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Found 4 results

  1. Four-time Pro Bowl corner has bizarre explanation for his ugly season with the Buccaneers Brent Grimes was apparently offended after the Buccaneers gave him a tough defensive assignment in Week 3 by John Breech When Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes officially becomes a free agent in March, don't look for him to be making a return to Tampa Bay, and that's because he apparently isn't a very big fan of the team. During an interview this week, Grimes had multiple complaints to make about the Bucs, and it seems his biggest complaint was that the team asked him to shadow Antonio Brown in Week 3. Apparently, Grimes, who made $7 million in base salary in 2018, felt the Buccaneers weren't paying him enough to justify a tough defensive assignment like that. "I just couldn't agree with it," Grimes told his wife Miko on her #IHeartMikoPodcast, via ESPN.com. "It's just disrespectful. People who follow receivers all the time, unless they're on a rookie contract or trying to get paid, are usually making $13-15 million a year." According to Grimes, he was so upset by the Buccaneers' request that it ruined his mindset for the season and caused him to have a bad year. "That's not right. It's disrespectful," Grimes said. "It just f---ed up my whole vibe for the whole year, to be completely honest. It's just disrespectful. I just felt disrespected." To sum this up: The Buccaneers asked Grimes to do his job and then he got offended because he didn't feel they were paying him enough to do what they asked him to do. To add to the drama, Grimes was benched during the second half of Tampa Bay's 48-10 loss to the Bears in Week 4, which was just one week after the Brown incident. Grimes, who just finished his third seasons with the Buccaneers, also said that the coaching staff took his spirit away. "It was gone. The whole year," Grimes said. "From training camp -- it was gone." According to Miko, her husband was so upset with the Bucs that he thought about skipping Tampa Bay's Week 17 game against the Falcons. "Before that week, you wanted to pull an Antonio Brown," Miko Grimes said. "You told the coaches that you were not playing Sunday. You [were] like, 'F--- this, I'm not playing. I'm sick of y'all. You benched me twice for some dumb s---.'" With free agency right around the corner, this podcast probably wasn't the best way for Grimes to sell himself to other teams.
  2. "I slept like a baby (Saturday night)," Ryan said. "Best sleep night of the week -- I got about 10 hours. That's the number one thing for a strong performance. Gotta get your rest." I guess she took Miko's advise after all. :P
  3. I don't like the fact that she said "He's ready but for who?" While he's training in the Falcons' facilities ... I don't like her attitude when it comes to him and contracts. He got paid $10m+ last year to sit on his *** and heal ... This team is about players that think of others instead of being selfish when it comes to contracts. Revis breaks the bank and they have a sorry team around him. I even think Ryan will sign for under $100m so there is money left for others. It's crazy to think someone walks into a room and demands they need more than $100 million to play a game ... Really? Is it me or are player contracts way out of bounds?
  4. The player rep for free agent CB Brent Grimes says his the franchise player has "no plans to sign the tag at this time." "We hope to be able to continue to discuss through all the issues at the appropriate time," added the agent. GM Thomas Dimitroff suggested the tag was applied so both sides could continue to work toward a long-term contract. Grimes may miss offseason workouts, but it's rare for a franchise player to miss game action. With bgrimes holding up some extra millions in the franchise tag I'm assuming he wants to get paid that dollar amount annually. . .whether or not he does remains to be seen. While D Rob restructured his contract helping free cap space benefitting the team, Grimes is doing just the opposite, during free agency. How much is Grimes and the front office not getting a long term deal done hurting this franchise in 2012
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