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Found 1 result

  1. With players like Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell holding out in the NFL even while under contract (putting their own future ahead of the team), and more and more NCAA players like Bosa, sitting out to look after their own career, are QBs next? Looks like the NFL is becoming more and more like the NBA where a player's interest comes first and superstars dictate team composition and front office decisions. There has been serious talk on Russel Wilson being traded to New York for his own business interests and so he can make more money. If this trend continues, QBs may no longer be the untouchables as before. If I was a star QB, I could easily hold out, even while under contract. Team then could easily go from 10-6 to 4-12, on top of the daily distractions brought to the team. At this point, what do you do as the FO, except trade him? QBs have guaranteed money so you'll have to pay him regardless. Trading your star QB and developing back up QBs may be what's in store in the NFL's future. Eventually, superstars may want to link up with other superstars just like the NBA, or at the very least, play in the the city he wants, with the coach and FO he wants. If Maholmes wants out of KC to go to LA to set him up for life outside of football he can do it. Star QBs may eventually play for multiple teams throughout his career. And replacing proven QBs by drafting rookie QBs may be a serious strategy to consider in the future. With Tom Condon as Ryan's agent, who knows what may happen in the next year or 2 if Ryan just decides to hold out in order to get that last contract.