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Found 2 results

  1. Fans from across their league have contributed their input via the Know Rivalry Project to address the biggest rivals of each club, but Atlanta United has not been included in the data until now. Help us measure the rivalries of Atlanta United by visiting the Know Rivalry survey link and selecting MLS: You can view previous results from across the MLS here: including the Top 10 most intense and unbalanced rivalries. You can also follow us at @KnowRivalry on Twitter for announcements of latest survey results. The Know Rivalry project is a sports consumer research project operated by students and faculty at Northern Kentucky University and Western Carolina University.
  2. Looks like it's starting to come together. The chemistry. The young talent budding under a great selection of a manager (Gerardo Martino) that has coached Leo Messi at both the club level (Barcelona) and international (Argentina national team). We had 83% possession for the whole game against Chicago! 83! I've never seen that in my entire life, and I've watched a lot of great teams in some lopsided match-ups. I only just started watching MLS seriously since Atlanta got a team (didn't really care much for DC United even though they're local), and they got me pumped already. This is awesome, which is a far cry from my other team (Arsenal) who needs a new manager, but at least Barca is still in it (UCL)