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Found 2 results

  1. Smitty and bro in law Brian Billick doing color on AAF Arizona vs Memphis on NFL Network now. Dan Hellie doing play by play.
  2. I'll probably get flamed for this but I'm dead serious. Smittyball is predicated on a slow, methodical offense which chews time off the clock and scores at the end of drives. This is combined with a defense which doesn't regularly make big plays but limits mistakes to keep offenses in check. I hated it back when Mike Smith was here but in hindsight I can see why he did it. Our defenses under Mike Smith were not good (as I'm sure you all remember). We often gave up a lot of points and allowed teams to score on us quickly. Because of that Smitty did his best to keep the ball in the offense's hands and keep our defense rested for the end of the game. This worked out well for us even though things always fell apart in the playoffs. Dan Quinn on the otherhand is all about just going out and playing. I don't think he does a good job of understanding the dynamics of the game in that respect. It seems like under him it's "all go all the time". We never take the foot off the break, consequences be ****ed. This is exciting and I love it under the right circumstances but it's a very boom or bust philosophy. The Superbowl showed both sides of this philosophy. Through the 3rd quarter, we were booming. Offense had their foot on the pedal and the defense was making big plays. From the end of the 3rd on though, the "bust" side happened. Offense came out there and kept doing what we'd been doing but because we couldn't execute we quickly gave the ball back and we all know what happened from there. All I'm saying is that with a defense this depleted we need to do all we can to limit how much they're out there. We can't keep going score-for-score with teams like this. We need a more ball control offense and a defense that limits mistakes even if it's at the expense of trying to make the big play. We don't have the talent right now to keep trodding these guys out there to get lit up like this. If we want to win, bring back Smittyball.