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Found 13 results

  1. UNBELIEVABLE! We are currently the Dolphins hidden by the success of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. We are a complete joke of an organization right now! I will not watch anymore Falcons games until Dan Quinn leaves now! I'm sick and tired of this BS! Year after year after year!
  2. Or are we really aren't as talented as we think we are? There's multiple former pro bowlers on this team. The Falcons have so many flaws and problems right now the list is too long to make. Some of these problems, such as bad special teams coverage, horrible starting field position, our offensive line/running back not getting a yard, our defense being mediocre as usual, have been problems with the Falcons for several years now, even in the Mike Smith years. The difference is when we had good teams, we got away with these problems but it always came back to hunt us somewhere in the postseason. Now we have a s**t ton more problems than ever before. Matt Ryan is old. Julio Jones is getting old. Alex Mack is old now. Matt Bryant as great as he is we have to draft a new quality kicker ASAP. Devonta Freeman was built perfectly for Shanahan's offense but with Koetter (including 2014) and Sarkisian, what has Freeman really done? Trufant, nothing more than an average corner, he's never been elite, always been average and good enough to be a solid starter, but in Trufant's 7 seasons with the Falcons, he's only been in the postseason with us ONCE, that was in 2017. He was injured in our Super Bowl run, and we missed the playoffs in 2013-2015, 2018, and now it's going to be 2019. The Falcons need a more physical offensive line, we're working on that, but the overhaul of the O-line may have come at a worse time. Maybe it'll benefit us the next few years, but we don't know for sure yet. Along with our offensive line, we need a bigger workhorse back who weighs more and can help us run out clock better to help the defense, not light weighted guys like Freeman or Ito. Freeman and Ito are good, but we need to draft a fresh big workhorse back, like another Turner, or a Blunt, a Chubb, a Henry, behind a big physical O-line. Freeman was mostly built for Shanahan's offense like I said previously. A bigger workhorse back is built more for the current offense we have now. Last but not least, I don't care what QB we draft, if we don't have the previous I mentioned along with an ELITE DEFENSE or a TOP 10 DEFENSE for once who has a lot of fire lit up on them with great leadership. We will never win the big one. Defense wins championships. Enough of the mediocre sorry defenses in Atlanta with no leadership at all and a lot of sorry players who can't tackle or make good plays consistently. We're not getting anywhere with this current defense. We need to draft better, bigger and more physical guys up front and in the secondary. Just having Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones, and Ricardo Allen is not enough.
  3. You know what I'm worried about the most at this point? Since our loss to the Chargers in 2016, we've literally lost every AFC game in the preseason and regular season except for the Jets on the road in 2017. Seriously. Since the 2016 Chargers, that's 10 AFC losses out of our last 11 AFC games, and if you throw in our 11 straight preseason losses (only one of those was against a NFC team) so that's 10 AFC preseason losses added on. We've lost a total of 20 of our last 21 games to AFC opponents in the preseason and regular season combined. YIKES, and the 2019 version of the AFC South will be tougher than the 2011 and 2015 AFC South divisions we faced. You already know it. Road games against the Colts and Texans will be brutal, but the Titans and Jaguars shouldn't be hard right? Oh wait, we've lost all of our home games vs AFC opponents since 2013 except for the 2015 Texans. In order for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl they have to beat an AFC opponent right?
  4. Okay then. Let me show you the numbers and what Matt Ryan is having to deal with this year. Defensive Drive Stats Overall Defensive Efficiency Quarterback Rankings https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/12/14/18140840/matt-ryans-magic-has-covered-up-who-the-real-atlanta-falcons-are Alright Matt Ryan HATERS, try coming at me after all of this! Try to back me up after all of THIS!!!!! What are the EXCUSES NOW!!!!! Man I get so tired of it. Granted, was never a big fan of him getting all that money but I'm not a big fan of ANY player getting a contract too big because of how much it affects the team, but the NFL is a business, can't do anything about that. I'll say one thing, Matt Ryan has been the LEAST of our problems this season. I can't think of any other player on our roster who wants to win more than him right now and it's sad. He has no control over how poor our coaching has been all year.
  5. This is according to pro football reference, BTW, and we still have 4 more games to play. Also, for the 2016 season, I wonder if that was with the postseason games included or not, since 2016 is at #3 at 29 sacks which is shocking to me. Anyways, I'm not surprised with the bad O-line play this year, especially on this 4 game losing streak where we've haven't even reached the 20 point mark. Only scored 9 offensively yesterday. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=single&player_id=RyanMa00&year_min=1950&year_max=2018&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos[]=QB&game_type=R&career_game_num_min=1&career_game_num_max=400&game_num_min=1&game_num_max=12&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&c1stat=pass_sacked&c1comp=gt&c1val=1&c5val=1.0&order_by=pass_sacked
  6. How many Matt's we got in this matchup? Matt Ryan Matt Shaub Matt Bryant Matt Bosher Matthew Stafford Matt Prater
  7. It suddenly appeared in my recommended videos list. Didn't even look for it. Didn't even know it existed on YouTube. Rare footage of Ryan running a triple-option offense in his high school days at Penn Charter.
