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Found 7 results

  2. I think Center Mack is the Falcons MVP! "Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack was arguably the best free agent signing in the NFL last offseason. " Mack" he came in just asking questions like there was no tomorrow,’’ left tackle Jake Matthews said.“I was like, ‘Man, this guy has a lot of questions.’NY POST Alex Mack the Atlanta Falcons' secret weapon in Super Bowl LI I was so excited the Day we got Pro Bowl Center Mack, especially after what we had at center before him, After the season, We all know, Mack is our Engine. Mack is definitely, the best center the Falcons ever had! Thanks, TD/Lil Shanny and Mack for coming to ATL! PS-
  3. From the Falcons Facebook:
  4. "Another hint that Atlanta Falconsquarterback Matt Ryan is likely to win the NFL MVP Award was dropped Monday when the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA) named him the quarterback on the 2016 All-NFL team. Ryan has become a heavy favorite for the award, ahead of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. The Falcons quarterback was also named a First-Team All-Pro by the Associated Press, which is the same group that will vote to name the NFL MVP." I know we're all hoping for bigger and better things, but it's looking more and more likely our QB will be the MVP. What a time to be alive!
  5. I meant to put this up over the weekend but with 8" of snow in Richmond, Va I had to be at my restaurant all weekend dealing with all the crazies who like to snow day drink, as it doesn't happen all that often around these parts. With that said, I decided some time ago that I was going to host a MVP and Poster of the Year contest with the swag I got from the Tampa game I went down to. However, because I feel one poster went above and beyond the call of duty to bring value to this board, I've decided that I'm going to control the vote for MVP and award that to @PeytonMannings Forehead for all of the amazing threads that he has tirelessly put so much effort into. The knowledge and objective insight he has allowed so many posters on our lovely TAFT board to gain is truly invaluable, cause it still is the internet. So with that, I bequeath him my Vic Beasley game worn glove. (he had already expressed interest in that item so it is only fair). PFM, just send me your shipping details. Now, as for PotY on TATF, I leave that up to all of you. While there is no way to prove it, the second item of swag I got from that game was Matt Ryan's towel that he wears on his waist. Voting will take place thru Friday 1.13.16 @ 6PM. I'll tally all of the votes that are made before that time and send the towel to the winner. And no, you can't vote for yourself. Happy Playoffs TATF!!! (mods, want to pin?)
  6. There is a chance that Falcons' players could win the M.V.P., D.P.O.Y., and with Jones, and Neal, we could win R.O.Y, although Zeke will most likely take that spot. I do think that either Matt or Beez nutz will get screwed out of the MVP or DPOY though. It's just cool to have a shot at all three spots.( I can't remember if there is a defensive, and offensive rook of the year.) side note; If Spoon could have stayed healthy, funny I know, he would have been a candidate for comeback player of the year. Let's jst be glad Schaub isn't up for the award. Clayborn is the only candidate I could come up with that didn't play great last year, but is performing really well this year, There is Collins of course but who, outside of Atlanta, knows who he is. On offense, Chris Chester is the only guy I could think of, even though alot of folks on here want him replaced. lol. He needs a replacement, because of age, but to spend a first or second is dumb unless the BPA is a zone blocking guard. I was looking for FA free safeties, and thought Byrd must be close to his contract becoming RFA. Here is a link that shows how stupid the contract N.O. gave him. (look at the dead cap for this year)
  7. How about every time Matt Ryan steps on the field start chanting "MVP, MVP!!!" And when he makes a great play, chant it to a frenzied pitch! If the sports writers are **** bent on giving it to Brady, at least let the nation see what OUR fans think of it.