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Found 5 results

  1. Yeah I wanted him gone as well as 98% of the people on this board. But I'm actually glad it happened like this. I said it a while back I would rather see him get another job than get the axe. TD, Smith, and Blank did a classy thing keeping him until he got the job. With out MM, they wouldn't have had the success over the 1st three years of Ryan's career. The 4th year not so much. His conservative play calling took the Falcons as far as he could. Good luck in Jax MM! Look forward to giving the Jags a beat down in the future.
  2. Admit it, if you see that the defense jumps offsides when we're on offense you know Matt Ryan's going to throw a "screen" to Roddy White. Usually these plays go for at most 5 yards or so and we end up taking the penalty anyway. I'm asking, no begging, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Mularkey, Smith, whoever to do what every other team in the league does and run the play. Teams regularly just go deep on these plays be cause they know they're guaranteed 5 yards no matter what (I remember the Seahawks scored a TD on us this year on such a play). I'm all for being conservative when it's necessary but when you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not? At the least throwing not throwing that quick pass to Roddy won't open him up to an unnecessary hit.
  3. It might make the Jags come calling to hire MM as their next Head Coach. I know I want the offense to explode b/c I want to win the game. What kind of game do you think MM will call knowing this may be his best interview for HC job at the Jags is to show them what he can do against them? Any changes looming with our playcalling?
  4. Ok guys, I have sat and watched and been a pretty active poster for a while here. I took some days off the board, because the lunatic fringe was in full force for a couple of days, after we sheet the bed against the Texans. I don't think it is one player on this team that is to blame. I also don't think ANYONE gets a pass this season. I will say that in my head a good bit of our problems trace to one certain area: NO Offseason: Yes, this was a problem for lots of teams, and yes, the Pack, the 49ers, Saints, Ravens, Steelers etc seem to be unaffected, but I contend that this team was hurt a lot by not having an offseason. We all knew Julio was raw in some spots, and polished in others. With a full offseason, he could have been a lot more prepared. Also, I think the lack of an offseason didn't allow Roddy time to warm up to the idea of having a viable #2. The Offensive Line lost a leader in Dahl, no matter how much we as fans didn't see it, this guy was apparently the glue holding the line together. He's a Ram now, so there is nothing to be done there, but not having a full offseason, didn't allow this unit to gel into a cohesive unit. Also having Baker play LT, and imitating a swinging kitchen door didn't help. Which leads us to: Matt Ryan...he has not had a good season. We have seen some highs (better ball distribution, flashes of hitting guys in stride, and the money accuracy he shows in the 10-15 yard passes)...we have definitely seen some lows (consistently over/underthrowing receivers [if it's a strength thing, I got $5 on pitching in for a Bowflex for the guy...maybe the ShakeWeight] making poor reads due to perceived pressure, whether real or not, and just being OFF), but the man is clearly not in sync. I will not say he "hasn't gotten better since his rookie season" because that is a fallacy, but he has taken a big step back in his progression this year. We all saw his sophomore slump...what is this, a senior year slump? The offseason could have given him time to settle in with the new pieces (Julio, the line, Quizz etc) and perhaps given him time to work on deep balls with the coaches. Mularkey and Van Gorder (the Stache) are both playing schemes that worked when people wore leather helmets, and TV's had no color, but this is a new age. The rules have changed, and you either change with them, or you can go coach at West Texas Christian Polytechnical Universty College. I don't care, as do most of our fans. I think changes are coming in the coaching staff. I don't want Smitty to go, because I believe he is the guy, but I also don't want to be sitting here next year and thinking "just wait until next year". I fear if MM is left in his current role...we will be in the same spot. Not sure if the offseason would have helped this much, because this looks like "08 season, rinse-repeat, 09 season...rinse-repeat, 10 seaspm rinse-repeat" and on and on. I couldn't care less if I get flamed, because I am tired. I am happy we are 7-5. I am happy that we are heading towards 4 seasons in a row of winning, but I was and am a Braves fans. Division titles, playoff appearances are always nice, but nothing compares to the feeling of winning the big one. This team has miles to go before it sleeps to get to a Lombaridi, and hopefully this Sunday can be that first step in that progression. /end rant
  5. As you've guys have heard me whine and carry on before about Mike Mularkey, it seems his time is all but done in Atlanta, against the Titans the Falcons went no huddle on offense until they reached the redzone. We came away with 2 touchdowns on 5 redzone attempts. This was where Mike Mularkey was calling plays, and it looks like after this week he may completely lose his play calling abilities. The difference between Matt Ryan playcalling and Mike Mularkey playcalling in terms of offensive production is astronomical, since going to the no huddle at the end of the New Orleans game last week, Matt Ryan has started spreading the ball out a whole lot more. Rarely used WR Harry Douglas has caught 13 passes for 188 yards. That's more than half of his total receptions this year in two games. The O is also seeing a lot more spelling of Turner in passing situations, with Jason Snelling and JacQuizz Rodgers coming on. Eric Weems has also seen a bit of action outside of special teams the past two weeks, recording 6 catches the past two games after only have 1 prior to that. Even WR Kerry Meier made it onto the field for a couple of snaps during this weekends game against the Titans. Atlanta still retained it's run first identity however, allowing Turner to tote the rock for 21 times for a buck total. Atlanta also used their heavy package the least this season, it only made it on the field for 9 snaps against the Titans. Over the past two games where Matt Ryan has been granted more control over the playcalling and substituions on offense he has posted his first ever back to back 300 yard games, while as I said before keeping Turner still very much involved. It's almost unheard of for a QB this young to be given this much control over the offense, but Ryan has proved he can handle the load. During this two game stretch Julio Jones was only on the field for one total quarter. As Atlanta's offense continues to become more spread out, it looks like the offense is finally on the verge of bringing it all together. All of these under the command of a 26 year old quarterback. TL: DR Atlanta's offense has been much more opened and much more spread out while still retaining it's smash-mouth identity over the past two games. Mike Mularkey has basically lost all of his play calling and substituions duties to Matt Against the Titans, Mularkey only called the plays in the redzone, this is the one area where Atlanta struggled the most throughout the game.
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