  8. http://insider.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/21411/matt-ryan-falcons-absolutely-can-average-30-points-per-game
  9. I know that when your offense scores 28 points on the road, they problably did a good job and you´re supposed to win the game. And those two INT by Matty were most a result of the pressure that the falcons defense put on the offense, to try to make something happened. It was just desperation caused by our D. But in the first half Matt Ryan threw 5 times to Julio Jones, for 5 catches and 70 yards, but then when the falcons needed the most he didn´t look for him. In the second half Matt threw at him 3 times, for one catch for 12 yards. The others throws were; one, a bad one by numero 2 and a long one that was a little underthrow and could/should have been called for PI on Xavier Rhodes. My point is, that the falcons failed to take advantaged of his best playmaker, who was being nothing but effective, and instead they tried to force the ball to Roddy, who was slow, obvioulsy not 100% and having a bad day with 5 drops, I believe, and to Hester who did have a good game and is serviceable on offense, but they threw two long balls to him silimar to the catch he make against the saints, and he failed to catch any of those. The falcons D make the game hard to watch, I knew we were limited, but I never expect anything like these, but the offense could have done more, especially if you considered that Julio was killing it, that he´s the best player on the field and we needed points, and yet they forgot to use him in the second half.
  10. Don't know if this has been discussed but does anyone have any stories of Ryan bonding or doing anything nice with his O-Line outside work? Like, I think Russell Wilson bought all his olinemen Xbox Ones, Brady taking them all out to eat at a buffet. Etc. Also I'd like to know of other activities QB's do if anyone knows. Think I heard someone say they went go Karting or some sh** Anyways. How well do you think it builds comradery and chemistry when QB's do that, and do you think they respond well to Ryan. Random topic, yes, but it's the offseason. Thoughts? Suggestions on what he should do? Has a new right side of the O-Line, I'd hope they get to know each other quick if people here are expecting him to lead us to a Championship this year.
  11. Julio was out for one and Roddy was out for both. We still scored. That to me is an eye opener. Especially with Roddy. Discuss.
  12. Thanks to the guys like Torris, 70, and others who provided us with tapes. Luke McCown Backup Signed to be a vet QB who knew Dirk's system. Isn't talented or good but he's smart and knows the X's and O's. Tape: Matt Ryan Starter One of the better QB's in the NFL and one of the most productive. Known for his High Football IQ and great clutch ability as well as his ability to throw the ball on target. Tape: Dominique Davis 3rd String Very raw prospect with a great head on his shoulder. Very talented and plays like a young Warren Moon. Excellent tools and his potential is through the roof. Tape:
  13. Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that. Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashed a very nice spin move and nearly had a sack he also recorded a stop later in the game. Travian Roberston was amazing in this game, he showed great awareness to bat down two passes and controlled the point of attack at times, Micanor Regis also had an impressive stop. Overall we got great pressure from a lot different people, but we still couldn't bring the QB, but it did show as Asante twice jumped a route and nearly had an INT and Dunta also jumped a route and nearly had an INT. Biermann looks great rushing from a stand-up position, it's really seemed to revitalize him and he got some very good pressure last night and had a nice stop. Abraham also had a great TFL and nearly missed a sack on Dalton because he couldn't keep his balance after beating Whitworth on a dip move. When Spoon blitzed he did get some pressure, but he really didn't get close to a sack. As I said earlier Jerry absolutely dominated the Bengals interior it seemed he was pushing the pocket on every pass play and he and Babineaux were doing a good job of controlling the point of attack. At one point in the game the Bengals went with a near max protect, but added two extra guys into the middle to help block the DTs. Vance Walker also had some good pressure. Weatherspoon was simply all over the place during this game, but he really needs to continue to work on his coverage as he got burned by Gresham and then didn't bring Gresham down which allowed the big TE to get into the secondary before Grimes (of all people) brought him down and subsequently injured him. (Best wishes to Gresham) However in the running game Spoon was in the back field a ton, especially on edge runs he was consistently getting in the backfield after shedding blocks and putting a hard pursuit on the RB, he nearly had a TFL on one play, but Dunta beat him to the RB. As I said earlier Spoon got some pressure when he blitzed. Mike Peterson put on a nice showing and got good pressure off a blitz that forced Dalton out of the pocket. He also shed a block and made a nice open field tackle on the RB to limit him to 2-3 yards. I Didn't really get a good look at Peterson in coverage. Nicholas had a very solid game, he got pressure when blitzing, made some stops in the run game, and looked good in pass coverage. The biggest thing to take away from this is that our LBs still have trouble with big athletic TEs and that will be worrisome when facing Graham 2x a year and we may have to roll a Safety over top. I didn't get a good look at the backups, but I did notice Schiller making a stop and it looked like he was making adjustments on D and had a decent handle on the defense which is encouraging for a rookie FA. In the secondary I really didn't hear Grimes' name much which is usually a good thing. Dunta was all over the field he had a PBU which was nearly an INT, a TFL, and a huge hit to make a stop on a passing play. Asante was jumping routes and nearly had two picks which ended up being PBUs. He got burned deep on a double move, but he didn't completely bite on it, just hesitated a little and that is to be expected at times in the preseason, He did make a nice open field tackle on Green when AJ made a catch underneath the coverage. I was really impressed with our safeties both forced fumbles and Decoud recovered the one forced by Moore. They had a nose for the ball and were taking very good angles in the run game. The one bad thing I did notice is that Moore and Grimes had a mix-up on a coverage that allowed Green to get open in the endzone, but once again it's preseason and that stuff happens. Franks got burned deep but had tight coverage, however he needs to get his head turned around and he was lucky he didn't get called for PI. Walls didn't allow much and the two catches that he did he made the stop immediately and allowed no YAC. He's really making a push for the #4 spot it seems. I didn't notice much out of the backups besides that Hope had a TFL. Overall though the DL dominated in nearly every phase of the game, we just couldn't get the QB down when we did get to him.
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