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Found 20 results

  1. I know it's not the Falcons but considering it affects our season a lot I thought I should post it anyway. Sorry Mods if it's not the place. Kamara has held out the last 3 days with unexcused absences due to wanting a new contract - reported by Schefter
  2. The path to the playoff is still here folks. Playoffs!? Yes, playoffs. I know our team hasn't looked so hot so far but I still have faith. Dan Quinn is still our coach and I'll defend him and every player on this team. The Saints, Panthers, and Bucs don't scare me at all. I say bring it on Sean Payton; give us your best shot. We are coming for the NFC South title.
  3. This is going to be a very detailed post by me. I fan-posted this on the Falcoholic as well and I would like to share this with everyone on the Falcons boards. These are officially my thoughts on the Falcons 2018 season so far. That top 10 in scoring D we had last year was Dontari Poe, Adrian Clayborn, Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, and Ricardo Allen coming together and leading the other guys on defense. Robert Alford, Desmond Trufant, Brian Poole, and other guys were probably better and up'd their game because of the leadership of Rico and Debo on the field. Jarrett and Takk definitely helpe
  4. I'm surprised no one has taken note of this. If we want to save our season against the Bengals this Sunday, we have to get over this ridiculous, aggravating, and frustrating stat that we couldn't overcome against the Bills and Dolphins last season. I understand that 2013 and 2014 were the ruff years with Matt Ryan when our O-line was bad and our defense was atrocious, but with the easy schedule we had in 2015 and the good teams we had in 2016 & 2017 considering the AFC teams we played at home, this has become unacceptable and I'm tired of it. Heck, we have a better point differential
  5. Of course in 2009, Matt Ryan was injured, which was the reason we probably went 1-3 vs. the NFC East, but in 2012 we had a complete 4-0 sweep over the NFC East in the year we went 13-3 and also played the AFC West, and all of our 3 losses came with splits against our divisional rivals that year. 2012 was Mike Smith's best team, and we played Andy Reid's worst team (4-12) in Philly for our first win down there since 1988, we beat the eventual NFC East champs the Redskins (10-6) in Washington with RGIII for a little bit until we knocked him out and Kirk Cousins played the rest of the way, we bea
  6. In 2018 the Falcons are being heavily favored by the media to win the Super Bowl this year based off the way our seasons ended in 2016 and 2017, and we deserve that praise, however, that is VERY DANGEROUS at the professional level, most teams who win their first Super Bowls had a mediocre campaign the previous season and nobody believed in them coming into the season. The Falcons are getting way too much hype and it worries me. Throughout my time being a Falcons fan, our best seasons have always come when you didn't expect much from the team coming into the season, and they overachieved the ex
  7. https://imgur.com/a/zW8sILJ Click on the link up here and tell me what you think? I used the NFL Playoff Predictor on https://playoffpredictors.com I have the Falcons starting 2-3 and winning 10 straight to get to 12 wins, just like in 2002 and 2010 when we also had a long winning streak during the season playing the AFC North with the same home and away schedule as this upcoming season. As I've brought up before, our AFC North schedule matches 2010 and our NFC East schedule matches 2012. We also play the Eagles in Philly and the Cardinals at home again just like 2010, 2012, and 2016
  8. The Buccaneers and the Eagles are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC North was on their schedule. No team out of the NFC playing the AFC North on their schedule has been back to the Super Bowl ever since. The Panthers and the Seahawks are the only teams who have been to the Super Bowl when the AFC South was on their schedule and each of them did it twice. The 2003 Panthers, 2005 Seahawks, 2013 Seahawks, and 2015 Panthers. From 2006-2012 (7 seasons in a row), every team out of the NFC who played in the Super Bowl played the AFC East on their schedule. That s
  9. Every Team in the NFC South has a speedy fast game breaker at Punt Returner and Kick Returner who puts their team in good field positions Saints - A. Kamara, T. Ginn Jr Panthers - C. McCaffery Buccaneers - D. Jackson WHO is a real-life practical Solution for the Falcons at these positions (KR, PR) since ours has obviously been neglected....?
  10. I'm a life long old time Falcons fan. And I can tell you all from experience in the past year after year after year. Anytime the Falcons get in an important game there always seems to be some screwy officiating calls. In the game vs. the Vikings the Falcons offensive line kept getting smashed with hands to the face over and over and over. Then there were the penalties in that game calling anything and everything on the Falcons while not calling it on the vikings. As for the sAints last game, hands to the face and holding that they got away with comes to mind where officiating goes,
  11. Not scared of any divisional opponent but I'm pretty sure we had the NFC South on notice when we drafted Beasely last year. I felt the same way when Carolina drafted Star and Short back to back in 2013. So who's that guy for the 2016 draft you don't want to see drafted by those other teams in our division? For me... Saints: Leonard Floyd - some may think he would be a reach but him and Kikaha would let them have some speed on the outside with cam jordan in the middle in 3-4 sets. Billings would bring some damage as well in the middle for them. Doctson in the second makes a go
  12. I just watched a recent press conference with Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn, and at the start of the press conference one of the replies by Thomas D. he replied to Dan Quinn as "Q" around 2:29 or 2:30. What do you think about that? Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Who cares? I grew up a big Star Trek fan and "THE Q" was an all powerful being who could control everything. SO when someone says someone is the "Q" that's what it means to me. But it might have different meanings to others. Thoughts? http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/5-Things-Quinn--Dimitroff-Pre-Draft-Presser/2d965
  13. My football insider Carl predicts the Saints and Panthers...along with referencing the NFC South. So I felt it appropriate to put here due to that. Plus his weekly vids are hilarious and I know there's a few on the board that like 'em
  14. 2-0 in the division and the rest of the teams in it look like train wrecks too. This team looks really, really bad. Defensively it's unwatchable, offensively it's painstaking. Smitty's voice is no longer heard in the locker room, our defensive coordinator runs defenses we aren't capable of running, our offensive coordinator is lost, our players have lost passion for the game. We'd have to win the Super Bowl in order for anybody to keep their job, but....... Oddly enough we're not out of it.
  15. At the moment, the NFCS is probably the worst division in the league, mainly due to the awful defenses. Last week, all four of our teams combined to give up 147 points(+3 because the Vikes missed a field goal). With two defenses(possibly three with how highly people talked of TB in the offseason) in NO and CAR that were projected as possible top tens this year, from your perspective, what is the problem? For the Falcons it's quite simple: Our front seven and scheme. First off, we don't have a legitimate pass edge rushing threat. The closest we have is Osi, and he's barely getting snaps. Our tw
  16. Each team has won the south three times. So this season whoever wins will have more division championships than any other South team and be crowned... Ultimate division kings of awesomeness and truth! Good luck nfc South!
  17. NFC South Division Champs: Contender or Pretender? The NFC South may be one of the most difficult divisions in the NFL to predict a winner for the 2014 season. It is also still early in the 2014 offseason, which is why I have not predicted a winner, but decided to choose who I believe are contenders or pretenders to win the NFC South. Tampa Bay Bucs Key Players Returning: LB Lavonte David, SS Mark Barron, FS Dashon Goldson, DT Gerald McCoy, RB Doug Martin, WR Vincent Jackson Notable Departures: HC Greg Schiano, CB Darrelle Revis (Patriots) Key FA Additions: DE Michael Johnson, CB Alterr
  18. So I peruse the other teams boards from time to time, not as a member, but as a lurker and found the following: http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/mike-smith-taken-off-plane-chest-pains-216641/ In the thread 95% of these guys state that while we are hated, bitter rivals, they still had nothing but well wishes for Coach Smith. Even though, we hate them, and they hate us...it was refreshing.
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