivals. How do you see the division shaking out here in early April?
  3. At 4-4, we are setting pretty going into the 2nd half of the season. We only have two games with a team with a winning record. The NFC is still wide open, and even the Saints and Rams are beatable when you look at the statistics. The Falcons offense is inching towards the TOP 3 based on what I'm seeing. We are #2 in Passing, but I believe the Running Game will take a leap. The Falcons should have some great running numbers in the coming weeks. If you look at the prism, we are at #7 in the NFC. The teams that will be fighting for the Wild Card with us will be the Panthers and Vikings. I don't think we will be able to catch-up with the Saints. I think the Saints and the Rams will both finish with a 13-3 record or 12-4 record. But, we could definitely catch-up with Panthers and Vikings specially. Panther's Schedule... At Pitts (loss) At Detroit (W) Seattle (W) At Tampa At Cleveland Saints (L) Atlanta (L) at Saints (L) They finish the season at 10-6... The Vikings: At Chicago (L) Green Bay (W) At New England (L) At Seattle (L) Miami (W) At Detroit (W) Chicago (W) They will finish the season at 9-6-1 or 8-7-1. They have a tough schedule. Worst Case Scenario: 10-5-1 (this will make things a little more tough for the Falcons) The Falcons: At Cleveland (W) Dallas (W) At Saints (L) Baltimore (W) At Green Bay (W)/Our Offense will shred their defense and they may already have 6 losses by the time they meet us. Arizona (W) At Carolina (W) At Tampa We finish at 11-5 or 10-6. We will either finish #5 or #6 in the wildcard race. If this plays out like this, This Falcon team will be far more dangerous than the 2017 version because the offense will be deadly and being able to score in the Red Zone and 3rd down efficiency. Ito Smith is a great compliment to Coleman in the running game, and we may get Freeman back as well. Summary: The way the offense is playing and defense is trending back, we will be a juggernaut on the offense. This reminds me of 2016 on how we finished. I hope we don't have any more major injuries on Defense. Deion Jones return will solidify the back of the defense with Kazee. I believe it will also help by taking the stress out from our CB's. Duke Reilly seems more comfortable and I believe he is going go be serviceable. If Falcons were like a stock, I believe we hit our bottom during the Pittsburgh game. Since then, we have reversed the trends and inching back to normalcy-this means this is a good time to buy this stock because it adds a lot of value. The Rams and Saints are expensive stocks, but the Falcons are trending in the right direction. Buy Now!!!
  4. Current NFC South standings Saints: 6-2 (2-0 division) Panthers: 6-3 (2-1 division) Falcons: 4-4 (0-1 division) Buccaneers: 2-6 (0-2 division) The Falcons are currently at .500 at the midpoint of the season just coming off a loss to a division rival. Not ideal, especially considering what's ahead in the schedule, but the team still controls their destiny. By and large the team still suffers from procedural errors, mistakes in execution here and there, that have cost them games. They're still a good football team, but they have to start eliminating much of the errors to have a fighting chance making the playoffs. At this point with four losses already, the margin of error is slim to none. All remaining opponents are in the NFC, and five of the eight remaining games are in the division. A lot can change over the next eight weeks and the playoff picture is nowhere near set in stone. However, if the 2017 Falcons are to return to the postseason, they will likely have to run the table in the NFC South and [ideally] finish 7-1 or better in the second half of the season for a final record of 11-5 or 12-4. Is it possible? I believe that it is, provided that the team (namely the offense) can at least resemble the 2016 team's performance down the stretch.
  5. http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=Aw18ZXTt-DFOS1b0ckA when you have time http://nflplayoffpredictor.com/?L=IzBM9MRTxjbRsy1G3aiapLasOKTTPQ5CxSpABiQLuKYPvqKxUI5bPfhBocuZEcKwsqxIkzyogA
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